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Posted on Sat Jan 14, 2023 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Major Eemja Tezia

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Marine Encampment, Lyshan Colony
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Dunamis had worked and trained with Starfleet's Marine Corps before. Not once had they failed to impress him with their efficiency, professionalism and proficiency. Now that he was head of his own department and had control over his crew's training (as well as being new in town and wanting to get to know everyone he'd be working closely with) he'd decided to pay the local Marine encampment a visit, and hopefully open up opportunities for collaboration.

As such he'd managed to get in touch with their commanding officer, following quite some asking around and fact-finding, and managed to arrange himself an appointment in her office. The building the detachment's key appointment holders used as their office wasn't hard to find; he handed the young Bolian lance corporal at the door his PADD with their exchanged message history and confirmation of their meeting. "I'm here to see Major Tezia. I hope I've not come at an inopportune time." He said

"Not at all, sir." The Bolian said. "We're up all hours. The Major's officer is down the corridor, turn left and its the second right."

Eemja was in her office going over construction and supply reports. She smiled when she saw the waste water treatment plant was finally up and running. It would service the camp and the colony settlement.

Dunamis thanked the young Bolian man and walked off in search of said office. Most of the personnel he passed didn't pay him much attention; a stray blonde-haired young 1st Lieutenant attempted to salute him before Dunamis stopped him gently. Some part of him felt that there was a chance most of them had simply never seen one of his species before and were trying to work out what to make of him.

Regardless the right office was located in short order, the doorbell to which he chimed and waited to be let in. He wasn't exactly in a Langley facility after all, it was only polite.

"Enter." Eemja called looking up from her paper work. She briefly recalled her time as a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant when she was just finding her feet. The one thing she missed about that time was that she didn't have so much paper work.

Dunamis slipped his PADD into his pocket as he entered the office and the door closed behind him. It wouldn't look good for him to have it in hand as he spoke to her. "Major. It is good to meet you at last." He said smoothly. "I trust your operations in this area of the planet are going well. I ought to thank your troops for assisting us with our living quarters - we would have nowhere to stay without their help."

"That's quite alright, Lieutenant, my Marines are mostly builders and engineers, myself included. We like building almost as we like shooting things." Eemja said. "Is there anything I can get you to eat or drink before we begin? An old Bajor saying is never discuss things on any empty stomach."

"Iced fredalia tea with sugar, please, and that'll be enough." He responded as he approached her desk, waiting to be asked to sit. It was only polite. "I'm afraid the strategic operations department isn't very large - nonetheless, I am eager to see how we might work together." His hands came to rest on the backrest of the chair across from her. "I'm sure your troops would appreciate the collaboration, as would my crew. I hear there's a pleasant beach in sector 4-Charlie that might make good training grounds for amphibious operations."

"Take a seat Lieutenant." Eemja said moving over to the replicator behind her desk. "Iced fredalia tea with sugar, groat cakes, and a deka tea hot." She ordered.

When the items appeared, she gave Dunamis his tea before bringing her own things back to desk and returning to her seat.

"Sector 4-Charlie." She said thinking for the moment. "I know the place, its very beautiful, unfortunately a native species of sea turtle believes the same and lays its eggs there. I suggest further down the beach, sector 5-Alpha maybe." She added before taking a sip of her tea.

Dunamis sat, and accepted the tea graciously when it was offered to him. When he'd taken his first sip he hummed and noted, "Ah. I see. I'm afraid I'm not as familiar with the ground as you and your troops are - thank you for the insight. 5-Alpha. Yes. That would be much more suitable." He pulled out his PADD and placed it between the table between them, following which he pulled up a map of the colony on screen and tapped on the indicated sector. "It even has uneven terrain and a small jungle up north to train up jungle fighting tactics." He noted. "Well then. It seems we have a possible location settled, don't you reckon?"

"I can't take all the credit, we were looking for a suitable spot for a new fishing dock, I took one of your lot with me, Warrant Officer Anuki Toku he's Starfleet Zoologist. It was he who recognised the signs of the turtles and after extensive scans, we confirmed his hypothesis and moved to a more suitable place." She explained. "So, I have no problem working with you and the other Station staff. I've also been working with the colony, which I'm afraid is against my orders, so if You ever meet a Lt. Colonel Pavlović, keep it under your hat."

"Perhaps one day - but rest assured that if and when I do my lips will remain sealed." He promised. "All they will hear is that we work and train well together, and will continue to do so." Following a long sip of tea he quipped, "Of course, there is a rather large 'hopefully' thrown into that mix as well. I'd like to start our first joint training missions next week, if you are able to spare the time."

