Langley Station

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JAG Arrival

Posted on Fri Jul 28, 2023 @ 2:36am by Lieutenant Commander S'miri & Commodore Kate Banninga & Gila Wolf

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Lyshan Colony
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1500

Lt. Cmdr S'miri was well content for lack of a better word. She had been assigned to be the head of JAG for Langley station. Of course her wife, R'tiri, her wife and Pawsia, their 10 year old daughter had come with her.

They had managed to grab a ride on a galaxy class ship, the Asgard. It was a great opportunity for R'tia who was a teacher. She preferred to teach the younger children, including their beautiful 10 year old daughter, Pawsia. So she did so on the way to the colony.

S'miri had been briefed on the situation so she spent a lot of time reading up on the situation. JAG would be needed for sure. She and her people would be busy. Very busy!

She had to smile. Overall life was pretty good to her personally. She had a wonderful. She had a great job and a fantastic family! Her wife was so understanding and their daughter, well who could ask for a better child than Pawsia?

She glanced at the clock. They would be arriving at Lyshan colony soon. R'Tai and Pawsia were getting ready. They had been notified that they would be in orbit soon. That meant the time was almost here to take up her new position as head of JAG. She was nervous but she was always nervous.

Soon Pawsia came in to her room. "Mama, I've finished packing. Are we going down to the colony soon?"

"I just a little bit sweetheart." Of course she knew R'Tia had double checked that she had everything.

"Starsha and me are really excited to see all the new people." Starsha was her doll. A caitian space traveler who helped out little girls and boys when they were in trouble. She absolutely loved that doll.
"That's great sweetheart. "

"I'm ready as well." The dark haired beauty said.

"Excellent Darling! Efficient as always!" They kissed.

Right then, S'miri's combadge chirped. "Lt. Comander S'miri, we are in orbit around Lyshan Colony. Please report to the transporter room when you are ready."

"Acknowledged. We will be there shortly!" She replied. "Well ready to go?"

They both nodded yes. And so the headed to the transporter room.
"Will Becky be there to say goodbye?" Pawsia asked.

"I hope so sweetie." R'Tia said. Beck was Becky Forsythe, pawsia best friend aboard the ship and the daughter of the ship's Captain Joan Forsythe. Both S'miri and R'Tiai. As they entered the Transporter room a few minutes later, The captain was there with her daughter. "Now there was no way I was going to let you three go without a goodbye. Pawsia especially! Becky would never forgive me."

"Becky!" Pawsia exclaimed and ran to her best friend. The pair embraced.

"I wish you could stay Pawsia! I'll miss you!" Becky said, holding back the tears.

"I'll miss you too Becky!" said Pawsia. All 3 mothers hated to see the girls parted but that was life in Starfleet. It could be hard on families.

"Thank you so much Captain." S'miri said.

"The pleasure was mine and Becky's." She said.

With that the three stepped onto the platform. They hated to leave but duty called. S'miri nodded and said "Energize."

The Captain watched as her new friends vanished and were sent to the colony below. "Good Luck to all of you!" She said even though they couldn't hear her."

Down on the planet they materialized and found the commodore waiting for them. S'miri smiled "Ahh Commodore. I am S'miri and this is my family. "My wife R'Tia. "Commodore. Nice to meet you. And this is Pawsia, our Daughter."

So much for keeping the new ranks hidden, Kate though, Starfleet worked fast apperently. "Welcome to Lyshan Colony,"

"Thank you very much. We all are looking forward to it! I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty busy." S'miri said.

"I think we both we my love." R'Tia said. "You can't have too many teachers especially with thing being what they are."

Before she could say more a giggling force of nature entered the transporter room. "Is it true, is it true" the young girl screamed, but stood still upon seeing the new arrivals. She rubbed her hands together in excitement. "Oh boy, it's true. A new girl arrived. Hi, my name is Gila Wolf. I'm the self appointed ambassador for the children." She walked to the girl and extended a hand in greeting. Kate simply shook her head. Over the last couple months she had gotten to know this little whirlwind and knew there wasn't a chance of stopping her.

Pawsia smiled at her new friend. "Hi! I'm Pawsia. These are my mommies. Mommy s'miri is the new Jag. That's like the head lawyer. She put bad people in Jail."

