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Bringing It Together

Posted on Sat Jan 14, 2023 @ 7:43am by Lieutenant JG Vasha & Ensign T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Tavern, Lyshan Colony
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

", you're probably better at deadlifting than I am, Hannah. You realize you're practically half Vulcan, don't yoy?" Vasha laughed and kissed her girlfriend as they stepped through the doors to the tavern, which was, thankfully, not as crowded as usual. "What would you like? I'll order." She said, uncurling her arm from around her waist and approaching the bar counter... only to find a certain very familiar Klingon with Vulcanoid ears also seated there.

"Hi Vee, I see you've been slumming it with this petaQ. T'Kara said turning her eyes down at Hannah.

"y’nt yalagochukof Hom Ha’DIbaH (Go F#CK yourself Runt dog)." Hannah replied.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, you two, simmer down." Vasha stepped between both women before they could fight - because when they did, if they did, there'd be more than just bruising inflicted. "What's with the animosity? Is there bad blood between you both?" She laid a hand on each of their shoulders, holding them both at bay.

"I out shot her in a phaser competition and she sore about that." Hannah said. "Also, the way she looks at you, Vee, seams like she sees me as a rival to your attention."

"The petaQ is right." T'Kara said. "Vee, I thought we had a thing and now you come in here with her, both smelling of sex. I believe I have the right to be confused, if not angry."

"We started dating recently." Vee stated. "Though..." Her expression morphed into one of immense guilt, and she sat down at the counter with a sigh. "I didn't know you wanted something more intimate than just nights of fun. " She glanced between both women. "I'm... sorry. I'm willing to try and fix this, however, with something reasonable. It's the least I can do."

"Which of us do you like more?" Hannah asked.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Vee. If you like her more, I'll stand aside." T'Kara said.

Vasha sighed and glanced between them both, wringing her hands as she struggled to come up with an answer that'd satisfy them both - and then it hit her. "Why do I need to pick, when I can have you both?" She suggested, sitting up a little straighter with a faint crack of a smile on her lips. "That is, if you're both willing to try that. A polyamorous relationship, I think our human colleagues call it. You can both have me, and you might even be able to work out that rift between you both along the way. How does that sound?"

Hannah looked at T'Kara. She was quite attractive, Vee has good taste. "I'm willing to try it." She said at last. "Might be fun."

T'Kara sighed. "If she is willing, then so am I." She said.

"Wonderful! I can already sense this'll be the start of something beautiful." Vasha smiled and tugged on Hannah's hand, getting her to sit next to her on the right and T'kara on the left. You know, in case they tried to kill each other in spite of the agreement they'd just come to. "What would you both like? I can order for all of us." She nodded at another round table, just big enough for the three of them. "Why don't we move over there? Better for us to talk that way."

T'Kara rose first and Hannah got a nice look at her tight bum as she moved over to the other table. Nice she thought.

T'Kara took a seat and watched the other two move over to join her. She found herself imagining Hannah without her clothes and began to salivate.

"Whiskey, neat." Hannah said in response to Vasha's question.

"Tequila with lemon and salt." T'Kara said.

Vasha found it amusing that, when not fighting, the two were practically undressing each other with their eyes - she could see the way Hannah looked at the Klingon hybrid's generous behind as she walked, and the latter's eyes practically roaming Hannah's curvaceous form as she approached the table. Maybe the tension between them had been born from sexual tension, she thought to herself as she placed an order for all their drinks and sat down facing them both. "I'm betting you both like what you see." She teased. "Am I wrong?"

"You're not wrong." Hannah said. "I want to squeeze that peach butt." The hybrid coughed. "Oops, did I say that last bit out loud?"

"And I want to bury my face in her chest." T'Kara confessed.

If Vasha hadn't been grinning gormlessly the second she'd followed Hannah's gaze the first time around, she positively was now, practically beaming from ear to ear at her girlfriends' admissions. She thanked the waiter who brought them their drinks right about then and paid for them before cooing, "Come on, you two. You're weren't really upset because Hannah won that shoot, were you? One minute you were calling each other names, now you're practically drooling over each other." She glanced between both women.

"Okay, I always found T'Kara attractive, but I thought she was out of my league, so my attraction became hatred." Hannah said.

T'Kara stayed silent.

Vasha folded her hand over that of the Klingon woman's, squeezing it softly for encouragement and laying it on her knee. "Well, now that you do know she isn't out of your league and never will be, why not make the best of it? As long as we're all together of course." She smiled at T'Kara. "Hannah and I were going to spend the night together - maybe you'd like to come?"

T'Kara drank her drink in a single gulp and discarded the salt and lemon. "What are we waiting for?" She said.

"Come on, love, we're not even done with our drinks." Vasha laughed and sipped slowly at her drink and glanced at Hannah. "Hannah? Ready to go?" She nudged the hybrid under the table, lightly carressing the inner part of her shin with her leg.

"Sure." Hannah said and finished her drink. "Let's go and get to know each other better." She added with a cheeky smile.

Vasha grinned, having finished her drink meanwhile, and took both women by the hand as she practically bounced out the door, eager to get to know them both much, much more... intimately.


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