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The Christmas Ball - Part One

Posted on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 10:42pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Daniel Boyd M.D. & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:46pm

Mission: First Dawn
Location: Langley Station - Deck 18 - Crew Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 61 at 2030


Kate looked around the room. The Operations department had performed a miracle. They had managed to decorate the mess hall like a true winter wonderland. She moved her hand over her dress to remove a wrinkle. Her grandmother had insisted that she bring this dress, saying every woman needed a dress one day. Even when you hated wearing them. Guess Oma was right, once again. The room was slowly filling with crew of the station and Kate decided to mingle.

Sitok entered the room with his hands clasped behind his back. Not the be a sore social thumb, he decided to wear a typical formal Federation suit in a dark gray color. Though it was of an Earth pattern, he reasoned that it was the logical thing to wear. He observed the decorations and noted with approval that they were festive for the proper occasion, though it was entirely an Earth holiday. His eye caught the captain and walked over to her. "Good evening, captain."

"Goodevening, Sitok" Kate replied, purposely not mentioning his rank. "Excited for the party?"

Sitok furrowed his brow, wondering why she didn't know that it was not possible. "I do not experience excitement." He angled his head as he tried to better explain by saying, "However, it is an agreeable social gathering to participate in."

"It was worth a try, wasn't it. Who knows, maybe you've learned excitement." she said with humor. "It gives us a great opportunity to get to learn the crew."

"And the colonists down below," Zalek announced with a lopsided smile. The Cardassian arrived alone. He clutched a jug sloshing around with a thick mixture of eggnog. "I figured I would contribute to the holiday spirit."

"Welcome Sheriff, great of you to join us." Kate said, welcoming the Cardassian.

Caoimhe still wasn't sure why she was ever here...had the Captain not made it an order she probably wouldn't have anyway. Something about prioritizes and showing the staff that the management of sorts supported them. Either didn't take away from the fact she didn't want to be here.

The Doctor's hair was left down in waves across her bare shoulders, the velvet of her wine colored dress hugged each of her curves before stopping just at her knee. The cut as sever as the own woman's personality as her hand darted out and removed a lass of wine from a passing waiter. She was going to need this....

Anahera entered the Crew Mess. She was dressed in an off-the-shoulder, skin-tight, ankle-length dress, with a slit down the right-side leg to allow for better movement. In one boot she had a type-1 phaser and in the other was a thin-bladed knife. Around her neck she wore a small pendent with gem the color of her eyes. She wan't expecting trouble, which was when it usually showed up.

Seeing two of her senior officer enter the room Kate excused her from the group she was standing and headed for them. "Ladies, great you could make it."

"You know me, Kate, I never say no to a drink or ten." Ana said with a smile. "Nice dress." She added.

Daniel entered the room and was quite impressed by the decor. It had taken quite a bit of work to transform the mess into such a lovely space. He had always been quite a fan of Christmas. His parents had always gone all out on the decorations and celebration and it was something that he had carried with him. He looked around and saw many of the crew had already arrived before him, and by the looks of things everyone seemed to be having a good time. After getting himself a drink he walked over to where a group of the senior officers had gathered. He hadn't gotten a chance to meet most of them yet so this was a good opportunity for that. "Good evening everyone. Captain, lovely party. Thanks for putting this together."

Shervic walked in the room clad in his dress whites and his eyes were transfixed at the scenery before him. Beautiful! he thought as he made his way to mingle with the rest of the crowd. "Good evening, all." he said to those assembled.

"Thank you," Kate replied to the doctor. "I though we deserved a party after all the hard work everyone is doing to get the station fully functioning."

Rosilita was tired by the time she arrived. Unlike the others who had dressed up, she wore only her regular uniform. Likewise, while she enjoyed Christmas, to her it was a family time and so found this social gathering rather awkward. She quickly made her way to the refreshment section, got a stiff drink and proceeded to the observation window. If her family was not there, then she would enjoy things she rarely got to, the sun on the planet below her was new and breathtaking in its own ways.

Caoimhe was beginning to get uncomfortable at the growing group around her. It seemed that just as she managed to edge out, another joined to sweep her back in. Unable to do anything else, the woman threw back the drink in her hand and used this as an excuse. “If you’ll excuse me...I think I’ll get a refill.”

"I'll join you." Ana said. "I'm glad to be out of my uniform, but this dress did make it difficult to wear my weapons, what about you, Commander?" She asked.

Caoimhe scowled as her hand reached out to grab another drink from a passing tray before taking sips to avoid much conversation. "I can't say that I make a habit of carrying around weapons...and who may you be?"

"Oh, how impolite of me, I'm Lieutenant Anahera Chernova, Chief of Station Security, at your service." Ana said.

“Security...right...that explains the obsession with weapons so.” Taking a sip of her drink, Caoimhe pushes a strand of curls of her hair back out of her eyes as she studied the other woman with critical eyes. “Do you know how many self inflicted phaser burns and stab wounds I’ve had to treat because people feel that they have to carry weapons as a second skin and forget about due care? Accidental shoves, never know that moment that will occur to hurt you or somebody else.”

"Thank you, for the warnings, but I do have over two centuries of experience with weapons, I am aware of the dangers and I take all necessary precautions." Ana replied.

Caoimhe frowned at the officer’s reply, taking a sip of her drink before replying. “It doesn’t matter how much experience a person has, certainty in ones abilities and not being open minded to the fact that everyone makes mistakes is certain to lead to a slip in attention or a wrong foot placed forward. Everyone has room for education and progression with their capabilities...don’t underestimate that Lieutenant.”

"You're rather sanctimonious, for one so young, aren't you?" Ana asked raising an inquiring eye brow.

“That’s an interesting analysis. Surely your statement of having two centuries of experience with weapons is more sanctimonious than me offering the realities of what I’ve had to face up to in my medical experience Lieutenant?” Caoimhe’s eyes flashed cold as she viewed the other woman directly. “Experience speaks to one person more than it does another it seems. If you don’t wish to heed my words then I would recommend moving on and discussing your placements of weapons with somebody who hasn’t had to save lives because of the damage said weapons has caused.”

"I was originally asking you if it was nice to be out of uniform for once. I didn't expect a safety lesson." Ana said.

To Be Continued


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Lt. Cmdr. Sitok
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Lt. Cmdr. Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.
Research Director
Langley Station

Lieutenant Anahera Chernova
Chief Security Officer
Langley Station

1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
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Langley Station
PNPC Chernova

Lieutenant JG Roselita Sueryo
Chief of Operations
Langley Station

Zalek Keved
Lyshan Colony

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Langley Station

Lieutenant JG Nehini Naix
Chief Counselor
Langley Station

Lieutenant JG Daniel Boyd M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Langley Station

SCPO Erik Thorson
Chief Engineer
Langley Station


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