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Passing the baton

Posted on Mon Nov 5, 2018 @ 10:17pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 25 - Caoimhe’s Office
Timeline: MD03 2234 Hours

Having been to all the required stops for reporting into a new post, Ron Hawk decided to check into a non-compulsory, but to his mind necessary office. The office of the woman that had been conducting his duties until his take over, and was most likely still carrying them through, blissfully unaware of his early arrival.

He approached the door of Dr O’Connor’s office and pressed against the chime lightly, straightening his tunic as he awaited a reply.

“For f...” Caoimhe trailed off as she resisted the urge to throw the PADD in her hands across the desk. Her workload had amplified with the absence of the station executive officer; sow bright spark thought it a good idea to stick a woman in the position just because rank demanded it even if the woman herself discouraged it. She was sick and tired of the administration and pity pleas for better work space at this point...she was damn well here to head a research department, not play babysitter to station politics.

“Come in!” The words were a shout at this point but she knew she had no better option than to reply. Better reply than give further opportunity for that damn sound to vibrate through her ears again.

The doors opened, revealing an obviously frustrated blonde human, whose shout had indicated just how unwelcome Ron was. “I can always come back later,” he announced stepping into the doorway. “Of course, if it’s your workload that’s causing you grief, you might consider allowing me to stay.”

"And why should I care enough about you to see signifcance in handing ship business into your hands Commander?" Caoimhe's quick inspection of the man gave her the info she needed, pips, uniform and face but beyond that she didn't particularly care. He could be flight for all she knew and right now she had more important things to be worried about.

Hawk couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had a good mind to simply allow the woman to simply struggle on, but that was not within his nature.

“Lieutenant Commander,” he addressed the woman, plainly and firmly. “We may be of the same rank. You may even be the ranking officer within your department. But for better, or for worse Starfleet has placed me here to take on the role of first officer. That places me in charge of all area's outside of research. You would do well to remember that, just as I will remember my place when it comes to your department.” Hawk eyed the woman, his eyes like daggers, awaiting a response.

"Commander let me ask you..." Caoimhe sat back in her chair, keeping herself calm as she continued to study the other man. "...If a stranger walked into your office, in your capacity as first officer, and offered to stay in your office while you worked on sensitive material what would you do? Taking into account that you've never met this person before, and beyond a rank you have no idea what level of clearance that they have. You carry a rank yes but even you know, a department head carrying the same rank as you would still not have the same level of clearance that your job position offers you because you are another layer ahead."

Ron eyed the woman curiously. She made a good point, but he was not one to back down. “Computer please confirm my identity and security clearance.”

The computer responded without haste confirming his name, rank, and security clearance. “Will that be sufficient evidence for you?” Ron enquired, attempting to hide a smug grin.

"Sufficient evidence that yes you can stay and when you leave you'll half of what is on my desk with you but sufficient evidence to warrant your original entry into the room and resulting cockiness not quite." Coaimhe folded one leg over the other at the knee as she studied the man. "Mind you that kind of attitude might stand for you in this place. When your dealing with inferior technology and a crew of misfits it can be trying."

“Shall we start again?” Ron suggested offering a friendly smile, before reaching his hand across the desk. “Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk,” he announced, “its a pleasure to meet you Commander O’Connor.”

Caoimhe hesitated, not quite certain what was to be gained by the reintroduction. First impressions mattered, they could be hardly overwritten. At the same time...she understood that the station's first officer was not somebody with which she wanted to fall out with right now...even if he wasn't in her command structure.

Taking the hand in a firm shake, the woman still offered no smile and instead was direct, "And you Commander...if only for the fact that I can now take you up on your initial suggestion of helping to lighten my workload."

“Well I would prefer a smooth hand over. Better for everyone don’t you think?” Hawk asked. “So, what was this about misfits?”

