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They Found Us

Posted on Sun Jun 14, 2020 @ 10:08am by Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant Anastasia Dragunova & Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen & Ensign T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia & Ensign Aurora Rydell & Commander Ronald Hawk & Ragnar Mellark & S'Talon Mellark
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Mission: Irrevocably Changed
Location: Promenade
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 1400


Lieutenant JG Seela sh'Tharlen accompanied Ragnar and S'Talon as they explored the promenade. The Andorian loved meeting new people, as she spent most of her childhood isolated to her family home.

They found a playground with other kids and Talon, though tired, hung out with them while Ragnar kept an eye on him at a shop next door. It was an all sorts random nick nacks store, he found a Romulan elements totem which he asked the shopkeeper to hold for him. He thanked them and stood in front of the playground waiting for Talon with Seela next to him.

"What made you join Starfleet?" He asked bored but watching Talon play.

"Basically, I wanted to see the galaxy." Seela said. "My family are low level nobility, and as such our lot in life is to became officers in the military, I wasn't content to spend my life patrolling Andorian, so I left for Earth to take the Starfleet Entrance Exam. It helped that I'd already completed my people's mandatory military training, before applying." She explained.

Ragnar sidelong glanced at Seela. "So member worlds still have their own militaries," he commented, not needing to add that shouldn't Starfleet be responsible for all member worlds' protection. "Low level nobility, we have some as well, I'm not sure if any weren't on the homeworld." He added and though sounded like he wasn't going to look into it. Why would commoners care about the egomaniacs in the Empire? He didn't.

"Are you planning on going up the chain?" He asked with a smirk.

"That depends if I get the chance, I'm here to do my job, not pursue accolades." Seela replied.

Ragnar raised one eyebrow at the Andorian woman. "Advancing in position doesn't necessarily require gaining accolades." He said, "though they help." He smirked.

"Indeed, but I let my work speak for itself." Seela said.

"Yes actions do speak louder than words," Ragnar said sagely.

Suddenly the Andorian put out her hand to stop the group. "I'm detecting some environmental changes, it could be nothing, but I suggest we keep alert for any threats." She told Ragnar.

Ragnar was confused, shouldn't space stations have environmental controls that govern the atmosphere inside. He nodded though while he grabbed his son and slowly shifted Talon behind him. "What makes you say that?" He asked.

"Experience." Seela replied. "Its one of the abilities provided by my antennae." She explained.

"You gain experience through your antennae?" Ragnar asked he found it a little amusing.

"No. I can detect environmental changes, such as the disturbance made by transporters. And I've learnt to trust these experiences." The Andorian explained as she looked for possible threats.

"That certainly is an advantage." Ragnar said with a smile.

Talon spotted an Appeal store and pulled his father inside, they did need new clothes as their replicator on their shuttle was used sparingly. Mostly for food to keep the rations for when they deactivated the replicator, and that was mostly to save power for the engines.

By now the Starfleet engineers may have already learned that Ragnar had pushed the shuttle beyond its limits. Not to mention all the crazy jury-rigging he did to the shuttle to keep it going. Sadly he hadn't had the resources to cover the disruptor marks when they had run into a Tal Shiar patrol that had been operating in Federation space.

At this point Ragnar was distracted by Talon playing around with the wide range of teen wear that he was not prepared for the attack. He heard a body drop to the floor, he grabbed Talon and forced the teen behind him as he flipped around to see a Starfleet officer standing over an unconscious Seela.

"Tal Shiar!" Ragnar snarled.

"Yes Governor and we have found you, you believe we'd not find you?" The Starfleet officer questioned rhetorically, he clearly was undercover as a Vulcan science officer, he probably had the Vulcan neck pinch practiced to a science.

"I got this far." Ragnar said as he scanned the immediate surroundings for anything that he could as a weapon but without taking his eyes off the petaQ. He smiled as he applied the Klingon insult to a fellow Romulan.

"As the humans say it, end of the road for you Governor."

