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Talking with the Brass

Posted on Sat Nov 5, 2022 @ 9:40pm by Commodore Kate Banninga & Admiral James Washington

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Lyshan Colony - Temporary Camp
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0930


Four months have passed. Months that have been focused on survival. On how to go on from here. Four months since a terrorist group decided to blow up our station, our home. Thankfully we had a change to get evacuated. Kate looked around the collection of tents and other modes of temporary houses. At least they had a colony where they could go to. A ball rolled in front of her feet, originating from a group of kids who were playing with it. She kicked it back which was received with cheers. She smiled. Live hadn’t been easy for anyone these last months. But she felt most sorry for the kids. They lost everything they knew, their whole lives, and were now forced to live in these circumstances. Because they, the adults, hadn’t been able to save their home.

Yes, she was aware she shouldn’t feel responsible for everything that had happened. She’d talked to a counselor several times and he kept trying to convince her she wasn’t. But she was the Stations Commanding Officer, she was responsible, dammit.

“Captain, we’ve got an incoming transmission from Earth.” A voice sounded over her communicator. “Give me a minute, I’ll take the transmission to my hut.” She answered and finished the couple meters that separated her from her hut. Well, the hut of her and her roommate. Since they had a very large amount of people, they’d asked everyone to share a tent with someone. Kate hadn’t felt comfortable with being excluded from the rule so she had determined that it would be for everyone, including senior staff.
As she stepped behind her screen, she pressed the button and the familiar sign appeared. She’d been in regular communications with Starfleet Command after the explosion, almost daily. But this time was different. Hopefully they would finally give her the news they’d been expecting for weeks. Months even.
She knew her appearance wasn’t what command expected of her, but she’d didn’t care. As long as they were living in tents, she was wearing jeans and a simple shirt.
“Captain,” the voice on the other side sounded as the connection was established. “Good morning, Admiral, are you the bearer of good news?” she replied. “I am indeed.” Finally, they would hear what was going to happen to her and her crew. For some strange reason Command needed a long time, four months to be exact, to decide what was next for them. “You’re getting a new station.” She wasn’t really surprised about this decision; she knew that was one of the two options.

“That’s great to hear, Admiral.” She spoke. “Yes, I’ve managed to convince the counsel of the need to continue to have a presence in your location. Your station can be of too great a value to Starfleet to ignore. A station is on her way to your location, it should arrive in about a week. A Stardock class station.”

“Wait, a Stardock class. No way! Those are huge.” Kate said in surprise, forgetting for a second that she was speaking to a Starfleet Admiral.

“Yes, they are rather large indeed,” the Admiral replied with a slight smile. “And you’re going to need it if you’re going to be able to serve your purpose. Langley Station first goal was to be a layover point for people in that area of space and see what opportunities your breadbasket planet could serve for the Federation. You’ve been able to show very clearly the opportunities the planet gives even before the explosion, but now the planet is sustaining your people for several months, it’s certainly up to feed other parts of the galaxy as well.” He started explaining.

“But with the improvement of relations of species surrounding you, Starfleet also sees the purpose of Langley a large hub, hence the Stardock class. Over the coming weeks additional personnel will also arrive so you can serve your new, bigger purpose. People to assist you and your crew with its new mission.”
For a moment Kate didn’t know what to say. Over the last couple months, she had thought of a scenario similar to this, and had even mentioned it to people higher up a couple of times, but never had she expected Starfleet to actual do something with it. She knew the planet and its location in space could be very beneficial to the fleet. It had many opportunities. But she was just a Captain, with a certain reputation. Why would they take her recommendations. Before she could reply the Admiral continued. “Off course a station that size can hardly be commanded by a Captain. So, it is my great honor to hereby promote you to the rank of Commodore. It will be a field promotion until I can personally give you your new rank in a couple weeks.”

“Admiral, I, “Kate was now truly speechless. Getting promoted wasn’t something she had expected after blowing up her station. Sure, she hadn’t blown it up herself, but her station, thereby her responsibility, and she hadn’t been able to prevent it. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She managed to say after a bit of time.

The Admiral was laughing now. “I most certainly am not kidding. You’ve deserved it, Kate. You and your crew have shown exemplary work over the last couple months. With the evacuation, the investigation and living on the planet with your whole crew and their families. The Fleet wants to recognize that. You can off course promote your crew where you think it's needed; we’re leaving that up to you.”

“Thank you, Admiral.” Kate said, as the news was slowly settling in her mind. “I’ll contact you again when I have more news on the new station and its arrival.” She nodded in understanding. “Admiral Washington out.”

As Kate turned, she caught the eye of Caoimhe who stood at the door, making an exit until she heard the words being spoken.

“Please keep that to yourself for the moment.” Kate said before tapping her commbadge. “Senior Staff, gather in the meeting room in 10 meeting. We got news of our new station.”


Commodore Kate Banning
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

and Admiral Washington
[PNPC Kate]

and a quick cameo by
Caoimhe O'Connor
Chief Research Officer
Langley Station


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