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Another Story from Helena's Temporary Haven

Posted on Wed Jan 18, 2023 @ 6:02am by Larantia & Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen & Helena

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Helena's Temporary Haven, Lyshan Colony
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Four days ago, Seela had been attacked a native predator while on patrol. She'd had her wounds seen to by medical but, her right arm was still a little stiff.

One of her colleagues had told her about Helena's Haven and the wonderful masseuses there. So with her shift ended, she decided to check it out. It didn't look like much from the outside, but once she passed through the doors, she found a gorgeously appointed foyer.

As she approached a beautiful woman appeared, dress in a reddish colour outfit that looked as if it had come from Ancient Rome.

"Welcome to Helena's Haven of of Heavenly Delights, at least our temporary establishment. I'm Helena, what can I interest you in tonight, ma'am?" She said.

"Thank you. I am in need of the services of a masseuse." Seela said.

"We have the finest in the Sector, and as such very popular." Helena said. "Larantia is free, I'll have her called."

"No need, just direct me to her room." Seela said.

"Okay, its a little unorthodox, but, go down the corridor, turn right and hers is the third room on the left."

"Thank you." Seela said and followed the directions, finally ending up at the right room and pressed the buzzer.

The door opened immediately, revealing a tall, attractively voluptuous brunette with lightly tanned skin and a silver ja'risia upon her forehead. She was simply dressed, in a grey dress that left little to the imagination and exposed a good amount of cleavage.

The room beyond her smelled lightly of incense, herbs and something else a bit more exotic. She smiled warmly at the Andorian. "Welcome. Might I have your name?" She asked, gently taking Seela into her arms in the beginnings of a hug.

"Seela." She said letting the shorter woman embrace her. "I find the scents in this room pleasant, are these all from Risa, Larantia?" She asked.

"Welcome, Seela. All that is mine is yours." Seela smiled warmly and held the Andorian to her chest, lightly nuzzling her hair before letting go and leading her to the massage table. The interior of the room was like something out of a massage parlor on Risa, tastefully decorated, softly and relaxingly lit with candles and low amber lighting. "Tell me, where does it hurt? I'll make sure you leave feeling better than you came in, promise." The brunette smiled warmly. "Are there any essential oils and such that you might be allergic to? I don't want to cause something unpleasant, of course."

"Thank you." Seela said. "My right shoulder and arm are a little stiff, I injured them fighting a large native feline." She explained. "Rosemary, it burns my skin, and ice berry oil gives me hives." She stated. "Do you require me to remove my clothes?" She asked.

"Only up to your underwear. I'll leave you be to prepare, now, I'll be back in a few minutes, alright?" Larantia smiled and backed away into a side room for the time being.

Seela undressed and placed the sweat pants and sweater folded on an empty table and placed her boots in front of it. In her black sports bra and panties, she sat on the eedge of the table and waited for Larantia to return.

Larantia returned a few minutes afterwards with a few bottles of oil in her hands, and that same warm smile as before. The silver ja'risia on her head almost seemed to glow in the dim light of the room, as did her grey eyes. "If you'll lie down on your belly for me, now." She instructed gently, simultaneously taking a few moments to admire the Andorian's figure. "I promise I'll be gentle... unless, of course, you want me to go a little harder." There was a momentary mischievous gleam in her eyes then. "It all depends on your comfort level, of course..."

Seela did as she was instructed. Some would say she was naive, but she was pretty certain Larantia was flirting with her. "Start off gentle, I'll let you know when I want it harder. " She replied.

"Of course." The Risian maneuvred around her and began to gently massage her arm after slathering it with lavender oil. "So, tell me, Seela. You said you fought off a large native feline, and an aggressive one at that?" Larantia let out a slow, appreciative whistle. "You must be a Starfleet tactical officer, perhaps, or a security officer. Or something like that. So far those are the only two types of people who I've seen with the guts to do something like that." She giggled, a pleasant, sensual sound, before leaning in and whispering in her ear, "But you're by far the loveliest I've met. Have you any idea how good you look?"

"Yes, I'm a security officer, my speciality is Public Safety Officer. So its my job to keep people safe." She said. "Oh, that feels good." She said as Larantia's fingers did their magic. "I've never thought about it, I'm just the way I am. If someone finds me attractive that's nice, otherwise I don't give it any thought." She added.

"What a shame." Larantia said. Her voice was like silk, soft and very pleasant on the ear, like the carress of a butterfly's wings. Maybe she'd learned to talk that way to keep her customers calm and relaxed. "I'm struggling to keep my eyes off you in fact - most Andorians aren't quite as beautiful or well-shaped as you." She moved up her arm, massaging it just so. "Your arm is quite tense, by the way, but I promise you'll feel much better when I'm done, alright?"

Seela blushed at the compliment, her cheeks becoming a darker blue. "Thank you." She said. "Ohh." She added as the Risan loosen the muscles in her arm and shoulder. "Excuse me, if I'm a bit forward, but would you like to join me for a drink some time." She asked.

