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Computer Crash

Posted on Sat Jan 20, 2018 @ 8:15pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Aeleni Loni & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:39pm

Mission: First Dawn
Location: Langley Station - Deck 1/2 - Main Engineering
Timeline: Mission Day 35 at 1745


Hannah found herself acting as Duty Engineering Officer. She was going over reports and job requests. One of the most pressing jobs was a Computer crash on the Science deck. Looking through the crew roster, she found Computer Specialist Petty Officer Loni. Activating her comm. she sent a message for Petty Officer Loni to report to her.

Arriving at Engineering Aeleni looked around to locate the Lieutenant. Finding her she walked over her and said. "You asked to see me, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, I've a request from Sciences, apparently their computer network has crashed and they require it repaired ASAP." Hannah replied.

"What did they do with it this time?" The outspoken Aeloni asked. "The system isn't that old, how could they have manage to crash it already?"

"I don't know, for people who are supposed to be precise, the report is pretty vague." Hannah replied.

Loni smiled. "Great, that sound just great." she shook her head at annoyance. She loved her job, but was getting a bit tired of people breaking her computers. "Anything else? Or shall I just go start fixing it?"

"I'll accompany you, just in case the root of the problem, isn't computer based." Hannah said.

"The more the merrier," Loni said as the two woman went down to the science deck.

On the Science Deck, Hannah and Aeloni were approached by a Science officer. "Thank you for coming, we've disconnected our computer system from the Main Computer Core, but whatever it is, its infected all our computers."

Aeleni raised her eyebrows and looked at the Lieutenant. "Infected. How do you mean infected. I was told you has a crashed system."

"We think it is a virus." The Science Officer. "So we initiated data containment procedures."

"Where is the nearest terminal." Loni asked, happy they at least had started the correct procedure. "Next time please make it an emergency message. Who knows what could have happened in the mean time." Aeleni grumbled. Following the science officer she went to the nearest terminal. Having the rest following her. "Tell me everything you know."

"We connected up one of the storage devices and terminals started malfunctioning." the Scientist replied.

"Well, at least that is something." Loni was getting really annoyed. But then again, what more they could have done. Arriving at the said terminal Loni immediately hooked her portable console out and checked what what going on.

Hannah looked around the room for any physical problems. Spotting a strange symbol on one of the storage devices. Examining it closer she was unable to recognize it. "Where did this storage device come from?" She asked.

The scientist examined the storage device and said. "It came with the other equipment, we assumed it was from one of Starfleet equipment caches." He replied.

"You recognize it?" Loni asked Hannah. "Because I haven't seen it before."

"No, but it's definitely not from any of member worlds of the Federation." Hannah replied.

"Well, isn't that just great." Loni muttered. "We need to catalog everything we find and give it to security. In the mean time I'll attempt to get the system back online."

"I'll start the catalog." Hannah said.

After working for almost an hour they had the systems clean and running again and all evidence collected. She handed a PADD with most of the info to Hannah. "Guess it's up to you to give this to the right person."

"Thanks, if you can finish up here, Petty Officer, I'll take this to Security personally." Hannah said.

"I will," Aeloni said.


PO2 Aeloni Loni
Engineering Officer
Langley Station
[PNPC Kate]

1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Combat Engineer
Langley Station
[PNPC Ana]


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