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The Security Officer and the Marine

Posted on Wed Dec 28, 2022 @ 9:00am by 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves & Lieutenant JG Vasha

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Gym
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves hand spent the morning chasing sensors ghosts, from what turned out to be a faulty processor.

She was tired, sore and cranky. All she wanted to do was take a shower and curl up in her bed, but her adherence to routine meant she had to do her daily work out first.

She walked into the gym and went straight for the chest press.

As it turned out, she wasn't quite alone when she did. Laying on her back, occupying one of the stations, was an attractive young Kelpien woman. She seemed to be mid rep, lifting twenty kilograms on each side - though she seemed to exert little to no effort in doing so. She smiled at the young brunette before lowering the barbell to chest level, and going for another rep. Again, seemingly without effort.

Hannah acknowledged her with a quick nod.

Not really the friendly sort, she supposed. Or perhaps she'd had a bad day and didn't feel like talking. That was alright by her. Sometimes she needed to take the initiative to say hello and get the other to open up. "Don't see you round here all that often." She called to the other. "Name's Vasha. Call me Vee if you'd like. How about you?"

"My proper name is J'HannaH, but I go by Hannah, its easier to say. Nice to meet you Vee." Hannah said. "Yes, usually I'm here earlier, but my shift ran long. Joys of being under staffed."

Vasha winced. She knew what it was like to be understaffed - covering more shifts than you were supposed to due to lack of manpower was quite common then, and she honestly hated it. "Ooh. I see. That's not good. Here to de-stress, then? I know how hard it can be to work with a lack of manpower."

"Yes, Station Operations can be quite stressful." Hannah said. I'm not even 'fleet, I'm a Marine, but I'm working on the station as a personal favour to the station CO." She explained.

"Ah! I see! Welcome aboard, then! We're glad to have you with us." Vasha smiled. "I've met a lot of Marines in my service. They're all so rugged and focused from my experience - helps that they're cute most of the time, too." She gave the brunette a wink before letting her weights down to rest. "I'm sure you're no different when on the job."

"Does that usually work?" Hannah asked.

"Does what usually work?" Vasha blinked. "I don't quite catch your drift."

"Don't play dumb, I've seen the way you look at me. Like you're a hungry animal and I'm your next meal." Hannah said.

"Oh." Vasha flushed a dark shade of red and quickly looked away. "Well, sometimes. I really don't mean to come off that way, though, and I'm sorry if I did." She stepped off the bench and began to return the weights she'd been using. "I'd best be going. Sorry for bothering you - I do think you're very pretty though."

"Well, I didn't think you'd give up so easily." Hannah said with a wink.

"...what?" Vasha blinked hard and stared at the human in shock. "I thought you said you felt like a prey animal I'm about to eat. Which isn't good is it? I really don't want people to feel uncomfortable round me, you know?"

"I'm not uncomfortable, do your people not have foreplay?" Hannah asked. "Or do all your potential lovers drop their pants when you smile at them?"

"Of course we do." Vasha raised an eyebrow, very surprised indeed at the forwardness of this woman. She noted the pointedness of her ears. Maybe this girl was part Vulcan, she reckoned. "And of course none of my potential lovers drop their clothes when I smile at them! I like to get to know them a little first. Chat them up..." Now somewhat reassured she settled on her bench, one leg crossed over the other. "Which is also part of the foreplay, don't you reckon?"

"Perhaps," Hannah said. "I appologise If I was too forward, my mother's people are very direct when it comes to sex."

"Oh, no, not at all. I like me someone forward." Vasha grinned slyly, patting the space next to her on the bench. "Your mother's people?" Surely her mother had to be human - she didn't know of any Vulcanoid species that was as open with sex as Hannah seemed to be.

"So, are we going to have sex or not?" Hannah asked.

"Why don't we get to know each other first. Have a little fun with that... and then we can most definitely have fun in bed." Vasha grinned. "Makes it more enjoyable for both of us, don't you think? My quarters? Much quieter than the gym at any rate."

"I agree, after you, Vee." Hannah said.

Vasha smiled and made her way out of the gym with a soft yawn, glancing behind her at Hannah every so often. Surely she had to be watching - if T'Kara's habits were any indication Hannah, who was evidently much more open about intimacy had to be somewhat similar.