"Well Hello there Gila! Very nice to meet you!" S'miri said

"And this is Mommie R'tia. She's like the best teacher who ever lived."

R'Tia laughed. "Well don't know if I'm the best ever but I think I do pretty good. It's nice to meet you Gila."

Gila's eyes grew big upon hearing what position one of the girls mothers would take. "That's so cool. Our current is really old, you know."
"No I didn't know. Thank you for telling me Gila." R'tia

Kate smiled at the girls. "Gila, why don't you show Pawsia around, if her mothers are ok with it." To the mothers she added. "There's not much trouble they can get into, many eyes watching the children around here. Althought it still are kids. Gila's mother is the colony's builder."

"Builder. That's hard work! Also a very important job!" R'tia said. "Bet she keeps busy!"

To which Gila added herself. "And my daddy is a doctor for kids." She grabbed the little girls hand looking hopeful at her mothers for permission to show her new friend around the colony.

"How wonderful Gila. Go ahead Sweetheart. Have fun with your new friend." S'miri said.

And with that, the girls were off in search of adventure.

Turning to the commodore S'miri said "She is absolutely adorable. I think she and Pawsia will get along fine. In fact would surprise me if they became best friends!"

"As for your accommodation, I assume you are aware of the situation we find us currently? Majority of the people live in tents. I've arranged a larger tent for your family, also because it will also serve as your office for the time being. We have a few tents set up for groups, but we don't have enough to provide a workplace for every crew members." Kate started explaining. "luckily it will only be only for a few more weeks. I just got confirmation that our new home is on its way."

"Excellent. Well we can rough it for a while. With K'tal's blessing we won't need a courtroom until after the station gets here but if we do, I'm sure something can be arranged. We are just happy to be here!" S'miri said.

"Commodore, what about classrooms? What is the situation there?" R'tia asked.

"While the teachers have the ability to use one of the bigger tents, the weather has been good enough that they teach outside most of the time." Kate said. "To the west of the camp is a large open area that the engineers have installed fences around so the kids can roam free and be safe at the same time. It wouldn't surprise me if the teachers use the area on occasion even after the station has been completed."

"I like that! Kids hate being cooped up on nice days anyway so why not? They enjoy the nice weather and maybe they will learn more if they enjoy an outdoor classroom I look forward to it Commodore!" R'tia said with a smile.

"I think that was the same thing being said when we were discussing the situation with the teachers." Kate simply said. Education wasn't her specialty, but it made sense what the teacher had said.

"So, why don't you shows us to our quarters Commodore? that way we can get settled in." S'miri asked.

"Will do, follow me." Kate said.

The couple followed the commodore, observing everything. "All in all, the place isn't too bad, all thongs considered." S'miri said.

"No not at all That said, "I'm glad it's just temporary. I do miss all the creature comforts as they call them. I bet several people feel the same. Still I look around and see people doing their best to keep things going." R'tia said.

"I don't being on a planet's surface now and then, but I can't wait to get my spacestation back. I, and many with me, need to be in space." Kate said as they started walking to the couples tent.

"Personally, planeside, space station, ship, it's doesn't matter. We can adjust to anything. R'tia may complain some but she is a trooper. She knew what she was getting into when she married me. I wouldn't trade her for the world. Second best day of my life was our wedding day." S'miri said.

"The first of course being Pawsia's birth." R'tia said. She sure has made life extra special for us"

"Yes she has. She is very special and we can't imagine life without her now!" S'miri said.

Kate just nodded along as the woman were talking. Not being married or having a child, she couldn't really relate.

"I apologize Commodore. I hope we aren't boring you. We do have a tendency to go on about our personal lives. " R'tia said.

"So commodore, anybody in particular I should keep an eye out for, criminal wise?" S'miri said.

"Intelligence is in charge of the investigation towards the destruction of the station, together with security. Unfortunately, due to less advanced equipment they haven't gotten the answers we desire jet. And thereby not much work for you on that subject. As for the smaller cases, that you have to discuss with Lieutenant Chernova, our Security Chief." Kate explained.

S'mri nodded. "I shall do so. Well we won't take up any more of your time Commodore. Thank you."

"Again, welcome to Langley. I'm very happy with your family joining our team." Kate said as a fairwell.



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