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Anzhelina's Local

Posted on Thu Feb 10, 2022 @ 8:03am by Ketacyn Aumar & Tiral & Hepzibah P'Rurr & Antonin Beauregard Mr. & Anzhelina Walker

Mission: First Defeat
Location: The Lonely Star
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 2100

"Anzhelina, I have a lot of work to do," Mr. Beauregard said.

"Come on, Antonin, you need to have some off time," Anzhelina said. "Plus you look good in that suit of yours."

The Lonely Star was as dim and solitary as usual, with long haul cargo shippers and freelance fly by night solo haulers drinking away their loneliness. There were also the usual less than savory types conducting quiet, clandestine business in darkened corners of the dive bar.

The one ray of light in the place was behind the bar, a gorgeous buxom blonde with blue eyes in a Marilyn Monroe style white dress, curvaceous with baby doll features as she filled a pint and placed it in front of a dark haired grizzled man with an eye patch at the bar.

Also at the bar was a beautiful Caitian, with pure white fur and a bushy tail, looking much like a longhaired white Persian. Hepzibah wore a bright red tank top and tight black cargo pants over sturdy heeled boots, her white hair kept back by a blue kerchief. She filled out that tank top nicely.

In a prominently visible corner stood a Vulcan woman. Where the bartender was all curves, the Vulcan was harder edged, though still a woman, as evidenced by the cleavage revealed in her halter top and the tight pants she wore. She had a stun stick attached to each leg for easy access. Her long, coppery hair was pulled back in a tight braid that went down to her bottom, and her green eyes surveyed the establishment, lighting on Anzhelina and Antonin as they entered.

"Good evening, Tiral," Anzhelina said as she and Antonin entered. "This is my friend Mr. Antonin Beauregard."

The copper-haired, lean and muscled Vulcan nodded. “Welcome back,” she said.

“Anzhelina!” Ketacyn greeted from behind the bar where she leaned near the white-furred Caitian, who lounged back to look over the woman and her male companion. “It’s been too long!” the blonde bartender said. “The usual? And what can I get your friend?” She met Antonin’s eyes boldly with a sultry smile.

"Yes, and don't be stingy with the spearmint," Anzhelina said with a smile.

"I'll have a glass of sparkling water with a shot of tullaberry juice, my good woman," Antonin said. "Alcohol isn't good for my metabolism," he explained. Antonin's accent and speech belonged in a period drama, which was surprising considering his lone canines.

“And you come to a bar?” the Caitian said with a chuckle.

“Coming up,” Ketacyn told them, getting to work on the drinks. “Haven’t seen you in a while, love,” she told Anzhelina.

"I came for the company, madam," Antonin said to Hepzibah.

"Yes, the Marines have arrived, so we've had their short range craft to maintain too. It's led to some long hours," Anzhelina replied.

Hepzibah lounged back provocatively on the bar as she eyed Antonin. “Oh, is that so?” she purred. “Looking for some company, are we?”

Ketacyn gave a whistle. “Marines. I should probably update my insurance policy then,” the buxom blonde said with a laugh and a smile, setting Anzhelina’s drink in front of her, then starting on Antonin’s. “Maybe I’ll make your next drink double strength, then,” she commiserated with Anzhelina.

"I am flattered, ma'am, but don't mean that sort of company," Antonin said.

“Too bad,” Hepzibah purred with a smile. “I can be the best sort of company.” She smiled at Antonin.

Ketacyn chuckled and put Antonin’s drink in front of him. “I think you need to get a job, Hep,” she told the Caitian. “You’re getting restless.”

"I hear Helena's hiring," Anzhelina said.

“Yeah?” Hepzibah said. “What’s the job?” She lounged back against the bar.

"Well, she runs a spa, so massaging, etc. I also hear she allows off the books 'comforting'," Anzhelina added with a grin.

Hepzibah raised an eyebrow and twitched an ear. “Now while that is all fun, it isn’t exactly the type of work I’m used to,” the Caitian pointed out. “Though I did catch a bounty once by posing as one of those girls,” she mused.

"That does sound like fun," Anzhelina agreed. Before she could say anything further, she was enveloped by a green transporter beam.

Antonin drew a tricorder from his waistcoat pocket. "It’s an augmented Romulan beam," he said. "It's probably one of those damn bounty hunters sent by Turcan. I'm going after her," he explained. He then ran for the door, activating his point to point transporter.

He reappeared in the Rover and prepared for take off.


Antonin Beauregard
Civilian Pilot/Shuttle Engineer

Anzhelina Walker
Civilian Pilot/Shuttle Engineer

Ketacyn Aumar
The Lonely Star

The Lonely Star

Hepzibah P’Rurr


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