"We shall see." Ragnar said calmly and slowly pushed Talon backwards, the teen knew that he had to get out of the shop and rush to the shuttle. Though Ragnar had a feeling that the teen would go for help, he hoped that there were no other Tal Shiar onboard or this would be a small battle.

The spy's forward foot swiveled slightly, Ragnar picked up on it as he had been Tal Shiar and it told him the spy was going to attack. He did, lunging at Ragnar with hands out.

In seconds Ragnar grabbed the nearby appeal rack and put it between them. The spy slammed into it and that's when Ragnar pushed forward and forcing the spy to the floor. He heard Talon running for the exit, "PetaQ, you will die for killing my family."

The spy's attention was now fully on Ragnar as he failed to keep his emotions in check. The rack now pushing down on the pretend Starfleet officer's body, Ragnar growled, clothing had come off the rack and were all over them.

They wrestled furiously and back into the open space of the Promenade (The Strip), Ragnar could hear the other inhabitants gasp at the situation and some had called for Security.

"You will not win, we possess..."

Ragnar had managed to get a choke hold on the spy's neck. "I am not the one about to die." He said with a growl.

"" The spy managed to get out as Ragnar let the spy breath ever so slightly.

The news made Ragnar freeze in place, he knew he couldn't let the spy go and the spy would kill himself before giving any information. If it was true then he would lose, he had to find her then the anger of being manipulated for so long finally kicked in.

The former Governor, part time engineer, of Chaltok IV lost control and began squeezing the spy's throat like a vice and screamed in the Tal Shiar's face. Not even noticing that the spy had lost consciousness Ragnar began punching the face of the spy hard, his tears of unrealistic happiness at hearing Lagatha lives mixed with his epic hatred for the Tal Shiar blinded him to the mess he was creating in plain sight of the Federation citizens around him.

Receiving a Security alert from the Strip, and unable to get in contact with Seela, Anahera sent Lieutenant Dragunova and Ensign Rydell to investigate.

Arriving at the scene, the Security team found Seela unconscious, A Romulan (Ragnar) holding the lifeless body of a Vulcan.

"Sir," Stasia said addressing Ragnar. "Put down the body and raise your hands above your head."

As she did this Aurora checked on Seela who told her to look for S'Talon.

She eventually found him hiding in one of the stores. "Your name's S'Talon right?" She asked. "I'm Aurora, come with me and we'll sort out what happened here."

Talon was hiding and holding his legs close to his chest as he shook in place. He was scared, utterly. He had been brave enough to try and find help but as soon as he had seen his father and the Vulcan brawling out in the open it triggered the memories he had tried to accept. They replayed the Tal Shiar invading their home and killing his grandparents and his mother. Now his father may be lost to him, it was too much.

The moment someone found him he had his back against the wall and made himself smaller, Talon was crying.

Back at the fight scene, Ragnar had been slowly coming off his adrenaline high. The green haze had dimmed in his vision and he found the Tal Shiar agent dead in front of him, their shared green blood on his hands.

Ragnar had a twinge of remorse before he recalled that this Vulcan was a Tal Shiar scum and responsible for his family. Though the realization that Lagatha was alive and a prisoner that could be under who knows what to force her to become a Tal Shiar slave.

It started a range of emotions; happiness that she was alive, anger at that she was taken away in the way she was, anguish that he was so far away from her but how would he know as it looked like she was killed. Ragnar felt so stupid for falling for such a typical deception that his people, and his training as Tal Shiar, clearly utilized often.

He slumped and released the Vulcan. He then noticed the security team around him and he felt a few tears falling down his face, he heard the instructions and realised he was in trouble now. Ragnar thought about his son and slowly raised his bloody hands above his head.

Ragnar knew he must control his emotions from now on and cooperate, he was going to anyway if this encounter didn't happen. He waited for further instructions and hoped that Talon was okay in their shuttle.

"Sir, do you have any weapons on you?" Stasia asked.


"Please walk towards me, sir." She ordered.

"Very well." Ragnar said and approached the security officer, but with slow, deliberate steps as much as to calm himself as much as keep those around him calm.

Once he was away from the body, she erected a stasis field around the crime scene.

"Dragunova to Rydell." She said after activating her comm.

