Langley Station

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Sleeping Beautiful

Posted on Mon Jan 24, 2022 @ 9:52pm by Lieutenant Thomas Wolf M.D. & Nala Keved & Gila Wolf

Mission: First Defeat
Location: Langley Station - Tier E - Medical Station
Timeline: Mission Day 68 at 0915


Thomas took both cups of coffee from the replicator and walked back to the room his daughter was in. Without saying anything he handed the second cup to Nala and simply stared at the machine hanging above Gila’s bed. Just like he had been doing for the last few hours. That was all he could do. He already knew her chart by memory. Another doctor, his new colleague, had came and did a thorough examination and he agreed with her assessment that nothing seemed to be amiss with Gila, except that she wasn’t waking up. So here they were, waiting for their daughter to wake up.

“Any changes,” he asked Nala. He knew there weren’t any changes but he just wanted to say something. But after not seeing each other for several years and only speaking a number of times he had no idea where to begin.

“No, nothing,” she replied before taking a sip of the still very hot coffee. A lot hotter than she expected and she couldn’t help but had to cough a few times. “How can it be that she doesn’t wake up when there’s nothing medical going on with her.” She was aware she’d asked him several time and even the other doctor.

Thomas put his hand on her knee and softly squeezed to reassure Nala. “Sometimes the brain needs some more time to recover. There’s no medical reason she shouldn’t wake up. Believe me, I wish I had something different to say. This was not how I was expecting to meet my little girl after not seeing her for months.”

Nala was about to say something when Thomas interrupted her. “I know this isn’t your fault. It’s an accident. She has always been very active. Accidents happen. I don’t blame you anything.”
“That’s not what I was going to say.” She said with a slight grin. “I was simply wondering how long you’ve known you would be placed back here again.”

“Technically I was never placed on the colony before. I’d taken a extended leave of absence from Starfleet when we lived here.” Thomas started. “Please don’t tell me I need to explain how much it broke me being so far gone from Gila.” He asked.

After their marriage broke down, he’d decided to leave the colony and go back to working for Starfleet. The colony simply was too small to both live after the divorce was final. He spent most of his leave visiting his daughter but it broke his heart every time he had to leave her again. “As soon as I heard Starfleet placed a station orbiting the planet, I’ve been trying to get a posting on the station. It took me a few months because I had to wait for a replacement to be found for my previous posting.”

“And it never crossed your mind to let me know you were coming. Or discuss it before you even took the posting.” She asked. It was hard having him sit next to her. After all this time. They might not be able to work as a couple, it wasn’t for lack of attraction. Or even love.

They’d had a whirlwind romance and within a year they were husband and wife and parents to a little girl. Barely knowing each other they were constantly disagreeing over the slightest thing. Fighting over everything. Until they decided to go their separate ways, to end their marriage.

She noticed he hadn’t responded and couldn’t help but grin about it. Most of their fights had started with a remark similar to the one she just outed. She looked at him and the emotion she saw in his eyes just made her breathless. He was looking at Gila. She knew how much he loved his daughter and that was exactly what she was seeing in his eyes now.

Right then Gila started to stir and both parents immediately stood up. Nala grabbed her daughter’s hand. “Sweety, wake up baby. There’s someone here to see you. Please open your beautiful eyes.”
Followed by Thomas word also encouraging Gila to wake up. And the young girl did exactly that. Slowly she was waking up. Blinking heavily as she was attempting to take in her surroundings. Thomas, who had been keeping one eye on the monitors above Gila’s head softly said “Don’t worry baby, mommy and daddy are with you. You’re going to be ok.”

A few minutes later, with Gila now fully awake the doctor came back and started doing some test. Thomas took that opportunity to pull Nala away from the bed and pulled her in his arm. “It’s going to be ok; she’s going to be ok. Our little girl is awake now.” He told her in a reassuring tone and soon after felt his shirt get wet with her tears.


Lt Thomas Wolf M.D.
Medical Officer
Langley Station
[PNPC Kate]

Nala Keved
Lyshan Colony
[PNPC Kate]

and a cameo of

Gila Wolf
Daughter of Thomas and Nala
[PNPC Kate]


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