Langley Station

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Blind Date (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Mar 29, 2020 @ 7:44am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station/Club Supernova
Timeline: Mission Day 58 at 1900


Dinner had been fun, and now Ranulf was leading Megan to the dance floor. They had moved from the restaurant down the way, checking clubs as they walked. They got some odd looks, but her ID passed all tests, and the bouncer at the door did not want to call security over a verified ID. Once inside, Ranulf moved her close to the band platform so the music was loudest and you could feel the vibrations.

He began dancing with her even before they reached the place he wanted to reach. It was lively music, but Ranulf found ways to maneuver her into a tight embrace often. He was not overly aggressive, but he kissed her from time to time when their faces came close. The music was of a type to make your body move. Ranulf was enjoying the view as he moved with her on the dance floor.

Club Supernova was one of the hottest night spots on the station, with frequent appearances by quadrant famous DJ Dred. Right now the dreadlocked Klingon was mixing a song by the super-poppy Bolian girl group UltraBaroque with the more melodic metal band Steampunk Zombies. Megan thought her daughters would like it. Heloise really liked the Zombies, and Eden was into UltraBaroque. Megan smiled up at Ranulf as they pressed together. She didn’t mind him stealing the occasional kiss as they moved with the music.

Megan leaned in close so her lips brushed his ear tantalizingly. “You having a good time?”

He leaned back into her, moving his face into her hair next to her ear. His breath was warm down her neck as he replied, "I am having a great time. If i get too fresh with you just let me know. Don't be shy, I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I am sort of trying to keep up with you!" He nibbled her ear before he leaned back away to continue dancing. It was funny, as she had the body of a teen with the experience of a much older woman. He loved her energy though, and the fact she knew what was what.

This was actually fun despite the odd looks they received from other dancers. After all, Ranulf looked more rugged and older than he actually was. To others it looked like he was making out with someone young enough to be his daughter. Ranulf, of course, could care less about public opinion, as long as Megan had a good time he was satisfied.

“Oh, trust me, if you go too far, you’ll know,” Megan purred in Ranulf’s ear, pressing her lithe teenage body against him. “It’s hard finding a man willing to overlook my apparent age that isn’t a pervert.” She kissed along his jaw. “But if you want to take advantage of an innocent little girl…” she teased.

Ranulf leaned back so he could cover his mouth as he laughed. Tears came to his eyes as he continued dancing. He would move his face next to her ear every so often to speak to her without yelling over the music.

"Despite my awful reputation, I would rather wait till our second date for that. Tonight I want to just get to know you, for you to get to know me. If you agree to go out with me again, well, than you tread into new territory at your own risk. I really never had a schoolgirl fantasy. If that is your thing though, I can go with that. Rest assured, I will treat you as an adult though."

He just finished his reply when the music died down for a slower song. He pulled her in close, kissing her passionately as he spun them in a circle. After he got his breathing back under control, he touched his forehead to hers. "My goal tonight is to do what I can to interest you in a second date. Sort of giving you a chance to think about if I am worthy."

The music picked up quickly again. The lull was just enough for people to grab a drink. Ranulf winked as they started bouncing, hands still clasped in each other. "I will definitely be calling you for a second date by the way." Her wicked defiance in face of what she had to endure intrigued Ranulf. That, and he liked her energy.

Megan smiled. “Let me save you the agony of waiting,” she said, pressing close against Ranulf. “I would love a second date.” And then she kissed him deeply, hungrily.


2ndLT Ranulf MacCloud
Fighter Pilot

Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Director of Research


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