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Meal Unfinished

Posted on Wed Dec 20, 2023 @ 10:38am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Lieutenant Chastity Muller

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Mess Hall, USS Canterbury
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Dunamis stepped out of the conference room, waited for the doors to hiss shut behind him - and only then did he allow his shoulders to sag with exhaustion and a sigh to escape his lips. They were dry and possibly a bit chapped from all the talking he'd had to do for the past few hours, and he'd gone through at least an entire bottle of water in the process. Everyone seemed to want a piece of him workwise these days, including the crew of the Canterbury, it seemed.

Whatever it was, his head hurt, his mouth was dry and his stomach had begun to growl in protest. He wanted dinner - and he wasn't expected back at the colony anytime soon. As such he turned and began to walk to the turbolift, intent on finding the mess hall.

Chastity had finished her shift and was on her way to get a bite to eat in the Mess Hall. She'd let her hair down, and her jacket was off and tied around her waist.

Dunamis stepped into the turbolift at last with a sigh, rubbing at his eyes, and then Chastity walked into the turbolift next to him. Now this was a pleasant surprise. "Chastity. It is good to see you again." He said, straightening up a little bit. He didn't want to look like he'd just been run over by a steamroller, after all. "How have you been? It's been a while since we last talked."

"Busy." Chastity said. "Engineering installed a new power converter that's clashing with the existing systems. I've spent the last few hours in the jefferies tubes with an aggravated part Tellarite engineer." She added. "It is nice to see you though, Dunamis."

Dunamis nodded slowly, stifling a yawn. "Where are you headed?" He asked. "I am personally on the way to the mess hall - wherever that might be. Would you happen to know where it is?" Surely she would, he reckoned, considering she served and lived on this ship day in, day out. Right?

"That's my destination too, follow me." Chastity said. "You been burning the candle at both ends?" She asked.

"Affirmative. I think I haven't had much time to rest in some time. The Canterbury is my last meeting for the week, however." He said with a sigh. "Computer, take us to the mess hall deck, please." The computer beeped in response, and the turbolift began to move at last. "Preparations to make ahead of the station's arrival of course, as head of strategic operations. I'm sure you understand."

"Yes, when you become a department head, they never tell you about all the long nights and paper work." Chastity said. "Oh, and the loneliness."

"I am familiar with the rigors of a department head's duties." Dunamis stepped forward and out of the turbolift as soon as the car stopped. "Having been an assistant department head twice myself. The loneliness, however, was somewhat less apparent before." He admitted with a sigh. "Moreso nowadays, when we are preparing to return to our old operations and there is much administrative work and coordination to be done." He glanced backwards at her. "Surely you must be kept similarly occupied. The new station will arrive soon or so I've heard."

"Yes, as you know the Canterbury has been acting as a cargo vessel, and the Operations department is responsible for getting everyone what they need. Luckily the XO is a former Logistics officer, so I've had her assistance."

"That is good to hear." He said as they walked through the mess hall doors. "What would you like? I can order for the two of us - could you find a seat for us?" He offered. Thankfully the mess hall wasn't that crowded just yet; it was early enough in the evening such that most of the crew wouldn't be off shift yet, after all.

"I'll have a chicken salad, a slice of chocolate cake, and an ice tea." Chastity said and went looking for a table, deciding on a table for two near the windows.

Dunamis' own order was somewhat different: a bowl of Japanese ramen, a fruit parfait and... was that a glass of iced mint fredalia tea? It certainly smelled like it, at any rate. He brought their meals over and sat with a weary sigh. "Normally I am no stranger to long hours and mountains of hard work, but somehow or other tonight I feel like the things I have to do next can be left to another day." He remarked as he passed her bowl and plate over. "Like they're too much trouble for today..."

"Maybe some food will help." Chastity said. "If not, I know other things we could try." She added reaching over and rubbing his inner thigh.

Dunamis' breath instantly hitched, and he stared at her wide-eyed. He was no stranger to displays of flirtation and attraction, unfortunately or not - but they remained no less shocking to receive from others. "Well, um." Dunamis blushed a light shade of pink and looked down into his bowl of ramen. "I wouldn't be opposed to that at all - but you'd want me of all people?" With golden amber eyes he looked the Orion over in all her toned yet curvaceous glory. Chastity was an attractive woman no matter how you looked at her, certainly...

"I like you, Dunamis, I see you're in pain and I want to help relieve it." Chastity said. "I could also use some relaxation, so we can help each other out." She added. "I know it doesn't sound very romantic, but I don't need romance."

"That's alright by me - to each their own." He answered. His cheeks still felt hot, almost painfully so. "How long have you liked me in... well, that way?" He asked.

"After we first met. You were very pleasant to me, I like your smile and...other things." She said, her hand moving up.

"...other things?" Dunamis gulped as he felt her hand move up his leg, getting dangerously close to his crotch. Thank god most of it was taking place under the table. He had some idea of what she meant, of course; if only his head didn't feel partially like mush from the warmth of her hand gradually sliding its way up his leg.

"Shall we withdraw to my quarters?" She asked breathlessly.

"Why don't we finish dinner first." He managed. Come on, Dunamis, keep yourself together. He glanced down at his now mostly eaten dinner, with just a bit of fruit parfait left... "U-Um. I don't have to return to the colony till tomorrow afternoon - would it be alright if I possibly stayed the night?" He asked.

"Of course." Chastity said. "Sure you can stay, if you're lucky I might even make you breakfast." She added returning to her own meal.

"Well then." A small smile spread its way across his lips at the thought, something a bit more playful than the sort of neutral smile he normally did. "I suppose I shall have to hope my luck holds." He then finished off the rest of his parfait and set the glass aside. "Shall we make ourselves scarce?'

"Sure" She said rising to her feet and offering him her hand. "Come on my tree-top lover, my quarters aren't far."

Dunamis smiled and rose to his feet, taking her hand in his likr a gentleman while picking up their empty trays and cutlery and depositing them in the replicator as they made their way out of the mess hall...



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