Langley Station

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Posted on Sun Jan 1, 2023 @ 7:31am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Lieutenant Chastity Muller

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Colony - Starfleet storage facility
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Lieutenant Chastity Muller stood outside the temporary structure that was assigned for storage to be used my the Starfleet personnel assigned to Langley Station.

She'd just beamed down from the USS Canterbury in orbit. Near to her were a number of crates and other containers and in her hand was a PADD with a manifest of the equipment required by Strat. Ops.

She was awaiting the arrive of a Lieutenant Dunamis.

"Lieutenant Chastity Muller?" Dunamis called from behind her. He approached her having exited one of the local eateries - just in time, too, by the look of things. Good thing he'd thought to find himself a good meal beforehand. "I assume you have the supplies I requisitioned from Starfleet Command?" He had his PADD in hand; presumably with the cargo manifest already on it. "I'd like to inspect them, if you don't mind."

"Good day, Lieutenant." Chastity said with a smile. "Yes, and feel free to inspect it." She replied. "I have a PADD awaiting your thumb print, when you're finished."

Dunamis nodded politely at the attractive young Orion, and proceeded to carefully inspect each crate, tapping on his PADD all the while. Clearly this man was one of precision and accuracy and quality above all else. He hummed quietly as he worked. "Everything seems to be in order." He said at last, after at least an hour of careful inventory-taking. "Thank you, miss Muller. I'm grateful."

"How about a drink?" Chastity asked. "I could definitely use one."

Dunamis hummed, taking time to consider the offer. It wasn't like he had anything else to do for the rest of the day except more reading up on mission logs, anyhow. "I'd like that," He answered. "The tavern isn't far." He indicated the way with a long, slender arm.

Chastity put her arm around his waist and walked with him. "Let's go." She said.

Dunamis' cheeks flushed slightly as he began to walk forward in the direction of the tavern. It'd been a while since he'd had contact of this kind - more so with anyone but a telepath of some kind... but that was utterly besides the point. He glanced sideways at her, somewhat shyly, but did not comment. "How has your day been... Chastity?" He asked. Since they were effectively off duty now, might as well... maybe. "I hope assisting us since the destruction of Langley Station has not been too hard on you and your crew."

"My day's been busy." Chastity said. "Its better than doing nothing. All other missions have been postponed until the new station arrives." She explained. "Sorry, am I being too familiar?" She asked.

"Not at all." He replied. "I don't mind it at all, in fact." He smiled at her as they stepped through the tavern entrance and found their way to empty seats at the counter. "I'd say this break is one well earned, then!" Dunamis chuckled. "May I order for the both of us? What would you like?"

Chastity sat next to him. "Agreed." She said. "Of course you may, Dunamis." She said. "I'll let you choose, I like surprises."

Dunamis turned to the bartender. "A bottle of hili'kach, please, and two glasses." He requested politely, to which the bartender nodded and turned away to fetch his requested drink. "I think you'll like what I've ordered. So far none who I've let try it have disliked it - if anything they've asked for even more of it." He said, as the bartender brought over two glasses and a bottle of liquid the color of caramel. He proceeded to pour them each a glass and hand her one. "Here. I hope you enjoy it."

Chastity took the offered drink, breathed in its aroma and then took a sip. "Yumm, sweet, with a smooth texture and a little heat at the end. If it were green, it would be a perfect description of me." She said with a smile.

Dunamis couldn't help but crack a smile at her little joke. "Sweet, you say? I can't say I disagree. Heat? Indeed..." He sipped from his own glass, savoring the familiar sweetness of the caramel-colored liqeur on his tongue and the slight heat as it went down his throat. Just the way he liked this particular drink. "Smooth? Well... in what ways, exactly?" He asked.

"Maybe I can show you sometime." She said. "So, Dunamis, what brought you to Starfleet?" She asked.

"The simple want to explore the universe and do something good with my life." Unfortunately (or perhaps not) Dunamis wasn't quite unfamiliar with the implications of her statement - which he chose not to comment on. To do so might've been quite insulting to her. "And, well, I suppose my parents played a large part in it as well. They were Starfleet, both of them. They'd always push me hard to achieve whatever I wanted out of life." He smiled sadly. He hadn't spoken to either of them in over a decade, not since they disappeared all those years ago.

"How about you?" He asked.

"I was discovered alone on a damaged ship, by an away team from the USS Somme responding to a distress call. I was later adopted by the man that found me Fredric Muller and brought up as part of his family. He'd tell me about his time in Starfleet. I'd eventually follow in his foot steps, but my major was in Operations, while his was in Security. In my last year I was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence. After graduation I split my time between Operations and Intel work. Shortly before being assigned to the Canterbury, left Starfleet Intelligence, and I've served on the Canterbury since then. I wanted to show the galaxy I was more than just some Orion girl." She said.

"Which you have done, successfully. You need not worry about stereotypes when your achievements and career speak for themselves." He said with a kind smile. "I'm sure you know that the Kelpien people are a supposedly cowardly race, lacking in courage - most of us take up the sciences and engineering, milder jobs if you will, and yet here I am as chief of strategic operations of Langley Station and former assistant head of tactical to two separate vessels." He raised his glass to her. "To breaking stereotypes."