With a slight hesitancy, Caoimhe indicated to the chair facing her own as she sat back down. “Starfleets ypungest, oldest and somewhat brightest...” As she said the words, the woman slid her a stack of PADDs in the mans direction. “A headache I gladly hand over to you to sort.”

Ron took the offered seat surveying the pile of PADD’s being shunted his way. ‘Paper work’ was his least favourite part of the job, and there seemed to be a lot more of it here on Langley station than he ever had to do on the Rook. Sighing heavily he pulled them toward him, “Well I guess if the job was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing.”

Caoimhe was a little surprised by the remark, she’d had the man as matter of fact and Officer to the tee; paperwork cane hand in hand with position; something she’d learned and been forced to adapt to a long time ago. “You are perhaps in the wrong job if your looking for easy. A station is as difficult as you can eat. Ten times a startships normal numbers, hundred times if you are used to Novas or Defiants. Larger space in which people and business can hide...none of this will be easy Commander.”

Hawk was starting to realise that he was going to clash with this woman. Not because they were so different but because he could see they were very much alike. “Everyone has a weakness, and paperwork is mine.” He stated bluntly. “It is a weakness I am learning to over come. I don’t expect any officer under my care to be faultless, but I do expect them to simply do the job regardless. I intend to lead by that example.”

Caoimhe was a little surprised at how Ron had just shown her a card people typically held close to their chest. It made no sense that he'd open up as such to a complete stranger and the woman was honest enough with herself to admit that she wasn't entirely sure how to use the information. "If paperwork is your weakness than what is your strength?"

“My stength?” Hawk rhetoriced. He was entirely sure how to answer. He wanted to be careful not to come across arrogant or overly self assured. “I like to think of myself as a leader,” he answered after a few moments contemplation. “Let me loose with a team of dedicated personelle and I will get the job done.”

He wondered if his answer was something of a lie, thinking back toward good friends he had lost because of his own orders. His excuse, after having been told time and time again, was that he was in a no win situation, his own kobayashi Maru. But he didn’t believe that for a second. In his own mind, he screwed up, and others paid the price. Something he had no intention on repeating ever again.

"So your strength lies in being a people person, not a paper person?" Caoimhe folded one leg across the other knee as she settled back into her chair and restsed her clasped hands on her lap. "Unfortunately around here you will find it difficult. Is it's not reports on the departments progress with upgrades, repairs and preparing for the party than it is personal reports on the new staff coming onboard and the old staff who have been causing issues. Of course a way around it is to roll up your sleeves and pitch in at ground level. The work is dirty but you learn what you need to do on the ground."

Ron chuckled, “I think by our introduction we proved I’m not a people person. But that’s not what leading a team is about is it? I don’t need to be liked, I just need to motivate. As for rolling my sleeves up and getting down and dirty; I would have it no other way.”

Finally! Someone who understood the proper way things should be. People don't have to like you, they just have to do what they are told by their superiors. “I seem to attract people not liking me full stop. Have you met the Captain yet?”

“Of course.” Hawk said entirely factually. “Why? Are you not in her good books?”

Caoimhe looked down at her hands where they now lay clasped together on the desk. Slowly she shook her head before moving one hand to rub against her forehead at she tried to rub away the tension she begun to feel building. “I’m not sure...we came to loggerheads as one would say but managed to curb things on mutual acceptance I think. She sees me as abrasive and being too hard on my people.”

Ron couldn’t help but let a smile creep across his face. “I can tell by just being in a room with you forthese short minutes that you can be abrasive, and you have the ability to come down hard on people. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. We are StarFleet, not some wishy washy scout group. There’s a time for the soft approach sometimes too, but nine times out of ten officers just want their orders and to get on with their jobs.”

“But you see that’s just it.” Loosening her hands enough to be able to rub the as one would if they were applying moisturiser, Caoimhe turned her chair a slight bit in order to see out the window of her office to where her staff milled around outside. “I’m not here to mother or moddle coddy anyone. Everyone here are Starfleet officers or enlisted, this is what they are trained to be. If they can’t do their job then they’ve no business being in Starfleet full stop.”

