Langley Station

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So How Are You, Lieutenant?

Posted on Sun Dec 25, 2022 @ 7:44am by Lieutenant JG Casshan Kincaid & Lieutenant JG Ellen Rouse-Washington

Mission: Second Chances
Location: Counselor's Suite > Officer's Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 53 at 1100


It was time to start getting to the evaluations of the wellbeing of the crew, Casshan Kincaid smiled as he read through the records for a random victim- volunteer he corrected with a smirk in his mind.

He had spent yesterday with shifting around his suite and office as well as unpacking in his quarters. Cash tapped a name at random, it seemed like the only fair way. He tapped his combadge. =/\= Kincaid to Rouse-Washington, hello Lieutenant, are you free for a chat? =/\= Cash asked.

Ellen looked up at the message coming in. She'd heard of the new counselor and was curious what he would need from her. =/\=Good morning Counselor, what can I do for you?=/\=

=/\= Morning, are you free for a chat? =/\= Cash replied simply.

=/\= I can make the time, I had some work planning to do, but that can wait. =/\= Ellen said.

=/\= This won't take long, would you like to meet somewhere? =/\=

=/\= Officer Lounge? I can be there in a short bit. =/\= Ellen replied

=/\= Sure, see you there. =/\= Cash answered and got his padd that he was making notes on as well as other reports and his schedule on it, he headed out to the Lounge.


He had a berry flavoured synthehol beverage while he waited for Ellen at one of the tables near a window and a little away from everyone.

After entering the lounge she spotted the counselor but first headed for the replicator for a nice cup of tea. With her tea in hand she approached the counselor. "Goodmorning," she said and sat down.

"Morning," Cash greeted, "thank you for coming," he offered his hand to her.

"No problem at all, it's quiet in sickbay for the moment, so I had the time." Ellen said.

"So how are you getting on with your workload?" Cash asked.

Ellen thought about that for a while. More about how she was gonna answer that one. She didn't want to make it seem like everything was perfect. Life never was perfect, but right now things were just going good and relaxed. "It's good. I manage to work my hours and make my shift fit with taking care of my son. And also find time to do some other nice things. So it's going rather ok I guess."

"How is your son?" Cash asked.

"He is adjusting. He is used to living in this kind of environment, although a station is different then a ship. The Portland has been his home for his entire life so far, the people my husband and I served with are his family. He's struggling with missing many of them. And of course with Tim and Meru being away on the Sedna and we're staying behind. That's also new to him. Normally we would all go together on missions." Ellen explained.

Cash nodded. "How often does the Sedna go on missions?"

"I'm not sure. This is its first mission. At least for Meru and Tim. They left only this morning." Ellen said to the Medical Officer.

"Do you know what their mission is?" Cash asked, his own curiosity showing.

"It's a diplomatic mission," she said with a smile, remembering how Tim was so not looking forward to it. He hated those kind of missions.

"I hope it remains a diplomatic mission, may I ask what your career goals are?" Cash asked with a cautious half smile, he figured he'd get to the more annoying questions.

"I haven't decided what specialization I want to proceed. Probably something very general and useful. I don't know where my husband's posting will bring us, so I need something general that will be useful on any ship they place us on." She said. She'd thought about this before and discussed it with Tim. He thought it was silly that she would choose something based on his career, instead of what she really wanted to do. But what she wanted to do was practice medicine. So choosing a general specialization made sense to her. Specially since the other option was to either not live together as a family if Tim ever got sent where her profession wasn't a fit. Or not do something she would train for for years.

Cash nodded. "Wanting to feel useful is normal and part of our security net, I have had that challenged and it felt horrible that I couldn't be helpful but once I was, I felt happy again." He said figuring that sharing would help. "I get the sense that maybe generalization is a little lacking for you, there isn't anything bad about having both a specialization and remaining in the general fields at the same time. Is there specific fields you want to learn?"

"Well, that's the funny part. There isn't a specific medical field that I am attracted to enough to specialize in it. Pediatrics does have my interest at the moment, but that might be more because I am the mother of a very adventurous little boy who manages to gets himself in all sort of trouble. Other then that, the reason I pursued medicine in general is simply wanting to help people. All people, not a specific kind of people. That's also why I think general will fit me best. Maybe something similar to the position of general practitioner. that way I can help the most diverse kind of people."

This pleased Casshan and so he nodded. "It is good to see someone where they want to be in their life." He said and smiled, though he became serious. "Why Langley, if I may ask?"

"Many crew of the Portland, our previous assignment got assigned to the Sedna, which is based at Langley. But instead of working on the Sedna we decided it would be better if I would work on Langley Station instead. With Andy needing school soon and on a station like this he can meet other kids and make friends. On the Portland he was the only child and on the Sedna he would be again. And the Sedna just wasn't build for a child." Ellen explained. "I wasn't the only one of our crew to be assigned to the station instead of the Sedna. My sister in law also decided to be stationed here. She's a marine and the new Marine unit arriving soon after us was a perfect opportunity for her to do what she loves most."

"I'm glad all is working out!" He said with a smile. "If you need any help for anything, please do let me know?" Cash offered.

"I'll keep that in mind. Thank you." Ellen replied.



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