Langley Station

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The Marines Arrive - Part Two

Posted on Sun Dec 5, 2021 @ 1:48am by Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Petty Officer 1st Class Alexandra Flores & Petty Officer 1st Class L'ayra & Captain Kate Banninga & Captain Judith Rouse

Mission: First Unity
Location: USS Hastings; Langley Station
Timeline: Mission Day 44 at 1430


USS Hastings

"Captain, were approaching Langley Station." Lt. Wentworth reported. "We're being hailed."

"On screen." Avery ordered.

"Aye, sir." Lt. Wentworth replied.

An attractive Deltan female appeared on the screen. "This is Langley Station, please state the nature of your visit?" She asked.

"Langley Station this is Captain Avery of the USS Hastings, were here to drop off a Marine Company and their supplies." Avery replied.

"Understood, Captain Avery, please wait while I inform the CO." L'ayra said.

"Okay, Langley Station." Avery said.

"Ops to Command." L'ayra said opening a channel.

"This is Command, Flores here." PO1 Alexandra Flores replied.

"Petty Officer, could you please inform Captain Banninga that the Marines have arrived, they have a Normandy Class Troop Transport, USS Hasting, commanded by a Captain Avery, and a Wells Fargo class freighter." L'ayra said.

"Thank you, Ops, I'll inform her immediately, Command out." Flores said.

Once the channel was closed, Flores walked to the Captain's office and rang the chime.


Flores did so. "Ma'am, the Marines we've been expecting have arrived. They're on the USS Hastings, commanded by a Captain Avery and and have a heavy freighter with them." She reported.

Kate couldn't help raising a eyebrow and letting a sight escape. "The moment we've been waiting for. Have they been given permission to dock?" she asked

"No, ma'am. Station Ops are awaiting your order." Alex replied.

"Well, then give them permission. I'll go to the hanger back to greet them." Kate ordered.

"Yes, ma'am." Alex said. Stepping out of the office, Command to Ops."

"Ops, go ahead Command." L'ayra said.

"Captain Banninga has authorised the docking of the Hastings, and will be there to meet them." Alex told her.

"Acknowledged, Command. Ops, out." L'ayra replied.

"Langley to Hastings." L'ayra said opening a channel.

"Hastings, here." Avery said.

"You are authorised to dock at berth 2. Captain Banninga will be there to greet you. Langley out." L'ayra informed them.

Langley Station
Docking Berth 2.

Captain Thomas Avery and Major Eemja Tezia came through the air lock.

When the first two left the ship Kate started walking towards them. "Welcome to Langley Station, I am Captain Banninga, the Commanding Officer of this station."

"Thank you, Captain, I'm Captain Avery, Commanding Officer the Hastings and this is..."Thomas said.

"I'm Major Eemja, Commanding Officer of Marine Company Q. I'm here establish a Marine Base on Lyshan, and I'd liked to get started as soon as possible, Captain Banninga." Tezia said.

"That sounds like a plan. Before you start I'd like to introduce you to someone," Kate started after noticing the woman Kate had requested be present here as well had arrived. "This is Captain Judith Rouse, she'll be serving as your Executive Officer. She arrived on a previous transport due to her earlier assignment."

"Good to meet you, Captain Rouse. This explains why my XO was transferred to G Company." Tezia said. Then turning back to Captain Banninga. "Captain Banninga, Colonel Pavlović sends his regards to you and your crew."

"The pleasure is all mine," Judith replied.

That remark gave Kate a chance to practice her acting abilities, since she had no idea who the man mentioned was, or why he would send his regards to her. "Thank you for conveying the message," she said, like she knew what he was talking about.

"The old man looks forward to meeting you in person." Tezia said referring to her CO.

"That feeling is mutual." Kate replied.

"Captain Banninga, may I give my crew permission for leave on the station?" Captain Avery asked.

"Of course they can. They're welcome to come to the Terminal." she said.

"Thank you, Captain, I'll just go and inform them." Avery said. "If you excuse me?" He added leaving.

"Yes, sure" Kate said.


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Captain Judith Rouse
Quebec Company Executive
Langley Station

Petty Officer First Class Alexandra Flores
Command Yeoman
Langley Station

Petty Officer 1st Class L'ayra
Communications Specialist
Langley Station

Major Eemja Tezia
Quebec Company CO
Langley Station

Captain Avery
USS Hastings


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