Langley Station

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Brutes and Basketball

Posted on Mon Dec 26, 2022 @ 11:15am by Lieutenant Dunamis & Lieutenant JG Vasha & Ensign T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Promenade, Langley Station, Vasha's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

A heady mixture of excitement and nerves bubbled through Vasha's being as she drew her service phaser from the armory. Her first patrol shift on station - she was excited not only to explore the entire facility (as was the perk of having to patrol the entire place) but also to meet her patrol partner. Who'd they be, she wondered. Hopefully someone exciting she could talk to - and who didn't mind her friendliness.

T'Kara's orders were to meet the new security officer, Lieutenant JG Vasha outside the Armory.

As the Kelpian woman left Armory, She said. "Good morning, Lieutenant Vasha, I'm Ensign T'Kara, your patrol partner. I hope you've had your coffee, you'll be on your feet most of the shift."

Vasha took a brief moment to admire her patrol partner in silence. The Klingon woman was powerfully built, toned with enough curve to give her body an attractive shape - and were those Vulcanoid ears? Now that was interesting. She'd admittedly not even thought the combination was possible.

"I don't drink coffee - I find it far too bitter. I have had tea, though!" She replied cheerfully. "Don't worry. I won't fall like a tree chopped down when I get tired. Shall we?" She indicated the hallway in front of them. "It's going to be a rather long walk!"

Took a moment to visually assess Vasha, although Kelpians had been with the Federation a long time, they were still rare in Starfleet. She admired the lean but powerful muscles of her arms and legs.

"Very well." As they walked T'Kara asked. "Have you ever used a bat'Leth?"

"Once or twice." Vasha set off down the hallway with her partner in tow. There was confidence to her gait; sureness seemed to radiate off this woman, who was clearly very, very comfortable in her own skin indeed. "I don't much like it. Give me a dk'tagh over a bat'leth any day." She turned her head to look at the Kelpien. "I hope you don't mind."

"No, I personally believe the mek'leth to be a much better weapon. The bat'Leth is only popular because it was the weapon of Kahless." T'Kara said. "I value utility over grandeur." She added.

"To each their own. I prefer smaller, lighter weapons. Easier to maneuver while holding them." Vasha chuckled. "Well, T'Kara, tell me more about yourself. I'm curious to find out how a Klingon with Vulcanoid ears finds herself in Starfleet - not that you're unwelcome here! I'm glad to have you working with me." The Kelpien offered her a reassuring craggy smile. "And what you do for fun!

"It is a story old as time. Klingon noble woman meets Vulcan ambassador, they fall in lust, drink too much, have sex. Vulcan leaves, never to be seen again. Klingon, and by extension the child in her belly, are exiled for bringing dishonour on her House. She winds up on Earth where she gives birth to the child and later gains Federation citizenship. I grow up among humans and later join Starfleet." T'Kara said. "As for fun, I enjoy flying small craft, I'm currently building a small space craft in my off duty hours. I work out and on occasion join friends at one of the bars."

Vasha made a low hissing noise along with disapproving clicks of her tongue. "Dishonor to your father for leaving your pregnant mother to raise you alone. At least you've turned out alright for it." She said disdainfully. "Building your own spacecraft, you say? How far along have you come with that?"

"Its only a person craft, I have the frame finished and most of the plating done. I've just tinkering with the engines. Its taking a while. because its difficult to get parts out here and I only have limited access to the industrial replicators." She explained. "Luckily I've had a lot of help from Mr. Beauregard, he's a civilian pilot and flight mechanic, who is contracted to the station." She said with a smile. "As for my so called father, Mom says she'll eviscerate him, if she ever sees him again."

"Well, I wouldn't go that far. But I'll certainly not let him go without a hoof in his cowardly butt." She declared. "Bars, you said! I visit them quite frequently myself - how about a drink when we're both off shift this evening? Think of it as a chance to get to know each other with our hair down, hm?"

Just before T'Kara could reply, both their commbadges chirped, and a panicked-sounding voice spoke over the comm link: "Ensign Hefler to security! We got a situation down here in the bar! Please come help!"

"Ensign Hefler, this is Ensign T'Kara, we are on our way." T'Kara said over the comm. To Vasha she said. "Set your phaser to heavy stun and stay close." She then led the way to the bar.

She did not need to be told twice. She unclipped her phaser, set it and followed her to the bar in question...

