Langley Station

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From Hot to Cold in Less Than 10 Seconds

Posted on Sun Jan 23, 2022 @ 6:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Richard Fitzsimons & Commodore Kate Banninga

Mission: First Defeat
Location: Langley Station - Level 53 - Arboretum promenade
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0030


Looking at the dark infinity of space through the promenade windows Kate let out a deep breath, one she didn't knew she was holding in. As she leaned on the railing with her lower arms she took a couple of deep breaths. She needed to get the chaos out of her head. So much had happened the last couple week, and without the presence of an executive officer a lot more work had landed on her plate. At least that prevented her from missing her little niece too much, who'd gone back to Earth with David.

She stood up straight, put one hand in the back pocket of the jeans she was wearing and took the last sip from the coffee mug she had in her other hand. It was almost cold. Being lost in thoughts she hadn't noticed someone else had found this quite place, and she couldn't help her heartrate skipping a few beats when she heard a quite cough, announcing his presence.

Some might have called him a stalker but Rich couldn't put his finger on the draw. Many would say his was a stickler for the young and vulnerable but there was an inkling that told him that this woman was neither. While there was a familarity tugging at him suggestion he knew her from somewhere; it was the the way she held herself and that lost look on her face that provoked him to interrupt her thoughts.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"Don't worry. I uh..." she shook her head as if to ward of any lingering thoughts. "I wasn't here with my mind."

Easing his back against a rail, Rich took the cautious avenue, not wanting to spook the lady any, further. His eyes searched her face as he tried to place that nagging feeling of knowing her; the smile on his face encouraging her to trust him, "Id offer a penny for your thoughts but I left my coins in my other pants. I can offer a listening ear if its of any help."

She looked at the man next to her and raised a eyebrow. Who was this? What the heck, what did it matter if she talked to a complete stranger, who clearly had no idea who she was or what her position was on the station. "Have you ever been so busy that you don't have time to think about the things you miss in life?"

Rich tried to hide his surprise, he couldn't deny that he hadn't thought it would be this easy to get the lady to talk. She was full of surprises it seemed. "You don't seem so busy now, do you want to talk about who it is that your missing?"

"Family, my brother and niece. But more having a personal life. All my life seems to be about is work lately." She shook her head. What was she doing, why was she saying this out loud to him.

Rich couldn't help but place a tick against single in the list he was formulating in his mind, also placing half a tick in the box which suggested maybe he could help with the personal life issue; afterall he was never one to turn away from a woman in need.

While the lady emitted a certain level of vulnerability; there was something else pulling him in. Something he hadn't felt in a long time. She seemed like the kinda lady who maybe needed some spontaneity in her life. He was the type of guy happy to oblige when they were as good looking as this girl.

Rich pushed his fingers through his hair as he glanced up to the stars before back to his company, "So in other wards your thinking about how little you let your hair down and have some fun rather than just...carry out your day job?"

Kate laughed. She couldn't help it but she really laughed. That was just so spot on her, that is was scary. "Exactly," she said. She looked at him. Properly looked at him before asking. "Have you ever experienced that feeling." Damn, his eyes were brown. or not really brown, more hazelnut.

As their eyes met, Rich felt the heat building under his collar. The warmth in the orbs of her eyes called out in a way he hadn't expected, quickly making him realise that he completely under estimated this lady. He'd figured maybe a little talking around, a little edging and she might sway. But damn...she was genuinely up for this.

Who was he to turn her down.

Noticing his companion shiver a little in the cool air, Rich shrugged off his own jacket; placing it over the woman's shoulders. The innocent act allowed his fingers to casually brush against the nap of her neck, lingering against the warmth. "Hummm.....have I ever experienced that feeling? I'm a believer in the harder you work than the harder you party after. Letting loose, giving into those... urges, it can only free your body and mind to make you a better person when you have to work the next day."

She shook her head to erase the amazing feeling of his fingers against her flesh. What was happening here. He really didn't know who she was. And to be honest, that was such a liberating feeling. She couldn't remember something similar since, well, in a very long time. Either she was a Commanding Officer, a Executive Officer or the granddaughter and heir of her grandfather. She couldn't remember ever being just some unknown person. "Any tips on how to let loose, because it sounds heavenly." Wait, did she really just say that. What was happening here? What else was in her mug except for coffee.