"To breaking stereotypes." She said returning the toast. "Courage is doing what needs to be done and my XO, Zolan Rebec is the most courageous person I know. When her family were killed by Cardassians during the Occupation of Bajor, she was left with the family farm. At age 10 she organised labour to harvest her crops, paying them with some of what they harvested, and still manage to store some for the winter."

"She, and others like her, are a rare breed of person - a type of person I aspire to be, but have not quite become. I have personally not experienced and survived the hardship she has gone through; what right have I to call myself an equal?" Dunamis sipped from his drink with a sigh. "She, like many others, is a role model to many young officers such as myself, and surely you, too. Am I right?" He said with a kind smile. "Where do you see yourself, Chastity? A career in Starfleet has many paths, each with innumerable branches and possibilities along the way, as I'm sure you've already experienced for yourself."

Chastity thought for a moment. "I've toyed with the idea of Command." She said. "Or, I could return to the Academy and retrain in either Engineering or Security, but at the moment I'm happy where I am."

"And that really is all that is important, isn't it?" He said with a chuckle. "To be happy with your current station in life, but not happy enough to want to settle and stagnate. Wherever you go, I will be happy for you." He took a sip of his drink before adding, "Perhaps one day I will see you as a fellow command officer - I too have aspirations that lie there, and it'd be nice to have a colleague that I'm familiar with."

"What do you do in the way of hobbies, by the way?" He asked. "I for one like to spend my free time reading or making my own meals if I am able. Chess is yet another love of mine - I've won a few competitions in my lifetime, but I consider myself a casual player nonetheless."

"I enjoy a good mystery, and a former crew mate introduced me to westerns. I was captain of the mixed martial arts team at the Academy, so I enjoy that." She said. "I don't think they have chess here, so how about a game of darts?"

"Darts?" Dunamis eyed the dartboard at the far end of the tavern, golden amber eyes gleaming with excitement. "I'd like that. Shall we play with stakes, to keep the game exciting?"

"Stakes? What did you have in mind?" Chastity asked.

"A meal, a favor, anything you like." He suggested. "The loser owes the winner, of course." Standing he approached an empty dart board, grabbed a few darts from the tin can just below it and offered her some. "It'll be a friendly competition. How about it?"

"I think a meal would be fun." Chastity said. "Do you eat meat? my parents are German, German cuisine contains a lot of meat." She asked accepting the offered darts.

"I love meat." Dunamis smiled and held up his first dart. "I'll expect something absolutely delicious if I win - which I'm sure you can deliver." He flashed a slightly playful smile. "May the best thrower win..."

An hour of throwing, plenty of missed darts but also plenty of good throws later, Dunamis was pleasantly surprised to find that, on his last throw, they would have an equal number of points. "Impressive." He squinted at the dart board, which had certainly taken a rather nasty beating from the both of them, with all the holes in it by now. "I did really enjoy myself, however - how do you propose we decide a proper victor?"

"Arm wrestle?" Chastity suggested.

"Now that's something I don't really do a lot. Sure, why not." He settled down at a table for two and held up his arm. "Kelpiens are quite a bit stronger than normal humanoids, however. Are you sure this way is the fairest option you can think of?"

"I'm stronger than I look." Chastity said placing her elbow on the bar, with her hand out.

"If you say so." Dunamis smiled slightly as he grasped her hand and put his elbow on the table. He couldn't help but admire her features at the same time, though - Chastity was a lovely specimen of Orion womanhood indeed, he thought, no matter how she tried to act. "Shall we begin, then?"

Chastity unzipped her jacket to show of her ample cleavage, before she said. "Yes." and tried to push down his hand.

Dunamis blinked in a mix of surprise and amusement. What an Orion way to try and distract him, he thought with amusement - but the moment of distraction was enough to hand her an advantage, if only slightly, and soon he found the back of his hand hitting the table with a thud and a cheer going up from the crowd that'd surrounded them. "To the winner her spoils." He chuckled. "As agreed. What would you like, where and when? I'd be pleased to treat you to something nice - or I could make you something if you like, if I have a recipe in front of me. I cannot guarantee that it will perfect, however."

"I'd like you to make me a meal you enjoy making." Chastity said zipping her jacket up. "Mrs Madsen, here on the colony has a garden, I'm sure you can find some ingredients there." "Let's say a week from today at this tavern." She added.

"Deal." He smiled and held out his hand for a handshake. "If you'd like to talk before then, I'll be down here planetside, of course. See you again soon."

Chastity shook his hand and said. "I'll be around for at least the next few weeks, other departments need supplies too." She smiled. "you might get sick of me."

"And what makes you think I will?" Dunamis smiled back at her. "For all you know I might actually grow to enjoy your company - as I have this evening." He paused before adding, playfully, "Sweet, smooth and with a little bit of heat at the end, as you described in your own words. Perhaps I might just discover eventually what that really means?"

Chastity just smiled and said. "Perhaps."

Dunamis smiled back. "I'll see you around then, Chastity." He stood to leave, glancing behind him at her one last time... and leave he did, stepping through the door and out of the tavern for the night.


Lieutenant Dunamis
Chief of Strategic Operations
Langley Station

Lieutenant Chastity Muller
Chief of Operations
USS Canterbury


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