"Rydell, here." Came Aurora's voice over the comm.

"Ensign, did you find the boy?" Stasia asked.

"Yes, I'm with him now, but he's terrified." Aurora replied.

"Okay, contact Counselling, maybe they can help."

"Aye, ma'am. Rydell out."

"Mister Mellark, your son is unhurt. You can see him after you've been processed." Stasia said.

Ragnar paused at the conversation he could hear. Counseling, he doubted they could get through to his son. They are strangers and don't understand Romulan culture as they think they do. He knew he was in no position to make requests but if he didn't try he'd regret it. "Officer, I understand I am in no way to be granted any requests at this time but if my son heard my voice he may calm. He may believe I am dead. I beg you Officer, let him hear my voice." His eyes began to water and his arms slackened but not enough to leave their high position.

"Okay, Mister Mellark, but no tricks." Stasia said.

"Thank you." Ragnar said, he relaxed.

She tapped her comm. "Dragunova to Rydell."

"Rydell, here. What do you need, Lieutenant?" Aurora asked.

"Mister Mellark would like to talk to his son, adjust your comm., so he can here." Stasia replied.

"Aye, Ma'am, put him on." Aurora replied.

"Speak, Mister Mellark, S'Talon will hear you." Stasia told him.

"Talon, son. I am well, you are safe with Starfleet." Ragnar said with as much feeling as he was willing to let through his control.

Back at the store room, Talon was crying and shielding himself from the Starfleet security officer. The moment he heard his father's voice he immediately looked at the source, the officer's combadge.

The teen sniffed a few times, he wiped his eyes and slowly wondered if it was a Tal Shiar trick.

As if his father could sense the same thought. "No son, it is not a trick, the Tal Shiar is dead." A hesitation made Talon get to his feet and he rushed to hug the officer, his eyes closed as it allowed him to see his father standing there instead. "Father, I'm happy you didn't leave me. Why are you not here?"

"Starfleet want to question me. It is okay son, please go with the officer and I will see you soon." Ragnar said and the badge chirped.

"Okay..." Talon said and realised that he wasn't hugging his father and quickly let go, took a few steps back and hugged himself. "They found us, will we ever be safe from the Tal Shiar." He cried into his hands. "" Talon choked out.

Ragnar slowly brought his hands down into a palms together gesture and slowly opened them out as if he was presenting a gift to the lead Security officer. "Thank you Officer." He said and returned his hands to either side of his head as his arms were a bit tired. "After you," he prompted as he wanted to get this processing done so he could see his son again and that was when he made the decision.

Turning to Seela who was back on her feet now, Stasia asked. "Lieutenant are you well enough to stand guard over the crime scene?"

"Yes, ma'am." The Andorian said. Then to Ragnar she added. "Things will be okay, Ragnar, Lieutenant Dragunova is a fair woman."

Ragnar gave a nod to Seela, he smiled at her glad that she is safe.

Stasia then led Ragnar to Security.

Once there, she led him to a interrogation room and directed him to a chair at a desk and sat opposite him.

"Before we start can I get you some refreshment?" Stasia asked.

"Some water if I may?" Ragnar asked, that fight took it out of him and he rested his hands on the top of the table. He was glad Talon was safe and so now he would answer questions.

"Okay, I'll join." Stasia said. Then tapping her comm. she said. "Dragunova to T'Kara, please bring in two glasses of water."

"Aye, ma'am." came the answer and moments later in walked a tall Klingon woman. She placed down the glasses, her face impassive. Then a smile appeared, softening her features. She turned to Ragnar and said. "Hi Handsome, what did they get you for?"

Ragnar tried to smile at the Klingon, he was tired and slowly picked up the glass and drank some.

"That will be all, Ensign." Stasia said.

"Yes, ma'am. " She said and headed for the door. She stopped once to give Ragnar a little wave and left the room.

He offered a short wave back and the water seemed to help give him some energy. Ragnar sat back and wasn't disappointed when the interview began.

"Well, your name is Ragnar Mellark, correct?" Stasia asked.

"Correct." He replied.