As RIch heard her words, he allowed his fingers to trail down under her chin; gently urging the woman to meet his eyes once more as the heat sparked between their bodies. "I can think of a few... Depends on what ideas are to your liking. But there is always one sure way to achieve the goal you are looking for."

She continued to look in his eyes, "What would you do if you were me. What is your go to method of having fun?"

Rich couldn't hold back the laugh. He imagined that the lady wasn't your average young innocent, but he wondered had it been that long since somebody had shown her a truly good time. It had certainly been awhile since he'd had to spell things out so clearly.

The man tickled his finger under the woman's chin so he could see a genuine smile before allowing his hands to trail down to her hips. "It depends on the mood that takes me at the time. And indeed, the mood of my..." Rich hesitated a mere second before lifted the woman up to balance atop of the railing as his arms held her in place before finishing his sentence. "...partner."

She froze and instantly put her hands on his shoulders, although not sure whether to push him away or pull him closer. Didn't want to loose control but at the same time she did.

Rich felt the hesitancy in the woman's body as he inwardly suppressed a groan and tried to control his own flaring passion. Had he completely and utterly read this woman wrong. While she wasn't his usual strip and take me here woman, there'd been something so appealing behind those brown eyes that his instincts couldn't have been that wrong.

Keeping one hand firmly on the woman's back, Rich brought a finger back under her chin so he could meet those eyes once more, his own rapid breathing matched hers.

Bringing his lips in closer, the warmth of his breath carressed her lips as his own wished to touch hers but he needed her to make that first move. "If you tell me to stop I will stop..."

Before things had a change of going any further they were flooded in red blinking light, accompanied with a loud siren signaling something bad was happening. She push him away and stood back on her feet while letting loose a few swear words. Grabbing her communicator from her back pocket she attached it to her shirt before tapping it. "Bridge report," Doing her very best to regain her composure and putting any thoughts to the back of her mind.

=/\=Captain, you're needed in the command center." the voice of one of the bridge officers sounded from her communicator.

"SHIT!" While focused on the red alert, Rich's ears overheard the words being spoken between the woman a moment ago he had been about to kiss and the voice of the bridge crew. "Captain?"

Shoving his fingers back through his hair, he fought against the desires that still seemed focused on getting what they wanted rather than paying attention to the current situation. She had to be his bloody Commanding Officer. Great, absolutely bloody fricken great. This time he managed to keep the words internal as he hand moved to grasp the woman's wrist and begun leading her to the nearest turbolift.

"Lead the way Ma'am. Seems we are needed."

"We?" Kate gasped as he pulled her towards the lift. "Hold on. Where do you think you're going?" He looked furious. What had just happened. She was very well aware he hadn't known who she was, but his response was a bit over the top. "Who exactly are you?" She felt ashamed of having to even ask, given what they'd been up to mere seconds ago.

Entering the turbolift, Rich hoped that she'd led him to the wrong one and that the turbolift wouldn't ram them into a bulkhead trying to get to the bridge as she uttered the command for them to be taken there.

Still holding the woman's wrist in his hand, he couldn't help pulling her a little closer and taking a chance. He knew once they left this turbolift that the chances of finishing what they had started would be slim to none but he was frigged if he wasn't going to get a taste of her first. "Your new Executive Officer." Before the woman could react, the man pressed his own lips against hers as the earlier burn threatened to cascade.

As the turbolift slowed down they quickly separated and stood back, pretending nothing earth shattering had just happened. Kate had to force herself not to look at him, as reality was still sinking in. This couldn't be happening could it. As the doors opened she let out a deep breath and walked into the command center.

Watching the woman walk away, Rich closed his eyes momentarily as he wondered how the hell something like this could have happened. In saying that...the attraction between them had been undeniable. When they kissed she hadn't pulled away or even smacked him one. She had to be the fricken Captain didn't she. Mentally smacking himself one, Rich followed her as he realised things were going to kick off earlier than he'd been promised. This thing between them both...they'd come back to it when the time was right again.


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Lieutenant Commander Richard Fitzsimons
Incoming Executive Officer
Langley Station


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