Becoming a Department Head

Created by Captain Kate Banninga on Wed Jan 15, 2020 @ 12:16pm

Langley is a growing Simm, and therefore is becoming difficult to manage with a small command team. To combat the ever increasing workload of those in command, we have chosen to delegate some responsibilities to department heads.

This means new applicants won’t be able to get the position of department head, if that’s available. If you desire that position the following can apply for you.

You can become a Department Head after a minimum of 3 OOC months and active participation in the sim. In the meantime you can have your character apply for the assistant chief position, if that’s still available or another temporary position.

The department without a PC are run by an acting chief that will move back to their original position or a character that will be written out of the sim upon your character’s promotion to chief. We have decided for this approach so we always have a character in the chief position and we can continue writing that department with our NPC. Also, because we figured an active department is more fun to write with then having to get your department active.

We use a first come, first serve policy. The person who first shows interest for the position gets it. If you have interest in a chief position, don’t forget to inform first in case we already have someone working towards receiving that position. If you are already on Langley Station for more then 3 months OOC and you are active in participating you can also apply for a chief position.

In character we will work together to getting your character in the chief position and have the NPC step down. You can off course use the time you’re working towards this in your characters background.

I hope this explains our idea behind the DH positions. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask either one of the command team.

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