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Audience with the Captain Part 2

Posted on Thu Nov 12, 2020 @ 6:10am by Ragnar Mellark & Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Ensign T'Kara Daughter of G’ralia

Mission: Irrevocably Changed
Location: Captain's Office and Guest Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 49 at 1100


Guest Quarters, Mellark family

"We aren't leaving?" S'Talon asked confused, he had been crying and sleeping as it had taken a lot of energy out of him. He had ordered his father to stay and alive from now on.

Ragnar had chuckled and they'd hugged for much of the time. He decided he needed proof of Lagatha's living before he'd tell their son, the last thing he needed was a righteous, angry teenager demanding they go and rescue her at this time. They had to find her, gather intel, find any allies and gear then get there then get her out then back here. Loads of planning which will take time.

"I killed a station officer, though I told them he was Tal Shiar but they are now distrustful of me but I requested an asylum." Ragnar said.

"They should be thanking you Father," Talon said with a grin.

"Yes son, they still may, I have a meeting with the Station Commander soon. Please stay here, and keep practicing those forms we taught you." Ragnar said as he went to the replicator and programmed for a more formal looking outfit. "Once it is possible you will be attending the school on this station, that is unless the nearby planet... Speaking of which I wonder if they need a Technician." He said.

Talon came up to his side and seemed ambivalent about the school thing. The idea continued to war in him but Ragnar smiled at him.

"You will see those Trills you met earlier," he said and that seemed to make Talon smile. Things may be on the rise for the Mellarks.

Ragnar got his new outfit and went into the bedroom to change.

A chime of the door had Ragnar in his new outfit, coming to the door. He tapped at the controls and the half Klingon security officer stood there. "Ensign T'Kara," he grinned. "What can I do for you?"

"Good morning, Mr. Mellark, I'm here to escort you to your audience with the Captain." T'Kara said. "By the way, nice suit."

"Thank you, shall I take point, though I don't know where to go." Ragnar smiled with embarrassment. "Is it okay if my son comes as well?"

"He can, but I'm sure, he'll be bored. Ensign Rydell has volunteered to watch him, if he'd rather stay here." T'Kara said.

"He will need to heard some of what I have to say," Ragnar said and Talon came up to stand by his father's side, the two held hands but the teen didn't say anything. Ragnar smiled at his son and nodded back at T'Kara, "after you Ensign."

"Very well." T'Kara said with a smile and led the way.

As they made their way to where the meeting was, Ragnar sidelong glanced at T'Kara. "I'd be interested in learning more precise language skills of Klingon." He commented with a smile. "From you, if you are willing?"

"Sure, but the Klingonese I know, I learnt from my mother. I was born and brought up on Earth." T'Kara replied.

"I hope being an outsider from a former enemy, no matter how the Federation seemed accommodating, wasn't completely unforgiving Ensign?" Ragnar asked, he wanted to gauge what it was like for her.

"Children can be cruel." T'Kara said. "But, they don't know any better. I did have a few run ins with teachers. I broke my football coach's nose once, in a disagreement. He wanted me to wear the pads, but I didn't see the point." She said.

Ragnar chuckled. "Indeed." The two had made it to the conference room, he looked at T'Kara, then glanced down at S'Talon. "Okay son, this will be a trial as well, stay calm."

"Okay father." Talon said and the trio entered one after the other, T'Kara leading them.

Approaching Kate, T'Kara said. "Captain, may I introduce you to Mr. Ragnar Mellark and his son, S'Talon."

Kate looked at the man and his son entering the room. Physically they looked like your typical Romulans, but that's where any resemblance to the other Romulans she's met in her life ended. "Welcome to Langley Station, Mister Mellark, S'Talon."

"Jolan'tru Captain." Ragnar greeted, "thank you."

"Jolan'tru." Talon said, he had said it with confidence but then slightly retreated back.

Ragnar smiled and placed his hand on his son's shoulder.

"I hear you requested this meeting; may I ask for what reason? I'm sure my security chief can inform you of regulations surrounding your citizen application." Kate said.