"Hands off me! Ew!" The sight that greeted the pair's eyes really wasn't that unusual, to be honest. One of the waitresses, a curvaceous young blonde, was in the process of wrenching her arm free of the grip of much taller and larger, obviously very drunk Orion man in civilian attire, and had now begun to weave her way through the bar, knocking over chairs in a bid to escape his clutches. The worst part? Evidently this man didn't know how to quit. He began to pursue her, warbling some rather obscene things about her and what he wanted to do to her...

"I've heard enough. Take her to safety." Vasha ordered. "I'll deal with mister big, green and perverted over here. Hey, you." She pointed her phaser at the man. "Stop, or I'll shoot. Let's make this easy for both of us, shall we?"

T'Kara attended to the waitress, "Here sit down and get your breath back." She told her. She then sat back and watched the show.

As it turned out the very drunk but also clumsy Orion man wouldn't prove to be very hard to subdue. Chortling drunkenly he lurched forward, hands out and grasping at the air... only for Vasha to put out a hoof and trip him with it, sending him crashing to the floor with a solid thud. The brute passed out shortly afterward.

"Phew. He's an easy one." The Kelpien was on his back instantly, knee on his spine, and snapped a pair of cuffs onto his wrists. "T'Kara, if you'd be so kind as to help me please? These ones are always heavy."

T'Kara got up and walked over to the Orion. "Barvos." She said with an exaggerated sigh. "How many times do I have to tell you Trina (the waitress) is NOT in love with you? And she's NOT running from you because she likes playing hard to get, but because she finds you repulsive? Leave her alone. Go to Helena's, the girls are attractive and paid very well to accommodate your predilections." She tapped him lightly on the head. "Now, we're going to have to take you in." That said she helped Vasha get the man back on his feet.

Barvos grunted, but did not resist. Thank goodness. "God, he's heavy." Vasha muttered to himself as she looped his other arm over her shoulder and began to walk back to the turbolift with her partner. "Trina is a nice girl. We've talked a few times..." Vasha smirked. "She's quite a fan of mine. You should've seen the way she squealed when I first visited..."

"Ah, Vasha, I thought I recognised the name, you were the power forward for the Kaminar Knights." T'Kara said. "You slaughtered the Andorian Ice Guards in the '93 play-offs." She added with a smile.

"I think you've misremembered the date. It was the '87 play-offs - I as a cadet in 93!" Vasha chuckled. "I see you know your basketball. Are you a fan of my team by chance?"

"That's right." T'Kara said. "The '93 play-off were won by the Vulcan Flames, the Knights could have used you that year." She sighed. "Let's get Barvos, on Ice and then we can get to work."

Vasha nodded and led, or dragged rather, their drunken green charge into the turbolift.

The rest of their shift thankfully passed without further incident. Vasha yawned a little bit as she returned her service phaser and glanced backward at her patrol partner. "Now, on that drink... meet you at the bar from this morning in half an hour?"

"Okay, you buying, rookie?" T'Kara said.

"I'm buying." Vasha confirmed, smirking as she walked away, heading for the turbolift. "See you in thirty."

Vasha found herself pulling a little bit at the shoulder of her old maroon and gold Kaminar Knights basketball jersey as she sat waiting for T'Kara at the bar exactly twenty-five minutes later. Hell, she'd been glad to find out that it still fit - no longer was she the toned but still rather willowy farm girl she'd been when she'd first donned it, she'd filled out somewhat since then, but even so the top still sat magnificently on her frame, leaving her toned, flat stomach and a little bit of cleavage exposed while the shorts stopped just shy of three quarters down her long leg. It'd gone beyond that at first.

She definitely felt good wearing it, though, and she knew she looked good too - the question was how T'Kara would react.

T'Kara entered the bar wearing her Kaminar Knights supporters' hoodie. Unfortunately they were mostly designed for Kelpiens, as such it clung to her curves as if it were painted on and was long enough for her to wear as a dress. "Hi." She said, a little self-conscious.

Vasha's breath caught for a brief moment. T'Kara looked good in uniform, but now with her curves and muscle accented by the tight-looking hoodie she looked even better. "Wow." She blurted out. "You look..." She barely noticed she was licking her lips. "Good." She finished. "Have a seat! May I order for you?"

"Sure," T'Kara said carefully manoeuvring herself into a chair.

Vasha smiled and turned to the bartender. "One bottle of hili'kach if you have it." To T'Kara she said "You'll love hili'kach. It's like drinking liquid chocolate, it's so smooth. How long have you had that hoodie?"