"I'm sure I could spare a Platoon Sergeant and 2 squads, that's 25 personnel." Eemja said. "Staff Sergeant Ch'Tol isn't the most tactful of people, but she's a damn good Marine and a damn good engineer."

"That'll be quite enough - though, of course, feel free to adjust that number based on your operational manpower needs at that time. The world is dynamic, after all, and situations change." Dunamis said. "I have a total of twenty personnel. If you have any intelligence personnel I'm sure my intelligence officer lieutenant Ziru would appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Do you have a planning room we could use in this facility of yours?"

"We don't have any intel officers as such but we do have operations specialists. I don't have a full company here. My primary mission is to establish a permanent base here." Eemja explained. "As for a planning room, yes we have one of those."

"I believe she would be pleased to work with you all nonetheless - and I would be pleased to meet your operations specialists. We could learn much from each other." He remarked. "How does next Wednesday sound. We could possibly make it a three-day mission with a celebratory dinner afterward, what do you think?" Dunamis leaned in a fraction. "I believe the tavern would not mind supplying us some of their food."

"Wednesday would be fine." Eemja said. "And I love the idea of a celebratory Dinner, Mrs. Madsen's pastries are to die for, my favourite is kanelsnegl cinnamon snail." The Marine thought for a moment. "Perhaps I could rope in her son Gunnar to join us, he's a former Marine and the colony's Deputy Sheriff."

"I'm sure he'd like to come - I know the kind of camaraderie your people forge with each other, and I know it lingers for long afterward. One of my former colleagues was a Marine herself, in fact, a Vulcan. She often attributed her ability to assimilate herself smoothly into most social situations to her former platoon forcing her to become a little bit more outgoing." He declined to mention that her ability to do so had made even him a little envious - for a Vulcan she made it look easy - or that it was what had drawn him to her in the first place.

"I'm not sure if you'd know her - her name is T'Phena." Not all Marines would know other Marines, of course, and he knew that - but there as always that off chance. "We were quite close for a while before I transferred to Langley Station."

Eemja thought for a while. "I have met her personally, but I've heard about her in passing, in fact, I have a friend in Starfleet Intelligence, that said they were looking into recruiting her." Eemja replied.

"She'd do well there. For a Vulcan she'd fit in well with any mission she was assigned to - and with her looks-" Dunamis reddened and quickly shut his mouth, deciding to comment no further. Freudian slips, how troublesome you can be. "-in any case. I believe our introductory training should be simple to start. Perhaps an away mission in the jungle to start, with mixed teams. Pitching tents to stay in together, possibly catching and making dinner and so on. I'm sure your platoon sergeant won't mind having some of my team's insight. What do you think, Major?"

"That would definitely strengthen bonds between Starfleet and the Corps. I'm all for it." Eemja said. "Any idea on how we form the teams?" She asked.

"I could generate them on my PADD at random; I'll send the nominal roll to you soonest." He promised. "You're welcome to let me know what you think, and we can possibly balance the teams if they turn out to be unequal." He tapped on his PADD, accessing the rosters of both sides, and had the device create six teams based off them. "Here." He slid the device over to her.

Eemja took the PADD and skimmed through it. "It looks about right, but I'll put myself as lead in team 2 and make Lt. Gar'Rel as lead of team 4. You'l remain leader of team 1. What do you think?" She asked.

"That sounds good to me." He replied after careful consideration. "As to the actual mission they'll be carrying out, have you any input you'd like to make, or suggestions?"

"How are you for equipment?" Eemja asked. "I heard the Canterbury dropped off a shipment for your department."

"Mostly combat rations for field operations, our armory's worth of phasers, a few maps of the colony and some other standard supplies tactical and intelligence officers are issued. I'll admit I've not yet had time to read the maps while being occupied with other more pressing work." He said. "I shall in the following few days in preparation for the upcoming mission, however, rest assured. What do you have in mind?"

"I have some sets of tactical armor I could lend to your people, have everybody on the same foot." Eemja said. "Let's leave it there for now and we can reconvene once we have things organised on our respective ends. It was a pleasure meeting you Lieutenant and I look forward to working with you."

"The same to you, Major." Dunamis rose to his feet to leave with a smile. "You'll have the draft mission plans sent to you as soon as possible. See you next week." With that he turned and made his way out of the office.


Lieutenant Dunamis
Head of Strategic Ops
Langley Station

Major Eemja Tezia
Marine Company Commander


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