5.1 Simulation Awards

Created by Captain Kate Banninga on Thu Feb 21, 2019 @ 2:08pm

Langley Station has been honored to win a few awards. Those awards are mostly thanks to its amazing crew, without them there wouldn't be a amazing simulation and also not the awards listed below. Thank you all very much ~ Kate

Obsidian Fleet has changed it Unit Of Merit system. Before simulations could win both Silver or Gold award. In the new situation only silver awards could be won, and after three months all silver recipients have a change to win the gold award after the whole fleet has voted which one they think deserves to win it. Langley station had the honor to win the first quarterly gold award. Something we are really honored about. To have so many people think we deserve this award. That makes us want to work even more on creating a great simming experience for everyone around.

"Langley Station is the nomination from 72-A this month. The station has been going strong, with high quality writing, amazing posts, and great numbers. I have only had her under my purview for a short while, but in the time Langley has been with me it has always been a top performer, and I think it is time i post some recognition of that. Even off sim, her crew and Captain are great to interact with around the Fleet."

"The most deserving is Langley Station. Capt. Banninga has done an admirable job pulling her sim together after some troubles earlier in the year. Langley Station has shown to be a strong sim has great posting numbers and quality. She has also done a fine job in creating and continually updating her sim’s website."

"Second, one of our more unconventional sims also had a strong showing for the month of January: Langley Station. Combining a colony and an orbital facility, the sim’s leader has brought together a creative team of independent writers. In the TGCO’s words: Langley Station is my choice this month for the UOM award. Kate has been working extremely hard at building a real world. Her station is not just an isolated entity in space, it also comes with a living breathing colony world that has seen its ups and downs. Kate and her crew are deserving of the award because they have put in so much work and continue to create quality posts in great numbers."

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