She stepped into the turbolift and allowed the engineer to follow her in before ordering the lift to her deck. "What do you normally do for fun?" She asked. "Apart from visit the gym, of course."

"I enjoy singing, chemistry, and building things." Hannah said. "Apart from the singing, my hobbies are related to my work, I'm a qualified engineer, builder and demolitions officer." She explained. "I also enjoy the feel of water on my skin." She added.

"You swim? What a coincidence, so do I. We could go for a dip sometime if you like." Vasha said. "You'd look lovely in a swimsuit, I'm sure." She winked at her before adding, "Demolitions officer? So you destroy things with explosives? Fascinating! Now there's a duty post I don't hear about every day. Could you tell me more?' The turbolift doors hissed open then, and Vasha was the first one out with a slight provocative sway in her gait.

"I destroy things with explosives in a safe way, yes." Hannah said. "I have to calculate the mass of the obstacle, the blast radius, and the amount of explosive needed. Once the area is clear of personnel I detonate the explosives." Hannah explained. A slight smirk crossed her lips as she watched Vasha's provocative sway.

"I'm sure. It must be an exhilarating job indeed, and take a lot of bravery - which you obviously have in spades." When the two reached her quarters at last Vasha smiled coyly. "Drink? I have some alcohol in my closet if you'd like. It's mild, though, but enough to get you to relax." She reached into her cupboard and pulled out a tall, twisty glass bottle containing a dark purple liquid.

"Forget the alcohol." Hannah said and grabbed Vasha by the waist and pulled her close. She then helped Vasha out of her top.

Vee smirked as Hannah pulled her top off and tossed it aside. "Now, someone's eager." She purred. "Were you raised by your mother perhaps? Purely curious, of course." Vasha wasn't as filled out as a humanoid would be, but what she did have was certainly tantalizing to behold.

"I spent some time on my mother's home world where I learnt to be more free about sex." Hannah said. "My mother's people are the Zami, they are the Vulcanoid natives of Rigel IV. They use sex to calm their violent emotions." She explained. "I am eager to explore your body and for you to explore mine." She aggreed.

"I'm afraid I've never heard of your mother's people before today - but so far the example I'm meeting right now is giving me a wonderful first impression." Vasha cooed, wrapping a slender arm round her partner's shapely waist and backside, and pulling her in close to her as she sat down on her bed. "She must make your father a very, very happy man indeed." Her hands began to tug at Hannah's top, teasing her, as if to pull it upwards...

"I believe so." Hannah said. "Now remove my top will you." She said as her fingers caressed Vasha's back, drawing little spirals in her warm skin.

That was all the permission she needed to hook her fingers under the woman's sports bra and take her time to pull it up and over her head. When her ample chest was freed at last she smiled, admiring her figure in its entirety. "Has anyone told you how good you look?" She cooed. "Your fingers are wonderful, by the way..."

"You're the first one to do so today." Hannah joked. "And thank you." She added, before kissing Vasha passionately.

The Kelpien returned the kiss in kind, shoving her partner over onto her mattress while ordering the computer to turn her lights down...

When the two next faded in Vasha was holding her lover close to her chest, sleepy but not quite asleep. Hannah looked so peaceful asleep, she thought, as she leaned in to kiss the woman on the forehead...

Feeling the kiss, awoke slowly and opened her eyes a smile across her lips. Hannah felt tired, but relaxed and happy. "So, what now?" She asked asked. "Is this just a fling, or do you want something more?"

Vasha hummed and slowly ran her hands through her hair. "Mmm. I felt something last night while you were melting my brains out - like we could possibly turn this into something more. Something we'll both enjoy." She remarked softly. "What do you say? Plus. I like the challenge of courting a tough, beautiful Marine like you..."

"Sounds like fun, let's begin that challenge now." Hannah said and began kissing the Kelpien's neck while her fingers traced the contours of her body.

Vasha shivered under her touch, as Hannah's fingers found the familiar sensitive contours and crannies of her body. "Tomorrow, 1900 at the bar." She whispered against her lips. "Dress comfortable. Let's call it a date, shall we?" Her arms wrapped round her toned body, pulling her in close...


1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Damage Control Specialist
Langley Station


Lieutenant JG Vasha [NPC Dunamis ]
Security Officer
Langley Station


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