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The Christmas Ball - Part Two

Posted on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 10:43pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Daniel Boyd M.D. & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:46pm

Mission: First Dawn
Location: Langley Station - Deck 18 - Crew Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 61 at 1930


Caoimhe could have retorted further but in all honesty, she wasn't in the mood for a back and forward argument. Throwing back her drink, she indicated the empty glass towards her colleague, saying her words with no love lost. "If you'll excuse me. I think a top-up wouldn't go amiss." Without awaiting a reply, the officer turned on her heel and headed towards the exit, reasoning she couldn't be bothered hanging around any longer.

"And I thought I was hard to get along with." Ana said to herself.

"That's, uh, because you are," Zalek interjected. He held a mug of eggnog in his hand and took a big sip of the thick, boozy beverage. "But I'm a Cardassian, so I know a thing or two about hard-to-get-along-with people."

Ana smiled taking the comment as it was meant t be taken, "Yes, my dear Sheriff, I'm no counselor, but I've lived long enough to know, what's eating her, runs real deep." She sighed. "But enough, ruminating, I need a drink."

"I'd suggest the eggnog or maybe that fortified cider if you want something warm." Zalek raised his glass and smiled wide.

"The cider sounds good. eggnog's got too many kilo Joules, I have to preserve my girlish figure, after all." Ana replied.

"Shall we?" The Cardassian cocked his head toward the drink table.

"After you, Sheriff." Ana said as she followed the Cardassian to the drinks table.

Zalek beamed. "My pleasure, Lieutenant." Maybe this was his chance to get on the woman's good side, or, at the very least, figure out what makes her tick.

Ana was beginning to enjoy Zalek's company. He seemed to believe in justice, something she too believed in, though her methods had not always aligned with the law. "So, Zalek, how exactly did you come to be Sheriff?" She asked.

The Cardassian's smile faltered momentarily. "Augustus, the Governor, asked me to come back. I was the commander of the local security garrison during the Cardassian administration of the colony."

A grimace briefly crossed Ana's face at the mention of 'Cardassian administration'. "He must really trust and respect you, to give you such a responsibility." She said, her grimace now replaced with a neutral look.

"For whatever reason he does," Zalek admitted with a small shrug. "We tried to stay out of the colonists way, but when the Dominion took over, well, my ability to protect them was impaired." He took a mug from the table and filled it with cider before offering it to Ana.

"Thank you." She said accepted the drink. 'I appreciate your candor. I have not encountered the Dominion, I was otherwise engaged during the War and its aftermath, but I have studied all the data we possess on them, and from what I can tell they were ruthless genocidal maniacs and I am glad they were defeated." That said she took a sip of her drink. "Yumm." She said.

"It's good to finally meet you, Doctor Boyd," said Sitok as he raised his hand for a Terran handshake. "Your expertise will be quite valuable on this station and on the colony. I trust your departure from the Normandy went well?"

Daniel shook hands with the XO. "It's good to meet you as well Sir. The transfer has gone quite smoothly all things considered. Still working on getting everything up to speed but so far so good."

Sitok returned the handshake with his usual firmness and nodded. "That's excellent to hear. We're expanding rapidly. Please let me know if there's any accommodations or supplies that you require to bring the infirmary up to your required working level."

Seeing her research officer standing apart, near the table with the drink, Kate headed for her. Taking a new drink she asked. "Are you ok?"

Before Caoimhe got a chance to reply the light in the room went out and a transporter beam became visible in the middle of the room. A man wearing a red suit and a white beard appeared. "HO HO HO, has everybody been nice?"

Roselita's eyebrows went up in surprise at the guest who had appeared. Surely a poor jest.

Caoimhe has had a reply to the Captain on the tip of her tongue but the entrance of the newcomer created a moment which was rarely seen by those who know the Doctor well...she was rendered speechless. “You have got to be kidding me...”

Sitok raised both of his eyebrows in confused surprise at the figure that stood before him. This was most likely a human tradition that was lost on him.

Kate closed her mouth after she noticed it was open in surprise of latest person entering the room. She quickly looked at Sitok, but the surprise on his face told her he didn't know what was happening here either. When she heard 'Santa' speak her face became red. First of embarresment but that was quickly replaced with anger. She knew that voice and she would kill him. How could he?

As 'Santa' entered the room, Anahera smiled. "Are you aware of the Earth tradition of Christmas, Sheriff?" She asked.

"The Governor explained it to me and my men when we first arrived. I still don't quite get the man in the red suit, but the rest of it makes sense. Family is, after all, second to the State in the Union," Zalek answered. He poured himself a mug of cider and took a small sip. It burned the tip of his tongue but the mix of winter spices and tart fruit made it all the better. "Is it something you celebrate?"

"Yes." Ana said. "On the part of Earth, called the Ukraine, where I was born, we call him Svyatyy Mykolay and celebrate Christmas on January 7." She replied.

Erik stood off to the side, a generous pouring of spiced wine in a drinking horn, dressed in a white tunic, with red and green holly embroidered on it in various places. His hair, which was often pulled back while on duty, was allowed to flow freely, displaying his braids freely, and falling down past his shoulder. His eyes were twinkling in delight at the looks of shock and awe on the faces of the various people around him. He'd only been on the station for a couple of days, and had yet to meet any of them but the commanding officer, and her second in command, but from what he'd seen so far being here at the party they seemed like good people. Taking a sip of the wine he chuckled to himself, "That was unexpected..." he said, more to himself than to anyone else.

The new counselor of Langley Station arrives in a silk dress that flows down her pale body, with a long ribbon that swirled around the upper part of her dress, in the color of purple that went really well with her black eyes. Eyes that now looked around the large room with all the crew members and visitors in it, none that she knew really, except from reading about them. Though there had been the Captain and Commander she had met personally. She also didn't know much about this earth holiday called Christmas, but she always did love the feelings of a nice party. "Everyone feels so happy right now..", she softly speaks to herself as she moves across the floor, her silk dress lightly touching the ground.

To Be Continued


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Lt. Cmdr. Sitok
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Lt. Cmdr. Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.
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Langley Station

Lieutenant Anahera Chernova
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Langley Station

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Chief Engineer
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