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Long Time Coming

Posted on Fri Jan 13, 2023 @ 12:20pm by Lieutenant JG Vasha & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Beach, Lyshan Colony
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

How happy Vasha had been to receive a message from Hannah telling her that she was finally ready for their promised date, which had sadly been interrupted by other events - chief among them the station of course. She'd been given a time and place to meet, and so she'd shown up at possibly one of the loveliest beaches she'd ever seen, with pristine white sand so fine it was like powder beneath her hoof, water so clear she could've sworn she was looking at rippling liquid glass and best of all, it wasn't too hot or too cold. Just right.

She'd dressed appropriately, clad in a dark blue bikini that flattered her figure beautifully in addition to a swimming bag. Sitting stretched out on a beach towel she awaited her date..

Hannah landed her shuttle out of view. She grabbed her gear and headed for the rendezvous. She was dressed in a red bikini, straw sun hat and had a carryall slung over one shoulder.

When she arrived at the beach, she took of her sandals and let her toes sink into the warm power-like sand.

Seeing Vasha, she said. "Hello, Lover."

"Hello there, sexy." Vasha smiled and put her arms around her, pulling her into a hug and nuzzling her hair. "Long time since we last talked," She joked, lightly squeezing her shapely hips... "How've you been? Your work isn't stressing you out too much, I hope? I know you've been busy..."

"I feel a lot better for seeing you." Hannah said, slight Welsh in her accent a little stronger.

"Aww, you flatter me." Vasha smiled and kissed her firmly on the lips while taking both hands in her own and squeezing them firmly. "I guess I'll have to give you fireworks, then, I've already got some ideas as to how." She had a mischievous glint in her eye as she pulled away. "Hungry? I brought food." She waved at the picnic basket that sat on her beach towel.

"I'm famished." Hannah said. "What did you bring?" She asked.

"I wasn't sure what you liked to eat, so I picked mostly human food. Chicken wings, sandwiches, that kind of thing." She replied, flipping open the picnic basket. "Also this thing humans call... E-clares? The puff things with chocolate on top?" A brief look of panic crossed her face just then. "Oh, dear. Do Rigellian Vulcanoids become intoxicated after consuming chocolate as well?"

"Yes, but thanks to my father's human genes, it doesn't have that effect on me." Hannah replied. "Which is lucky, because I love chocolate?" She added with a smile.

"Perfect." Vasha curled an arm around her waist and got her to sit down, at which point she offered her a box of chocolate eclairs - big ones, several inches long. Goodness knows how she'd replicated that. Or gotten it at all for that matter. "Here. Take as many as you'd like. You deserve it, hardworking babe, you." She cooed, subsequently popping open a bottle of what seemed to be apple juice. "Thirsty?'

Having already chosen an eclair and put it in her mouth, Hannah nodded that she was thirsty. The Marine was enjoying the sweet treat and the company.

Vasha stuffed a chicken leg in her mouth, nibbling on it as she sat a little closer to her date. "You smell nice." She commented. "What is it? It's definitely something quite floral." The drink she poured for her from that bottle and handed to her in a cup certainly looked like apple juice but didn't taste like it - if anything it smelled like some kind of floral tea. "Ever had fredalia tea?" She asked. "It's quite strong, by the way."

"Its a perfume and antiperspirant from my Rigel IV, its make from the Mekem flower and the JaH'am root." Hannah explained. She accepted the cup, it had a floral scent to it. "Don't worry I like my tea, like I like my women...strong." She said.

"So you like strong women. The kind that make you scream in bed and beg like you did the last time we met?" Vasha smiled smugly as she poured out her own share of tea and drank half the glass in one go. "Ahhh. Passionfruit flavored. Whichever genius thought to combine the two was truly a genius." She laughed and squeezed her partner a little bit, grazing her inner leg with her palm for some emphasis.

"That's not how I remember it, I heard you scream a few times especially when I found that spot behind your knee." Hannah said taking a sip of her tea. "Yumm, almost as sweet as you." She added with a wink.

"Oh, that did happen - but only after I made you spend the previous few minutes writhing under me." Vasha shot back, nudging her in the shoulder. "So I suppose we're even - at least until I find a few new ways to make your breath leave your body." She drew a teasing little circle into her inner thigh. "Or the other way round..."

Hannah finished her drink and said. "Let's give the water a try, its been so long since I swam in real water."

"The same for me. God, it's been a while..." Vasha stood and stretched, showing off her shapely yet toned figure, and started for the cool, clear water with a leisurely sway to her step. "Holodeck water just isn't the same isn't it? Not quite as... wet. As weird as that sounds."

