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Long Distance Family is Best

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Mission: First Defeat
Location: Guest Quarters - USS Myriad
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000


USS Myriad -- Guest Quarters --

Much like her dorm room in Starfleet, the guest quarters of the Myriad were small and functional. Understandably as guests weren't the main function of this ship and she was merely another form of cargo. She doubted anyone even logged her presence after they'd left dock. The fact she was currently teetering on the edge of an emotional chasm was definitely not going to be their concern either.

In the small room, Emily sat at the functionally cornered desk with her fingers tightly clenched in front of her hunched form. From the outside it almost could be assumed that Emily was deep in prayer. She was not though. No, a correct assessment would present that she was summoning the will to press the button to call her mom. Humorous to anyone - unless they knew her mother. She'd been summoning that will at this desk for a good twenty minutes and yet her fingers hadn't moved.

Her head lifted, eyes pulled to the screen where the glowing LCARS display was waiting for her. Beside the communication window was a timer showcasing what was left of her voyage. If Emily waited any longer it would cut into the rest of her schedule. She'd wasted enough time.

"Come on girl," She took a deep breath, pushed a strand of hair out of the way and hit the button. The display lit up with a hurried group of dots as the connection was requested. A moment passed. Than a few more moved on. For the briefest moment Emily found the irony that she was now anxiously awaiting the connection instead of anxiously awaiting making it. If they didn't answer she'd have to decide whether or not to feel guilty that she'd wound herself into such a knot over nothing.

A chirp sounded and Emily silently waved.

"Douglas!! Get down here! She's on!!" Anna Starr yelled down the hall off screen before returning to her daughter's now composed image, "We weren't' sure you'd make it before arriving. I was beginning to worry." Anna turned away from the screen again, the sound of a door opening wider caught her attention.

"She was worried. " Her dad's voice was heard before he sat down and came into view, "I wasn't. We all know how space travel can be. Especially when moving." Douglas Starr was charming and one of the most easy going people that Emily knew. Especially when dealing with his very busy wife. Some of his mellow ways rubbed off on Emily, not so much the patience with her mom though.

"Sorry to keep you waiting guys. I..." Emily shrugged, "I.."

"It's okay, " Douglas cut in, "No need to apologize."

Emily's shoulders released some tension. Her dad knew that she hated causing offence. A fear stemming from her youth and the struggle to master her mixed abilities. Emily stepped on a lot of toes before she finally found the right level of reading people. Being invasive was never welcome and, especially with humans, their emotions changed so quickly that it was easy to make assumptions. She smiled at her dad, very grateful for the save.

"Well, it's nice to hear an apologize for the time I've been sitting here," She quipped, "I'm worried about you. This decision to shift isn't like you. I know we already discussed this but it still doesn't sit right with me. I still can't believe your giving up Starfleet to nanny a bunch of civilians on a Station. What if your struggling and we can't help. If we don't hear from you for weeks at a time and you're in a strange place."

"Come on Mom, I've never gone that long without sending a message and where is this idea about me struggling in a strange place come from!? I'm a half breed alien adopted into a white human family who joined an organization that literally is a group of strangers on a vessel that never stays in the same known place for long. My entire life is a strange place. "Emily responded with a roll of her eyes, "And let's be honest, you guys wouldn't let me get away with that long of a gap without contact. You'd find someone who knew someone who'd send someone to find me - no matter where I am. AND I am on a Starfleet Station so you are bound to know someone who can do that. Besides, as I've already said before, this new job has office hours that are closer to yours at home. It's one of the perks."

"One of many perks! I'm look forward to hearing about the adjustment and the interactions you have over the next few weeks. There's no doubt they're going to love you. It's definitely a role suited to you," Douglas pulled up the positive in the conversation and gave it a push, "You've got a natural way of being with people and I think that the Station staff are going to appreciate your experience. "

"Unless they're Vulcan," Anna said with a knowing laugh, "Could you imagine that? What a mess."

" last Chief was a Vulcan and I didn't have an issue. Can you please stop pulling up my past bias. I'm working really hard on letting go of it. I no longer hide the fact I'm half Vulcan and I don't get annoyed at full Vulcan's. If you don't stop enforcing that idea and … forbid my siblings come to the Station and start relaying the wrong opinions that you've enforced'll be a disaster." Emily pleaded to the vision in front of her, "Please."

"I was just joking Em, come on. You know that." Her mom waved away her daughter's request, "Don't be so serious." Off camera it appeared that her dad did or said something as her mom dropped her eyes, looked under the desk than to her husband and back to the camera, "I'll try. Although I doubt I'm going to have that much influence over your siblings."

"Do you have a schedule yet?" Her dad asked adjusting the topic.

"Not a solid one. It's very fluid. Once I arrive I'll have a day to get settled, tour the station and meet the Captain. Than after that it's getting to know my staff and everyone else onboard." Emily pulled out a small PADD, "I have been given a bucket of information, station specs and lots of charts."

"OH! That reminds me, speaking of charts. Devon just put in for Officer training," Anna added, "And Alice is up for promotion."

Emily took a moment to process how charts linked into her siblings but she didn't think too long on it and responded "Oh, I didn't know Devon was interested in being an Officer. He'd always seemed happy being an NCO."

"I think it's for a girl," Douglas laughed, "That's the only way I can see him jumping into that level of responsibility."

"Didn't he have a long term girlfriend in the same department?" Emily asked, "Uhh...Lya - something."

"That was ages ago!" Anna looked to her husband, "He said she was too clingy or something? Right?"

"I can't keep track of what's wrong with all of them," Douglas said exasperatedly, "I have no clue where he got his standards from."

Emily held back a comment, as her parents both were very open with their comments regarding their three kids relationships. It was a widely accepted fact between the siblings that to bring someone home was to submit them for grading. None of them every spoke of it as her parents would deny that was true.

"I wish them the best! Definitely. I'm sure that if Devon takes it seriously he might just find he enjoys it." Emily smiled, "And if he bombs he can always teach at the Academy."

"We're going to ignore that comment." Her dad said with a smirk, "Not all us teachers couldn't hack it."

There was a round of laughter and Emily was growing increasingly glad she'd called. If her dad hadn't been in the call she was certain it wouldn't have been as pleasant but for what it was, this interaction with her mom had been mostly pleasant.

"I've got to run," Emily said as she noticed the time, "I'll send a message with some photos of my new quarters." She smiled, "I love you guys."

"We love you too." Douglas looked to his wife, "And we're proud of her, right?"

Anna furrowed her brow, "Just because I don't like what she's doing doesn't make me any less proud of her." Her features softened, "And yes, we love you very much. Stay safe Em."

"I will. I'll keep in touch and I'll let you know if I ever don't feel safe. But come on, it's a Starship and I'm not even on the Starfleet side of it. What's the worst that can happen?"

"True," Anna laughed, "I'm being paranoid."

Douglas hugged her, "And despite that, we love you too." He kissed the side of his wives head.

As much as there were moments of chaos Emily couldn't argue that she had been adopted into an amazing family. They were good people. Her siblings were okay. Most of the time.

"I'm leaving before it gets too mushy," Emily waved and hit the button to end the connection. She spent a moment staring at the empty screen before screen shifted to a rotating logo. Taking a deep breath she ticked, 'converse with parents' off her checklist and moved to the next item. Soon they'd be at the station and Emily was eager to get settled.


Emily Starr
Director of Civilian Affairs


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