Langley Station

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Change of Hearts

Posted on Wed Jan 26, 2022 @ 7:42pm by David Banninga & Fiona Hawk

Mission: Project Destiny
Location: Langley Station - Visitor Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 62 at 0930


After telling Kate everything last night, he agreed he really needed to talk to Fiona. Well, not everything but enough for his sister to understand they needed to talk. So here he was, the next morning hoping for a chance to talk to her.

He pressed the chime and waited.

Fiona had been quietly tucked under a blanket reading an old-fashioned paperback book when the chime had rung. Wearing comfortable slacks and having her hair loose and unkempt meant she was really not in the state she would like to have been in to receive company. But in her head, it was likely Ron, who after all had grown up with her and she hid no pretense of perfection in front of him. So, she threw the book and blanket to one side and made her way to manually open the door and reveal David standing there in her doorway.

"Oh, err David," she said in shock, brushing her hair hurriedly through her fingertips. "I wasn't expecting you."

"Really," he asked as he tried to hide a grin of her looks. "After not seeing each other for three years and meeting again like we did last night, you didn't expect me to want to talk to you." He stepped passed her and entered the room. "Cute socks, bytheway."

“Why don’t you come in,” the woman sneered, her eyes rolling. “Of course, I expected you to want to talk, but you have had 3 years to reach out to me, and now I find you here, with a child that appears to have been abandoned by you and her mother, whoever the hell she is. Not that I should care!”

Fiona let a little more emotion show than she had hoped, but now her words were out in the room, they couldn’t be taken back.

He looked at her for a moment before replying. He understood her anger. He knew why he left three years ago. But not why he never returned to her. Or tried to find her. Kate mentioned last night it might be fear, but of course that couldn't be it. Could it. "I didn't know of Lotte's existence until a few weeks ago. Her mother abandoned her on the station, apparently figuring out a connection between me and Kate. The opening of Langley Station and he assignment as its commanding officer were made very public by the Federation News Agency. When Kate contacted me that a baby was abandoned on the station that shared a significant amount of DNA with her. A high enough DNA match that she had to be my daughter; I came right away. First time I saw her was last night, what you witnessed." David explained.

"As for her mother." he let out a deep breath and rubbed his face with his hands. "I barely remember her. I wish I could say my daughter was conceived in a relationship of love, but she is the result of a one night stand I can barely remember because of the amount of alcohol I had consumed." He felt so much shame for his behavior that night that he hadn't mentioned it before to anyone. Kate probably guessed it, but she hadn't brought up the subject of Lotte's mother after his reluctant answer the first time they brought up the subject. "Lotte was conceived on valentine’s day, last year." he admitted, not sure if that date still meant something to Fiona.

"Valentine’s day?!?" Fiona boomed, obviously very flustered by the very thought. "Our wedding anniversary? What the hell David? Feeling sorry for yourself, were you? Maybe even thinking about our honeymoon?" She hadn't quite realized just how emotional she had got. They had broken up, yet somehow, she felt cheated on. Like her non-existent relationship with the man had somehow been violated.

Not feeling sorry for himself, but more feeling lots of regret and not knowing how to deal with it. "What do you want me to say? You don't think I feel awful about myself? About what I've done? About my actions? You think I not rather want to ignore what happens and pretend it even ever happened. But I can't. I need to take responsibility; Lotte can't be the victim of my awful behavior." David raged. He hadn't even told Kate his true feelings about Little's conception. How could he when she hadn't known about the true reason for everything that happened.

David walked towards the small window and looked out into the vastness of space. “When I left, I didn’t know how to handle things. I’d gotten a message Kate had gone MIA. Her ship had an encounter with the Borg, she was a ship Captain then, and she hadn’t returned from the mission. I just didn’t know what to do. Kate and I are very close, with everything that we’ve been through life. I knew something was wrong before I was notified by Starfleet. We have this twin connection thing.”

“Later her crew, with the help of some other vessels, managed to rescue her. I can’t give much details because it’s classified, but it was serious. She lost her lower arm and the mental injuries.” He took a very deep breath. “She spends the next two years recovering at home, and although going back to work has been good to her, she never really recovered.” David told Fiona, who at that point was sitting on the coach again.

He walked towards and kneeled in front of her. Touching her chin with a finger so she would look at him. “I know it’s no excuse, but at least now you know why I left all of a sudden.”

She needed a moment to think. In the months they’d been married he talked about his twin sister a lot, so she wasn’t surprised by his over-the-top reaction. She just wished he’d told her why he left when he did. Even just saying there was something wrong with his sister, would have been better then just walking out, as he had done.


David Banninga
brother of Kate
[PNPC Kate]

Fiona Hawk
sister of Ronald
[PNPC Ronald]


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