"Exactly." Hannah said standing too, showing off her well proportioned body. "Last one in's, a rotten Vah'Tarth." She yelled before running into the crystal clear water.

"What's a Vah'Tarth?" Not to be outdone, Vasha careened after her date, loping past her easily before diving into the cool clear shallows with a splash, soaking Hannah entirely. "The water's perfect! Jump in!" She smiled, wiping water droplets from her forehead. "You wanna make it a competition, love? Last one to do four laps of the coast owes the other a favor or something?"

"A Vah'Tarth is a large foul smelling rodent that smell even worse when its dead. They live on my homeworld in the forests of New Saxony." Hannah explained. Joining Vasha in the water she asked. "What kind of favour?"

"Any kind. Of the winner's choosing." Vasha smiled a sly smile and swam closer to her. "You look amazing when wet, by the way..."

"I'd be a fool to agree, you're more fluid dynamic than me, you'd win easily. Hannah said. "You don't look bad either."

"Well, how would you suggest we spice up our time in the sea?" Vasha smirked and put her hands on Hannah's hips, pulling her in slightly closer to her chest. "Within limits, of course, considering we're out here in public where anyone can see..."

While the were close, Hannah moved her hands down to Vasha's waist and undid the ties on the Kelpein's bikini bottoms. "Oh no you've lost your bikini bottoms, how clumsy of you." Hannah said as she began to rub the other woman's inner thigh, fingers inching closer to her womanhood.

Vasha's breath instantly hitched as Hannah's hand began to attack her inner thigh, encroaching ever closer to her womanhood... "Really...?" She gasped, pressing even closer to the other woman in a bid to hide her ministrations from any prying eyes. "Looks like someone's eager..." Grinning she reached round her back, teasing at the strings of her bikini top...

"Come on Vee. Don't hide." She said. "Who cares if people see us?" She then took of her own swimsuit.

Vasha had, by this point, blushed so red she could've been mistaken for a stick of rhubarb. Her face felt hot (as did her lower region, to be honest) as Hannah readily stripped in front of her, letting her glorious toned yet curvy body show. "You really are quite open about this aren't you?" She breathed, hands reaching for the strings of her own bikini top...

"You're not?"" Hannah asked. "I sorry if I've caused you any embarrassment." She said. "Now do me."

"Oh, no. There's something quite exhilarating about trying this out..." Vasha now wore a wicked grin on her lips as she stripped off her own swimsuit and reached out, grabbing Hannah and pulling her close, capturing her lips in a fierce kiss as her fingers began to wander...


Hannah climbed out of the water, her wet, naked body glistening in the late afternoon sun. She let Vasha get an eyeful before wrapping herself in her towel. "That was fun." She said licking her lips.

"Little tease." Vasha snickered and climbed out of the water behind her, giving the hybrid woman a nice view of her body before putting her bikini back on and wrapping up with a towel. "Why do I feel like you can go several more rounds, though?" She wrapped an arm around Hannah's shapely hips while leading her out of the water and back to their beach towels. "I'm thinking of going for a little walk after this." She remarked. "Around this general vicinity... and then maybe we can find something good to eat." Her eyes gleamed with mischief as she added, "My bunking here on the colony only has me in it, if you'd like to stay the night..."

"Endurance is a perk of my Vulcanoid ancestry." Hannah said with a cheeky smile. She dropped her towel and went back into the water to retrieve her bikini and took her time putting it back on. "I could use a bite to eat." She said once she was done.

"There's plenty of food here if you like! Take as much as you want." Vasha patted their picnic basket with a grin. "You might want to take some of it before I eat it all, though. I think I could stomach an entire horse after what we just did." Cheeky little tease. Vasha took her time admiring the hybrid's body as she put her bikini back on - totally not taking her time on purpose with that one.

Hannah grabbed a chicken wing and tore the flesh of with her teeth like a wild animal. She then slowly licked the sauce from her bottom lip.

"You're just doing that so that I can't take my eyes off you, aren't you." Vasha smirked, biting into a chocolate eclair instead. The contents within the soft pastry oozed out, coating her lips with brown cream which she too took her time licking off, leaving her lips glossy and shining. She scooted closer to the hybrid and grabbed her by her shapely arse, settling her in her lap. "Much better." She purred.

"Ooh, what a nice place to sit." Hannah said after landing in Vasha's lap. Now the flesh was gone from the chicken wing, the hybrid cracked open the bones to suck out the marrow. "Pass me another chicken wing babe." She said

Vasha retrieved another wing from the picnic basket and, instead of handing it to her, dangled it in front of her mouth, inches from her lips. "Come get it if you want it." She teased, waving it in front of her mouth. "I've never thought of cracking the bones open, if I'd be honest. Is the marrow any good?" She wrapped an arm round her butt and pulled her in close, head on her chest.

