Langley Station

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Hostile Changes in the Tides

Posted on Mon May 4, 2020 @ 8:36am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant Clint McCord & Lieutenant JG Neera Bixx

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley/Science Department
Timeline: Mission Day 54 at 0930


The automated scheduler had highlighted the meeting; a first encounter with Doctor Korbin Farthing, a renown Venus Colony terraforming expert. The problem and reports of the toxins in the oceans had caught his attention, and he traveled to Langley to explore the problem.

Having been born on the budding Venus Colony when his mother had been passing through while pregnant; her usual spending of a decade to learn the lay of the culture, Dr. Farthing had seen his first years with the Humans that had built this colony. Now; a couple of centuries later, he was still traveling about the known systems helping with his experience. Being El-Aurian, he had the time to truly delve into his interests. His specialty was conversion of hostile environments through the terraforming process. Having spent over a century helping learn and nurture the art, he felt he might have some input to aid the colony's oceans.

He had arrived early, eager to meet the staff and see what they knew not in the forwarded reports.

A young sixteen year old Human female in a Starfleet Science uniform approached Dr. Farthing. She had captivating blue eyes framed by twin girls of brown hair hanging down the side of her face, and a cute, pert nose with a smattering of freckles across it. She smiled brightly as she approached.

“Dr. Farthing! We weren’t expecting you until this afternoon,” the teenager greeted. “I trust everything is fine.”

"Quite, young lady." Farthing chuckled. "I just happen to be reading and found your reports of the oceans quite distressing, so I thought I might drop in and see what is really going on." He winked. "Have to keep busy, you know?"

“Of course,” the teenager said. “Lieutenant Megan DuBois,” she introduced herself. “Assistant Research Director here. Can I get you anything?” she offered, leading him back toward a conference room. Well, at least he didn’t make a thing about her age. Yet.

"An old fashion black coffee would be delightful," he said as he followed the young lady. "So how long have you been assigned to this station, Ms. DuBois?"

He had seen humanoids that age at varied levels, so he would not judge. He was forty and looked a decade younger, so he dare not make surface impressions. Ms. DuBois was being friendly, and she earned her position, so she had to put in the time, though if many of the team were this young he might go get a rocking chair.

"Coffee?" asked Neera, popping into the meeting room as her presence was requested by the scheduler. "I could go for a cup. Anyone want... what do you Humans call them again, doughnuts, for this meeting?"

“A few crullers would be wonderful, Neera,” Megan told the Bolian as they settled in the conference room. “Be right back with the coffee,” she told Dr. Farthing. She disappeared to her office a moment and then returned with a tray bearing a steaming pot of hot water, a French press, a grinder, and small bag of beans. “I’m a bit particular about my coffee,” she admitted as she ground the beans and then made the coffee in the French press, pouring it into cups. “Cream or sugar?” she asked.

"Both, with emphasis on the sugar please," Farthing replied. "If it is not much trouble. I like a little coffee to flavor the cream and sugar.:

“Then just tell me when,” Megan said with a chuckle, starting to shovel sugar into his cup until he stopped her. Then she added the cream until he stopped, and gave it a stir before handing it over. For herself, she just took a dash of each.

"You are a dear," Farthing said, and took a sip. "Close to perfect as one can hope." He smiled. "If everyone is about, might we get some facts flowing?" he began. "What say we do that brainstorming?"

Megan called her staff together in the conference room and introduced Dr. Farthing. Then she left the floor open to him and took her seat.

"Thank you all for coming." Farthing started. "For those that don't really know me, I have a bit of knowledge in the field of terraforming, and when I heard the problems you have reported in the oceans, I was curious and came this direction to see if I might be of help. But I would like to know what you have that is not in those reports? How bad is it really."

“We have found a few pockets where sea life seems to be returning,” Megan said. “And it seems to affect mostly the coastal regions, as the poison they used on the land gets into the ocean. Deepwater sea life seems to have recovered.”

"The fact pockets are forming is good," Farthing said. "Terraforming is a slow process. The atmosphere is the hardest, so oceans are the second hurdle." He grinned. "Thank goodness we are not having to create them, just flush them of toxins. Correction of a problem is easier than creating a replacement. Anything else we know; any soil samples from affected areas, water taken to gauge toxin density?"

“We did all of that, yes,” Megan said. “Our expert on that is currently off station at the moment, but I can get you his data and research summary,” Megan told Dr. Farthing.

"Yes, I would like that, if you do not mind," Farthing answered kindly. "I also read you have an Aquatic Operations Mobile Lab somewhere on the station?"

“Yes, a specially refitted runabout,” Megan told Farthing “It is in Docking Bay 16. I could give you a tour, if you’d like, but I think Vincent is the only one qualified to operate it,” she admitted, after sending the requested data to his padd.

"I would enjoy that. When could we have Mr. Vincent take a dive with this vessel?" Farthing replied. "I would like to see where the toxins are dissipating; in the case of toxic spills we have pitched lines of..." he had to think of a good analogy, "absorbent bags that create a barrier to impede the progress of toxins. What we only need for them is a material that will curb the flow from advancing. The bags can be across a port or some area to contain the flow and, if lucky, absorb some of the toxins for study of the effects."

“Once Lieutenant Vincent returns, I will put in your request for a dive,” Megan promised Dr. Farthing. “In the meantime, I can connect you with our materials science department and you can work on the absorbent material. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any ports on the planet, but I am sure we can find someplace suitable for testing.”

"You know, that could work if we were to try that near an inlet, cross it with a chain, as we do not have shipping, so we can observe close to land mass where toxins could do damage?" Farthing suggested.

“I will get it set up,” Megan promised. “Is there anything else we need to cover?” She looked around the room.

"I think we should get to working on that barrier material." Farthing shook his head. "Aside from that, I have nothing else.”

“We’ll get on that,” Megan promised. “Then I guess everyone is dismissed. Grant, get your people on those barriers,” she told her materials science head.


Dr. Korbin Farthing
Terraforming Specialist

Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Director of Research

Ltjg. Neera Bixx
Soil Scientist


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