"I got it in '86, I ordered it from the Official Knight's company on Kaminar, it was the largest size, they had at the time, also I've put on a little muscle since then."

"What can I say. You look good in it." She laughed. "How do I look? It's a little small in my opinion, but at least it fits!" The bartender brought them their drink then, in a tall red glass bottle, and two glasses. "Shall we?" She popped the bottle open and poured out two glasses of sparkling crimson liquid, not too dissimilar in appearance to wine.

"I think it fits you well." T'Kara said. She looked at bottle. "I can't wait to try this drink of yours."

"Here.' She held out a glass to her while picking up one for herself. "I'm glad you think I look good, by the way. This used to be a bit big for me, can you believe it?" Vasha giggled. "I never bought the hoodie, however. How comfortable is it?"

"Touch it and see." T'Kara said holding out her sleeve covered arm to Vasha.

Vee reached out, running her slender fingers over half the length of her forearm and nodding her approval. "It's really soft." She said. "Wow. It must be so comfortable indeed - especially if it's that tight against your body." Chuckling she leaned a little closer to her. "Not that I'm complaining."

Tee took her glass and sniffed the liquid inside before taking a sip. It was smooth, chocolatey and warmed her as it went down.

Vasha sipped from the drink as well, content and happy. "We should play sometime. Basketball. You and me. What do you say? I promise you I haven't lost my touch."

"Sure, what handicap do I get, to make up for your height advantage and experience." T'Kara said.

"Mmm... I haven't thought that far." Vasha snickered. "Don't worry, I won't ask you to play until I have. It's only fair after all. Until then I suppose I'm free to admire how good my team's jersey looks on you, hm?"

"There is that." T'Kara said with a smile.

"Like, look at you. I'm actually jealous." Vasha chuckled. "I wish I could fill out clothes like that..." She leaned over, surreptitiously placing a hand on the girl's thigh.

"You have a wonderful body, Vasha." T'Kara said. "One I wouldn't mind getting know a little better."

"Is that so!" Vasha chortled and tossed her entire glass of hili'kach down in one go. "Well then! I think the same of you..." She leaned in further, sliding her hand further up her thigh. She might've been a teensy bit tipsy, or she might not, but to hell with it, she thought. "Why don't we finish this drink and make ourselves scarce..."

"Fine." T'Kara said down her drink. "Your place or mine?"

"Mine. It's bigger. Also, I stay alone." Vasha smirked and returned her cup before standing and stretching in front of her, showing off every inch of her toned limbs and gentle curves. "Shall we?'

"After you, so I can watch that tight butt of yours." T'Kara said with a wicked smile.

"T'Kara! You flatter me." The Kelpien scolded, lightly smacking her colleague in the shoulder as she stood up, returned her empty glass and began to walk to the exit with her butt swaying a little in her gait. T'Kara was quite right, though...

"As long as I get to sink my hands into your perfectly round ass." She trilled, uncaring of the snickering she received from passersby.

"Deal. " T'Kara said. "I can't wait to get you out of those clothes."

"Ooh, someone's eager! I love me a woman who knows exactly what she wants." Vasha smirked and stepped into the turbolift ahead of her patrol partner, soon to be lover. Was lover even the right term to use? As soon as the turbolift doors hissed closed she pulled the Klingon hybrid close by her ass and kissed her passionately, hands wandering her back...

T'Kara returned the kiss, moving her hands down Vasha's and squeezes her butt gently with both hands.

The Kelpien murrs against her lips, and doesn't pull away until the doors hiss open, and she is forced to in order to take her by the hand and exit, practically dragging the attractive hybrid to her quarters. God, was she unusually strong for someone so skinny...

When they got inside, T'Kara helped Vasha get out of her sports top, before tangling with her own hoodie.

She pulled it up over head, her large breasts tumbling out as it had bean too tight for her to wear a bra. After she was free of it, she discarded it.

Vasha grinned and, with a good shove, pushed her soon-to-be lover onto the bed. "Buckle up, babe. We're going for a long, long ride..." She purred, straddling her hips and leaning in for another passionate kiss.

As they kissed, T'Kara reached up, her fingers caressing her back until they came to the Kelpien's bra strap, and total by feel unhitched it.

Vasha giggled as her smaller but still perkier breasts came free, and had the computer lower the lights in her quarters...



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