“I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy working alongside you, providing of course you remember exactly which team it is you are ‘not’ mothering.” Ron was trying to make his position as clear as possible without resorting to intimidation, which he had a feeling would t work with this woman.

Caoimhe raised an eyebrow at the clear warning issued by the man, choosing at this time not to take it personally as sat further back into her chair. “Commander, do you think I want more work beyond the mess I have on my hands here? You were offering me help because I’m so overwhelmed...why would I want to be taking on your work?”

Ron gave a smile along with an exhalation of breathe to denote a small laugh. “You can have all the work you like. It’s my people I want you to leave to me.”

Caoimhe laughed at this one, a genuine laugh as she shook her head. “You are fine there too. I’ve enough people to manage as it is; that’s another area where you don’t need to fear. My only heads up would be medical. With recent events I’ve found a necessity to step in and help out while the investigation surrounding our old commanding officer and the circumstances around what happened are carried out. Have you been briefed on the situation?”

“I wouldn’t say I have been briefed exactly. But I have heard rumors.” Ron admitted, “How’s best to proceed? I wouldn’t want to tread on your toes as far as medical is concerned, but as you no doubt know, medical comes under my jurisdiction.”

Caoimhe would have expected the station's commanding officer to have gone through us but as it seemed she hadn't; the woman would have to do it herself it seemed. "For the moment, as no replacement seems to be forthcoming from Starfleet, I seem to be the only suitable candidate for acting chief medical officer." As she spoke, the woman gestured to her desk nearly buckling under the weight of work. "I'm qualified and Doctoring is my main profession. My plan had been to take on the admin aspect but to delegate to senior and junior people within the department. There's no reason that medical can't be majorly self sufficient but I can be on hand also if needed on the ground to. Unless you have another solution you feel may work?"

“I don’t know my hypospray from my medical tricorder. So I am more than happy for you to carry on.” Ron could see how confusing the situation might become to the staff in medical, but it seemed like the only logical solution. “I don’t intend to interfere in medical unless of course I have to step in, in terms of discipline or some other HR related problem.”

"I'll be quite happy to delegate those elements to you also if you wish Commander? I may actually manage some sleep then between all of the work." Caoimhe smiled a little before shaking her head as if to almost shake the smile away; diverting her attention back to the aforementioned pile of work. "I report to the Captain directly but how much would you like to be linked into also? As much or as little as possible?"

“I feel a need to know basis usually works best,” Ron answered to the top of his colleague working head. “I will want to know as much as possible about my team in medical, but I don’t need to know about every little scrape they attend to. I trust them to do their jobs.”

“Scraps...that’s putting it mildly.” Caoimhe shook her head once more before pushing nearly half of the PADDs on her desk in the Commanders direction. “Would you like me to get someone to help carry those to your office Commander?”

Ron didn’t answer immediately but instead strode over to the replicator as if he owned the place. “Computer, one satchel please,” he ordered, and allowed the computer to do its magic. “I think I will be fine thanks,” he announced with a tone of cheek in his voice as he grabbed the replicated bag and walked back to pack it full of PaDD’s.

Caoimhe wasn't sure weather to smile or to berate the man for being so clever. It might of contradicted giving out to someone for using their head but it was more so the sight he'd given in managing to practically throw the offer of help back in her face. "No bother. Hope that the weight won't be too much Commander."

“Well if I do my back out, then I know who to come talk to,” he smiled a cheeky grin and turned to face the door. “I’ll be seeing you Commander!”

Caoimhe watched as the officer moved away, he was interesting. In a way it was refreshing to meet something who cut away the niceties and just cut straight to the important work. Time would only tell how well they would work together but if his behaviour stayed the same then the Commander didn't se why it wouldn't work.


Lieutenant Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.
Director of Research
Langley Station

Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station


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