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meeting security

Posted on Tue Dec 27, 2022 @ 1:38am by Lieutenant JG Vasha & Lieutenant Commander S'miri

Mission: Second Chances
Location: S'miri's temp Jag Office
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

S'miri as the new Jag here on Station, or what would soon be the station, she had several duties to perform. A lot of it was getting to know people and figuring out some things. Lt. JG Vasha was one she was interested in. S'miri felt it was vital to get to know security personnel sine they would be working closely with the Jag office. She ahd set up an appointment with her and she should be arriving shortly.

Vasha waited outside in uniform, tapping her hoof on the ground as she waited. It wasn't often she was asked to see someone from the Judge Advocate General's corps. Part of her wondered if she'd done something wrong.

"Come in, please, Lt. Make yourself comfortable. I'm lt commander S'miri, the new Jag. Very nice to meet you. Don't worry, you aren't in trouble. I intend to meet with all the security people. Since we will be working together."

Vasha entered the tent and sat, looking at the Caitian across from her. "I assume you've done the same with most of my colleagues already?" She asked, "Surely it can't be me that you're starting with out of all my colleagues, say, the security chief, can it?" The Kelpien was only teasing of course, and the playful smile that danced acrss her craggy lips most certainly said so.

"Actually, yes. I decided to start with you. You have distinguished yourself very well since you've been here. That...and my wife is a big fan so she insisted, practically begged me to start with you." She said with a smile.

Now Vasha looked somewhat confused, blinking her beady blue eyes. "Pardon? I've really done nothing much except carry out my duties and play some sports in my free time. And... your wife is a fan, you say?" Someone who'd watched the Kaminar Knights, she'd guessed. She'd been something of a star in her youth after all.

"Yes indeed! She loves basketball and followed the Knights religiously back in the day! People speak highly of you. You seem to take pride in your job. Always good. Tell me, what kind of trouble does the station get? Anything serious?"

"Oh! So that's why. Tell her I've got a spare jersey if she wants, though whether it fits is an entirely different matter." She joked. "And of course I take pride in my job, It's important! Don't worry about the trouble the station gets, it's usually rather minor. Drunk bar patrons, the occasional thief and so on. Normal things you'd expect from a space station of its size."

S'miri laughed, "It probably wouldn't fit. Kelpians are usually a lot taller than us Caitians but she would love it! Thank you. So I like to know all I can about people I work with. Besides basketball, what do you do in your spare time?"

"Cook. Play sports and keep myself fit. Visit the bar and such to socialize. If you'd like me to be utterly honest, I also occasionally indulge in the occasional after-drinks fun..." The Kelpien let a tiny smile flicker across her lips and dissipate quickly before continuing. "My.roommate here on the colony has been ever so kind as to let me use their kitchen and ingredients. For that I'm so very grateful."

"Ahh yes. After-hours fun. Back when i was young. Fun! Sometimes i wonder. Between work and raising and active 10 year old, it's tough to find time for ourselves. Every so often we manage to find time. So what kind of sports do you like, besides basketball?"

"Badminton, swimming, tennis, that sort of thing. I've even been dabbling in hockey of late, though I doubt it'll stick." She replied. "I'd love to have my own family one day - though finding a species that's compatible with mine that isn't another Kelpien might be somewhat hard." Vasha chuckled.

"I imagine so. R'tia and I both like Tennis although neither one of us have played in a while. I used to swim a lot myself. At the academy I would get up early and swim a few laps in the pool. Helped me get ready for the day. I hope you do find somebody Vashra. Family is a wonderful thing! I wouldn't give up mine for anything."

"Of course." Vasha smiled mischievously. "The crew certainly seems to like me enough already, so who knows? Is there anything else you'd like to know about me?"

"one more question, why security? Why pick that?"

"I recognized how much I care for the people around me quite early on, and I feel that it's important that I do my part to keep them safe." She responded with a bright smile.

"Excellent! Lt, thank you so much. I do appreciate you coming by! I look forward to working with you!"

"As do I. Till next time!" Vasha smiled and proceeded to leave the tent with a little spring in her step.

Lieutenant JG Vasha
Security Officer

Lieutenant Commander S'miri
Chief Judge Advocate


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