"Just prior to this meeting I killed a Tal Shiar spy onboard this station. He was posing as a Vulcan Starfleet officer, the ----," Ragnar made a sound that was backed by palpable anger, "also informed me of some important information that changes everything."

He turned to Talon and brought him to be in front of him. Ragnar lowered himself to be near Talon's height. "Your mother is alive, the Tal Shiar have her prisoner."

This immediately made Talon's eyes widened and it seemed to take an amount of time that began to concern Ragnar as he watched his son's expression go through several emotional states.

"Son?" Ragnar tested.

Talon's eyes watered and he began crying as he fiercely hugged his father. Ragnar almost lost control and cried as well but recalled he was in the Captain's office with Starfleet officers present so lifted Talon and stood up again. "I will find her, son, but it may take time." He added and it seemed to calm his son down but not completely as he didn't want him to let him go just yet.

Ragnar turned to Kate. "Apologies Captain, afterwards Starfleet Security took me into custody and now I am here. While I am not fully prepared to explained my current situation yet, I will cooperate with whatever Starfleet asks of me for the investigation." He sighed, "while I cannot offer any evidence that Vulcan was Romulan and a Tal Shiar spy, he knew about my son's mother before I had arrived here. I pose how is that possible?"

"So, are you formally asking asylum on Langley Station? If so, then I'll hereby officially acknowledged your request and grand both you and your son the status of refugee. While I am not very familiar with the procedure I'm sure there will be someone in our JAG department who can assist you in this endeavour." She accessed the panel nearby to see who would be able to assist Ragnar. "It seems our JAG officer is currently not on the station, I'll leave a message for her to contact you as soon as she is available."

"Yes. Thank you Captain, I will await her return." Ragnar said, as he sat back down and Talon seemed to be able to handle himself, though his excitement was bubbling just beneath the surface as he kept looking between Kate and his father as they talked.

"That does give us a chance to get your story completely on the record. I'd like you to talk to some of our intelligence people about the story you just told us regarding your arrival. Until that is cleared up I do need to put you under guard, but given the situation, and mostly because of your son, I will arrange for house arrest. I hope you understand I don't really have much choice for now." Kate said.

Looking over to Ana she asked. "Can you arrange for that? As well as give Intel a copy of the information you've gather so far."

"Of course, consider it done." Anahera replied.

"As a show of good faith and chance of pushing the process of encouraging things forward, I gift my shuttle's cloaking device to you. It is not powerful enough to operate on anything larger than small vessels. Since the government is no more, treaties and such are forgotten. The cloak may be of some use to your crew on dangerous missions, I am a technician and can install it for you. I can assist in it's research as the technology has gone through many developmental reinventions and variations. I'm sure Starfleet Command will be eager to learn more about it." He smiled as it seemed to be an offer she couldn't refuse.

"Thank you very much. I'm sure that piece of technology can be very useful." Kate made a mental note to research if they could even use it. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"I am going to grow restless soon, I request to assist your Operations and Engineering departments so I can give back to you and your Federation for giving us safe harbour." Ragnar said and gestured to S'Talon. "May my son attend your education institution?" He added as Talon was now beside his father watching Kate and his father as they talked.

She smiled at S'Talon. "Schooling is definitely not a problem." Looking towards Ragnar she continued. "Unfortunate I can't offer you any work until you're further ahead in refugee process. But as soon as you can, I'll make sure we find you a place."

"Excellent. Shall I go get the Cloak for you now? It has been encrypted so only I can remove it," Ragnar said, he had hoped the cloak was enough to get him some trust but it may not be that simple, dammed due process and governments and protocols.

Kate looked at Ana. "Can you accompany him?" When the security chief nodded in affirmation.

Ana led Ragnar out. Once they were in in the corridor, Ana asked. "Bureaucracy's a pain, isn't it?"

"You have no idea," Ragnar replied, S'Talon held his hand as they made their way to their shuttle.


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Ragnar Mellark
Romulan Refugee

S'Talon Mellark
Romulan Teenager Refugee

Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
Chief Security Officer
Langley Station


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