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When Secrets and the Secretive Meet?

Posted on Sat Dec 31, 2022 @ 7:07am by Ensign Prashani Chet & Lieutenant JG Sterri Ziru

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Gym
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

As a reptilian Prashani couldn't sweat - but she did certainly seem to be using a lot of effort as she did push-ups on a yoga mat. As a botanist she didn't exactly get a lot of exercise on the job, and as such it fell to herself to maintain her own fitness. To this end she visited the gymnasium often to train, which had so far earned her the tone in her arms and legs. She grunted as she came up for a break and sat down to take a sip of water.

Sterri entered the gym. It had been trying day, and all she wanted was a short workout, a few minutes in the steam room, a shower and to slip into bed.

She walked over to a bench and removed her track suit to reveal a sports bra and shorts.

Making her way over to the speed bag, took a boxers stance and began a sequence of left and right punches.

Prashani watched in silence as the brunette threw punches at the sandbag in front of her. She clearly wasn't really the social type - but Prash decided to go say hello nonetheless. After all, what could go wrong?

"Hello there!" Prashani offered her a cheeky smile as she stood and made her way over while staying a safe distance away. "I don't think we've met, and I come here very often. What's your name? I'm Prashani..."

Sterri turned to her. "I'm Sterri, oh my I'm flattered, but we've just met. Sorry, I'm a Betazoid, I'm reading your thoughts and I must say you have a very carnal imagination."

Prashani blinked hard. "Well, um." She turned a slightly darker shade of orangey gray. "I can't say I don't like what I see in front of me." She made a nervous giggle. "Really though, I do just want to say hello, but if you'd like me to go elsewhere so that you don't hear my thoughts as much I can do that," She took a half step back, looking away in embarrassment.

Sterri smiled. "Its okay. some of your thoughts seem quite fun, and I'd like to try them, but not tonight, I need my sleep."

Prashani blinked hard. What a weird left turn, she thought with amusement, from hostility to the playfulness that this was. "We'll see when the time comes." She smiled, folding her arms under the ample swell of her chest. "Do you come here often, Sterri?"

"Yes, at least four times a week." Sterri said. "I like to exercise before bed, it helps me sleep." She added still punching the bag.

"Exercising does tire you out! I do the same sometimes if my day's been short and I don't feel as tired." Prashani decided not to elaborate any further on that topic in particular. "I always go to sleep and wake up feeling great the next day. Plus! It helps with the mood, don't you reckon?" She said with a dazzling smile.

"Yes, and the exercises you have in mind defiantly do that." Sterri agreed.

Prashani giggled and blushed a dark shade of gray. "I do all kinds, gosh." She protested, playfully nudging the Betazoid in the shoulder. "Are you just picking up the thoughts that immediately occur to you on the top of my head?"

"Yes, to go deeper without your permission is immoral." Sterri stated.

"Of course." Prashani felt no less embarrassed, however. She stepped a little further back. "So tell me a bit more about yourself, Sterri - where do you work on this station?"

"I'm in Intelligence, part of Strategic Ops, on this station." Sterri said.

"Ooh! Now that sounds exciting." Prashani grinned. "Can you tell me more about what you do, or will you have to kill me if you do? I know intelligence officers can't always talk about their work. Secrecy and all that."

"Well its not all like in the holovids. A lot of it is waiting around in uncomfortable environments pretending to be someone else and hoping not to die." Sterri said.

"It sounds like incredibly stressful work." Prashani pursed her lips, worried for her new... Sterri certainly wasn't a friend, not yet at least. She brushed a hand through her hair, loosening strands of long, brown hair. "Are you... taking care of yourself, at least? Taking time to enjoy the time you have off?"

"Not as well I should." Sterri confessed.

"Well then!" Prashani smiled. "Why don't I take you out when you're feeling less tired. We'll go visit a holodeck or shop at the station promenade or anything you like, so long as you have a good time." She leaned a bit closer then, giving the Betazoid a nice view of her cleavage... "How about it?"

"That would be great, thank you." Sterri said. "I haven't made many friends here yet, and I could use a night out." She laughed a little. "I've noticed your cleavage, its very enticing." She said.

"Is it?" Prashani giggled and glanced downward at the Betazoid's new treat for the eyes. "I suppose! I know most Cardassians don't even have a chest this big - though there are exceptions of course. Maybe it's the food I eat, hmm?" She stepped closer to the Betazoid and folded her arms under her ample bosom. "You're not so bad yourself - but I'm sure you know that already, don't you?"

"Yes, mostly by those who wish to see them." Sterri said. "Hokrol Cal?" (You understand? in Cardassian). She asked before returning to Federation standard. "Oh, did I forget to tell you I speak Caradassian?"

Prashani snickered and replied (in Cardassian) "Yes, you did, and I think your Cardassian is probably better than mine! Mother would always nag at me about that, she wanted me to be a good little Cardassian girl." Indeed her Cardassian was understandable but accented, and with pronunciation of some of her words somewhat off. "Which obviously didn't work. I speak Standard far more often than Cardassian nowadays."

"But do I understand? Yes, I understand what you mean." She said with a giggle. "Really, though, you do look really, really good, and I'm sure you know whether I'm being genuine about that or not, don't you?"

"Yes." Sterri said. "And I find you attractive too.' She sighed. "Come on, let's see if we can steam up the steam room." She said a wicked smile on her lips.

"I thought you said you were tired and wanted to rest." Prashani's smile was no less lascivious. Grabbing her new friend by the waist she pulled her towards the steam room. "I should have you know, we reptilians simply adore heat." She teased. "Especially if it's under a sunlamp. Or best of all, someone else's..."

Sterri let herself be guided to the steam room. Receiving attention from Prashani had lifted her spirit immensely why not return the favour.

The steam room was oddly small, with wooden benches lining either side of it - but Prashani certainly had no complaints about it. She could feel heat surging through her body as she led Sterri inside, and the doors hissed shut behind them. "Should I be nude for this?" She asked, as she began to shed her sports bra, making sure to do so right in front of the Betazoid - and do it as slowly as she could manage. You know, to keep her hungry for more. "I'm afraid I've never actually been inside a steam room."

"That's how it works best." Sterri said shedding her own clothes. Standing in the buff, her skin glistened with sweat. "How do you like me now?" She asked.

Prashani turned her head to look, and couldn't help but smirk at the Betazoid's toned figure, with just enough curve to make her sexy. "I think you can probably sense what I think." She said with a grin, as she shed her shorts and turned around, leaving her in the nude as well. "How about me?"

Sterri smiled. "You look great." She said moving closer to the Cardassian. She then turned her head as if to kiss her, but instead she used her tongue to explore peaks and valleys of her neck scales. Her hands caressing and kneaded the flesh of Prashani's bum.

The Cardassian's breathing instantly hitched as soon as she felt Sterri's warm, wet tongue lap at her sensitive neck scales, and electric sensation ran through her entire body. "Nhhh... Sterri~!" She whimpered, almost melting in her hands, becoming langorous and almost limp as she felt her knees grow weak. "Y-You're enjoying this, aren't you? Mrrrh!" Her hands scrabbled wildly, finding the Betazoid's firm buttcheeks and grabbing on hard.

Sterri said nothing. Continuing her ministrations as the steam enveloped them both.


Ensign Prashani Chet


Lieutenant Junior Grade Sterri Ziru
Intelligence Officer


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