"And you reason for coming to this station?"

"Resupply and refuel my shuttle is true. We actually wouldn't have made it to this station without help from that freighter that tractored us in." Ragnar said, he hoped he'd see Hannok again soon.

"Do you know the deceased?" Stasia asked watching for signs of deception.

"Not personally," Ragnar growled. "Though all Tal Shiar grunts are the same. Yes that Vulcan was a Romulan Tal Shiar spy."

Stasia made a note that Anahera had been right about the damage to the shuttle and then asked. "Why are the Tal Shiar pursuing you?"

He laughed. "The Tal Shiar do not need a reason, especially now with the homeworld gone." Ragnar composed himself and levelled a stare at Stasia. "Very well, I am Co-Governor of Chaltok IV, my son's mother is the other Co-Governor. Tal Shiar forces attacked my home and killed my parents, I had watched them kill my son's mother, Lagatha, but the spy revealed she is still alive but their prisoner. While I do not believe it was a lie, I must rescue her. While I am free the Tal Shiar may never gain Chaltok IV's peoples' military and economic support so they must capture and force me to endorse them. I hope others escaped, a series of meeting points was set, a few of them in Talarian space." At that moment he had recalled that he completely forgot to check the shuttle's sensor logs to see if any other launches were recorded by the planetary sensor net. He'd have to put that on his To-Do list once he was free again. "I wish to request a political asylum for myself and my son, and Lagatha." Ragnar finished, he knew the Federation may be forced to assist in her rescue. Though if not he will find others to help, he'd pay as well.

"Very, well." Stasia said. "I can't grant you asylum, only the Station Commander. I was going to offer to get you an appointment with, but it appears you already have one." She thought for a moment. "Normally, I would have you detained until your meeting, but I don't want to upset your son, any further, so I going to have you and your son confined to guest quarters, under guard. A child needs their father." She added having lost her own father when she was 15.

"When is this meeting? I thank you greatly for not separating my son and myself." Ragnar then realised he had to tell S'Talon that Lagatha was alive. He began looking around in a panic as he thought how best to go about that, though after a few moments he noticed Stasia again and focused on her, returning to an unnerving calm state. "Unless my son is in no further danger I will submit to whatever security precautions Starfleet places on me. There was one spy, I suggest a covert evaluation of all station inhabitants for more, I promise you they will keep coming for me. My son as well just to get to me." Ragnar growled then sighed. "As some of my people have expressed over the years behind closed secure doors, what would Romulan culture be like if we had been accepted by our Vulcan brethren instead of forced to leave our ancestral home."

"Your appointment is tomorrow at 11:45 hours, you'll be escorted there by Security." Stasia said. "You're welcome, I lost my father at a relatively early age." She added. "Commander Chernova and myself will look into presence of other Tal Shiar agents aboard the Station, we've both had run ins with them before."

Ragnar uncharacteristically reached over and placed a hand on Stasia's with an expression on his face that was first scared then pleading. "Please be care-ful Lieutenant!" He knew she knew but who knows what new technology and tactics those, to quote their former allies, petaQs had come up with in the chaos of losing the homeworld. "As soon as the Station Commander allows it, I hope you and Security will allow me to assist you protect this station from those petaQs." He grinned as the Klingon insult left his mouth, though he did need to work on his phlem.

He recalled that Klingon woman from before and decided to ask if she would help him with their language. He smiled again before adding. "Lieutenant give any you discover a hard punch for me will you?"

"Will do," She said with smile. "But I'll use my left, since my right might kill them, as it is cybernetic." She added.

"And..." Ragnar chuckled and smiled with genuine delight.

"Its impossible to get intell from a dead man." Stasia said.

"Unfortunately true." Ragnar's enthusiasm dropped a bit as he glanced at the woman's right arm. "You have artificial arm or hand?"

"Arm, hand, lung and three ribs. I was in a shuttle accident, that killed my father." Stasia explained.

Ragnar smiled. "I imagine he would be proud of you Lieutenant. Keeping people safe is an honourable profession."

"I like to think so." Stasia said.


Ragnar Mellark

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