"It's your lucky day. You're actually my last customer of the day, if you'll give me a while after we're done to change we can go." Larantia smiled and applied just a little more pressure to the Andorian's muscles, rubbing out the tension in her shoulder joint. "Nothing's too forward for me, lovely. I'vr personally had much more forward others come on to me in my lifetime." She laughed again and resumed her work. "Tell me. What does a beautiful Andorian officer like yourself find herself doing when she isn't defending the general public?"

"My parents are all in the Andorian Imperial Guard and I was supposed to follow in their foot steps, but I didn't want a life of Parades and monitoring Andorian space. I wanted to see the Galaxy, so on my 17th birthday, I left Andor and travelled to Earth to join Starfleet Academy, I'd already passed the entrance exam, and when I stepped on to the campus, I felt like I'd finally found my place in the Galaxy. After graduating I was assigned to my first ship, and over the years I finally ended up here."

Larantia laughed softly. "That's wonderful. I'm glad you've found your place in the universe, like I think I've found mine. There's really no greater joy than loving what you do, is there! Aside from having your own child, I suppose. Surely you must have hobbies and such amidst all your duties and training and whatnot - that's what I was actually asking about."

"I workout, I like to tinker with machines, but what enjoy most is learning about other cultures. My people may be one of the founding members of the Federation, but they are still quite insular almost isolationist, but I'm not." She said.

"That's good! I think your people are simply lovely." Larantia said. "And among the most beautiful I've ever met. One of my exes was an Andorian zhen with skin the color of the morning Risian sky, and the biggest-" The Risian's tan cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "Sorry. That's probably a bit too much. She moved off Risa before we could do very much with our relationship. She was also the sweetest thing to ever exist." She removed her hands from the woman's arm. "Is there anywhere else you'd like me to massage, dear?"

"I'm a Shen, not that it matters, my bond group have most likely found another, by now." Seela said. As for massage, my ankles, calves, hips please. I spend a lot of time on my feet." She said.

"What a shame they've moved on - if they've moved on. They're losing out." Larantia winked and moved on to Seela's shapely hips, applying lavender oil and gently massaging them. "Because if they don't want to keep you someone else definitely will - and I'm considering putting myself in that race. You deserve better than them."

Seela blushed again. She wasn't use to this kind of attention. She'd received some lustful looks and some rude offers, mostly from Ferengi, but most people saw her as cold and stand offish. "Is that a genuine offer?" She asked.

"Yeah, it is. You deserve the best." Larantia laughed and leaned down, gently kissing the Andorian's ear. "And I know how to give people the best. We on Risa are quite good at that." She said as she gently massaged her inner legs. "Remember, Seela my lovely, what's mine is yours..."

Seela gave a soft moan as Larantia kissed her ear. Her antenna moving to show her pleasure. "I could get used to that." She said as she became aroused.

"Whoa, now, lovely, simmer down. Take me to that drink first, and then we'll talk about getting down and dirty if you want." Larantia teased as she gently massaged her inner thighs. "You have lovely legs by the way, very toned and muscular... I've met men with worse than yours." She giggled softly. "You must spend a lot of time running to have them get like this."

"Okay. I can wait." Seela said. "Its just I haven't felt this good in a while." She smiled. "Running's part of the job. Not everyone is mindful of their safety, and I have to reach them before they put their lives at risk."

"Well, I'd love to have you chase me down when I'm being naughty." Larantia teased as she moved down to her ankles and began to gently massage them. "I'm sure whoever you catch doesn't much mind either, if I'm being honest. If anything I'd be relieved that I have you to keep me safe." She smiled as she gently ran the tips of her fingers over the soles of her feet, then moved to the Andorian's shapely hips. "My, my. These are especially tense..." She remarked, lightly massaging gently.

"Your fingers are magic." Seela sighed with pleasure. "I believe your teasing and your touch is partly responsible for that." She said.

"As I said, Risians know how to give the best. It's in our very nature, as you know." Larantia replied, teasingly moving upward to gently squeeze her firm butt before letting go of her. "And we're finished! How do you feel?" She took a half step back, flirty smile on her lips. "I like to make sure whoever comes to see me leaves feeling better."

"You've definitely done that for me. Thank you." Seela said sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge of the table.

"You're welcome." Larantia smiled and settled herself on the edge of the table, one long, shapely leg over the other and swinging lazily with her arms folded. "See you for that drink later?"

"You bet." Seela said. She then through her arm around Larantia, and pulled her in for a brief on the cheek. "Something to remember me by." She added before releasing the other woman.

Larantia smirked at the other and blew her a kiss. "See you in a bit, my sexy blue queen." She cooed, tone of voice a sultry purr. "Don't be late. I'll be really quite disappointed if you are. Dress comfy, because I definitely will."

Seela smiled and began to dress. Once she was done, she left and dreamed about Larantia all the way home.


Helena's Haven

Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen
Public Safety Officer
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