"The marrow's full of collagen, keeps you young and strong." Hannah said. After her head was pulled into the Kelpien's chest, Hannah began her motor boat her breasts.

"Goodness gracious." Vasha snickered and held her girlfriend close to her, letting her have her way. Obviously the chicken wing wasn't really what she was after, she thought with amusement. "Tell me, Hannah. Have you had quite a few partners before me? I can see you being quite popular."

"Some, but I'm selective." Hannah said. "I don't just let anyone into my...pants." She added with a smile.

"Well, what makes me so special?" She asked, running her fingers through Hannah's soft hair and burying her nose in it, nuzzling her gently as she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend. "Compared to, say, another more humanoid woman?" She kissed her forehead afterward and squeezed her shapely arse to show a lack of any hard feelings.

"Well originally it was novelty, there aren't many Kelpien women in Starfleet." Hannah began. "But, now that I've experienced you, I can't keep my hands and various other body parts of you." She pause a moment. "That and you taste sweet."

"Oh, you flatter me. So you mean to say you're addicted to me?" Vasha gave her a boop on the nose. "Well, you're one of the best-looking women I've met in a long, long time... that, and you're a monster when the lights go out." She snickered. "But somehow I feel like there's something else too - beyond just physical attraction. Like a connection." She reached over and linked their hands together, fingers interlaced. "Which I would love to explore..." She nuzzled her hair, wet though it was, before quipping, "I'm not activating any residual telepathic powers you may have, am I? I don't know if Vulcanoid Rigellians have any telepathic powers."

"Funny you should say that, mother's Vulcan ancestors were said to possess a form of telepathy through touch, perhaps it still exists in my genetics and you've turned it on, so to speak." Hannah said. "I can speak telepathically with other Vulcanoids, most effectively with my mother and brother, but until now I've never experienced that connection with non-Vulcanoids." She laughed. "So, I guess that does make you special."

"So we're sort of... linked... now? Like... what's the Vulcan term, t'hyla or something like that? A bonded pair?" She asked, gently squeezing her fingers and smiling. "And we got there after one night of intense fun?" She lifted Hannah's hand to her lips and gently kissed her knuckle. "That sounds weird to me, but who cares? If we're now bonded somehow, I don't mind at all. And I doubt you do either." She smiled. "Question is what that means now, I suppose. What this connection grants us. If anything." She sighed happily and leaned in touching her forehead to Hannah's.

"Yeah, something like that. My mother's people don't have pair bonding, the society is matriarchal with women having up to 6 'husbands' " Hannah explained. "My mother in anomaly as she is only married to my father, a human. My mother's sister, my aunt has 5 and is head of the ruling council." She explained. "This bond is new to me too, looks like we'll find out together."

"Looks like we will indeed." She smiled warmly and kissed her lovingly on the lips. "So... does this mean you can touch my hand and tell me things in my mind now?" She looked down at their still interlaced hands. "Maybe you should give it a try. Tell me something, anything you like..." She suggested.

Hannah closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After a moment she said. "su'kal? What does that mean?"

"'Beloved gift'. It's also the name usually given to a child born after great tragedy.' She said softly. "I don't know why I'd be thinking that, though. Kelpiens usually don't cross-breed with any other species in my experience." She squeezed her hand nonetheless. "Well then. Shall we move on and go elsewhere for now?"

"Yeah, its starting to cool down, maybe we can find a place to get a drink, before we retreat to your dwellings for some more fun." Hannah said licking her lips.

"There's a nice tavern in the main part of the colony if you like." She said, "Though we'll have to go in more than bikinis. If that's alright with you." Vasha smirked and ran a finger down her girlfriend's arm. "I've got a change of clothes - I'll need some time to get changed if you're willing to wait."

"Sure, I'll watch, while I change too." Hannah said. "On second thoughts, I'll get distracted and slow us down, so I'll look away, plenty of time for me to get 'distracted' by you later." She said as she changed into the jeans and t-shirt ensemble she brought with her.

Vee on the other hand seemed to have a few less reservations, simply drying off and changing into a white tube top and shorts in front of her girlfriend. Maybe she'd inherited something of her from that connection, who knows? "Ready to go?" She began to gather up their towels and food and stow them in the basket she'd brought with her. "The tavern runs all night - we can take as long as we like..." Standing, she offered her a hand up.

"Yes." Hannah said accepting Vasha's hand and letting her help her up. "So, lets see how you handle your liquor."

"I think I might surprise you, love. I hope you're prepared to lose." Vasha snickered and walked off with her girlfriend to the tavern. The evening wasn't going to be a short one for them, alright, and they both knew it.


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1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
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