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The chess playing bookworm

Posted on Wed Dec 20, 2023 @ 10:44am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Nala Keved

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Lyshan Colony - The Tavern
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

For the third night in a row Dunamis found himself back at the tavern - for obvious reasons the establishment had the highest amount of human (and alien) traffic, moreso now with the colony's boosted population. An empty cup sat in front of him at his table, formerly filled with mango smoothie, somewhat forgotten as he alternated between typing on his PADD and watching the crowd. Best acclimatize himself to the local population (and the crew) now - he'd be working for their sake very soon, after all.

Nala had noticed the man soon after she entered. Once she had the drink she came for she headed to his table. "You must be Dunamis. I heard you beat the Cardassian ambassador at chess. Congratulations!"

Dunamis put down his PADD and looked quizzically at the woman - another Cardassian - who'd just spoken to him. "I'm afraid that isn't quite what happened." He said with a chuckle. "My match with Ambassador Ocett ended in a stalemate. She is a match for my abilities in nearly every way." Part of him wondered how exactly she'd come to know of the match at all. As far as he'd known there hadn't been anyone else who knew, save her security chief of course. Perhaps the crusty old Cardassian was something of a gossip king, he thought with amusment.

"The one who I did beat was B'Ris - he too was a superb opponent, make no mistake." He corrected gently.

"Too bad, he could use some humility. He thinks way to high of himself." Nala said. "I'm Nala, by the way,"

Dunamis offered no comment on the Caitian's character. It had never been his way to bring down his opponent even after he'd been defeated and he had no intent of doing so now.

"Dunamis." His slender hand was held out to her for a handshake, along with a polite smile. "Chief of strategic operatons of Langley Station - or the new Langley Station, at any rate. It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Nala."

"Nice to meet you." Nala said. "I'm the colonies builder. At least normally. These last couple months I've been doing everything and all."

"Everything? It must be quite difficult on you." Dunamis offered, before glancing from her to the bartender and back again. "Oh, where are my manners. Would you like a drink? Please do sit - I sense we'll be talking for quite some time." Cardassians always made for fascinating conversation, he'd always found, dirtied as their reputation was since the Dominion war. Surely this one would be no different.

"No need, already got my drink," she said as she sat down. "When the evacuation started and people started arriving on the colony we needed to house thousands of people. Since I was the towns builder I was soon seen as the leader of the housing efforts." She started explaining.

"How have the housing efforts gone thus far?" He asked. "I shall admit that I was previously unaware that there would be thousands of evacuees - I hope the situation is somewhat stable at least?"

He hadn't seen anyone homeless, at least, which meant that her efforts were indeed bearing fruit. Which was, in all cases, good, in his opinion.

She couldn't help but laugh. "Well, everyone had a bed and a roof over there head. But I think many, many will be very happy when the new station arrives. Me included."

Dunamis offered a smile in return. "So will I. We can't keep staying here and draining your resources. When the new Langley Station is here I'm sure you'll hear a rousing cheer from most if not all of us here. Mostly me, I suppose." He remarked. "I am personally quite happy with my current acommodation - so thank you, Nala, for your efforts, and I believe I speak for every one of my colleagues when I say so. We are all indebted to you and your team."

"I dont really have a team. I just borrowed a bunch of engineers from the station." She said. "I can't wait myself to get rid of my roommate either." Nala added in a joking tone.

"Your roommate? Are they annoying you, perhaps?" Dunamis asked. "I myself have been fortunate enough to be staying alone for the time being. I wouldn't mind company, however."

"My ex returned to the station days before the explosion. Obviously he also needed a place to stay so our darling daughter offered up our spare room." Nala said.

"Ah." That kind of roommate. They'd probably not parted on good terms, he guessed - he could only imagine how it must be like to have to put up with the other's presence. He himself had been lucky enough to have had his previous relationships end amiably... as woefully few as those were.

"I'm sure your daughter did so out of the kindness of her own heart. I'm sure he'll have found alternative living arrangements by the time the new station arrives." He offered kindly.

"I'm sure he will," she simply said, not sure if she would really look forward to that or not. "So, what are you doing until the station arrives. Aside from beating people with chess."

"Meeting what I can of the crew and natives. Reading - mostly what the station's crew has experienced thus far, up to and including the explosion. Cooking my own dinner..." Dunamis chuckled. "The second thing takes up much of my time, unfortunately, as my duties as head of strategic operations necessitate. Suffice to say I have plenty more reading up to do even now." He took a moment to return his empty cup and thank the waiter who took it away before continuing, "And yourself? What do you do aside from your duties as the colony's builder and presumably also care for your daughter?"

"Well, that's most of what I do. Although my ex has more free time so he's taking care of Gila more. Which gives me more time to work." She said. " After the people are back to the new station then I'm taking a month off from work."

"What'll you do in that time?" He asked. "Travel, perhaps? Explore? Pick up a new hobby perhaps?" He paused for a moment before adding, "The station has plenty of amenities if you'd ever like to use them."

"I've heard the new station will offer a great outdoor area for hiking and other things. I was planning on discovering those with Gila. And just do nothing, lounge around the house in my pajamas and catch up on some reading."

"Those sound like wonderful things to do indeed. I personally am looking forward to browsing the supposed new library's extensive collection of books. God forbid I ever visit and never leave." He joked. "I love books and poetry and writing and the like. They were my companions as a child, you see..."

She looked at him for a second. You could see his love for reading in his eyes. "I'm definitely going to check the library out some time."

"I'm sure you'll love what it has. I for one am certain that I'll be able to find something that keeps me hooked." He guessed with a laugh. "There's just that odd something that isn't quite the same about the books we keep on our PADDs, don't you reckon?"

"I totally agree. The smell and feel of real book, there's nothing that can beat that." she said.

"And the feeling of getting lost in their pages. With a PADD there'll always be something to interrupt your reading on screen don't you reckon?" He remarked.

"I was so annoyed about that, so I grabbed an old padd. Took every function of it except the necessary ones and I now use that when reading. And I put my other one off when I don't want to be reached. Although in the colony we don't use them as much as on the station." Nala explained. "If it's important people simply stop by."

"Now there's a real sense of community. We use our commbadges to contact each other in Starfleet - though I suppose that does take away some of the feeling of person to person interaction." He reckoned. "Oh, by the way. Speaking of interaction - I'm afraid I don't know this colony on the ground very well as of yet. Could you possibly give me a tour or somesuch? Whenever you find the time of course."

"I'd love to sometime, but I don't have the time right now. I need to finish some work today." Nala replied.

"I can wait. Worry not." Dunamis replied. "I too have work to finish for the time being - simply let me know when you'd like to do so. I would very much appreciate your insight and knowledge of this colony and this planet." He smiled kindly back at her. "I shan't keep you too long if you have elsewhere to be. Thank you, Nala, it's been good meeting you."

"Same here." Nala said. "Nice meeting you. See you around probably."

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