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The welcome wagon

Posted on Sat Jul 4, 2020 @ 7:09pm by Lieutenant JG John Warren & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud

Mission: First Unity
Location: Kindness Place
Timeline: Mission Day 55 at 1300


Ranulf and his pilots had helped with the post flight maintenance check and securing their fighters in bays for the night. They had all signed in and received quarters. Ranulf had told them about the Tower guy's invitation so they had come as a group to meet the fellow pilot. They had all showered and changed into clean uniforms after the long flight they needed both shower and clean cloths to feel human again. So they walked into the Kindness Place curious and obviously new to the area. They all had the wide eyed tourist look.

John sat waiting, sipping an amber liquid from a small glass. This would be the one and only whisky of the evening. He had learnt his lessons of drinking, after spending time locked inside a brig. In hind sight he was lucky he hadn’t been left there to rot. He looked toward the doorway to see the approaching men, and recognising at once who they must be. Getting to his feet he greeted them, “you must be our new arrival fighter pilots?” He checked.

Ranulf smiled as he came closer to offer his hand to shake. "That be us." He pointed to himself with his free hand "I am Ranulf, this fellow is Scott, if you have a girl friend don't trust him too close. he has a sweet voice and he has been known to charm the pants off a woman with that silky voice."

Scott shook his head as he offered his hand. "I am not as bad as out prudish friend tries to let on." He stepped aside to let the next guy greet the guy from the base and stepped to the bar to order a drink.

Ranuld nodded "he really isn't that bad but I like to tease him. "This tall fellow is Duffy, if you spend a lot of time around him you might hear him talk. he is the silent but deadly type."

Duffy frowned as he shook Warren's hand, "I speak when I have something useful to say." he tilted his head at Ranulf "he should talk, he is even quieter than I am." Duffy moved on past and loudly ordered a "plain coke on ice, no alcohol, I don't imbibe."

Ranulf raised an eyebrow "we are a rather unique group of personalities. This fellow is Chang, he is a very good pilot, a terrible gunner, and if you don't move fast enough he will destroy your mind with bad jokes." Ranulf laughed as he waved Chang forward.

Chang bowed slightly before offering his own hand "I will have you know my jokes are not only not bad, they are extremely humerous. Chank leaned forward a little "You know what a fighter pilots does when he sees his X-girl friend approach. He executes an extend, evade, and escape maneuver."

Ranulf raised an eyebrow with an -I told you so- expression.

John feigned a chuckle and raised his own eye brows toward Ranulf in agreement. “Pleasure to meet you all,” he said to the gathering crowd. “But you should know, I don’t trust a man who doesn’t drink,” he aimed his words toward Duffy, and took another sip of his whisky.

Ranulf shrugged "well I guess you won't trust me either." Ranulf smiled "For myself I don't have enough brain cells to spare a few thousand killed off with alcohol. My personal poison is chocolate and cakes."

"I guess you will have to earn my trust," John chuckled. "Honestly I don't think I have the brain cell's either. Not even enough to tell me when to stop drinking."

"No worries there, we pilots stick together. If you need an escort to get you home safely you can count on us. You would not be the first pilot I had to carry back to his quarters." Ranulf laughed "you ain't the prettiest by far, but you ain't the ugliest either." He laughed "no worries you ain't my type, but I will make sure you are home safe and sound just the same. Even if it costs me a lovely evening with someone I might want to spend the night with."

“Ah, no need,” John chuckled, “you shouldn’t let anything get in the way of the company if a good woman.” He said, his thoughts turning to his failed relationships.

Ranulf shook his head "nah, man you know how it is. You never leave your wingman. There will always be a next time, as long as you stay alive least-ways." It was no secret fighter pilots had the highest death toll of any branch, even the marines. So you never left a fellow pilot in a lurch. "Anyway we are no where near that at the moment, so what is happening here on or off the base that might be of interest to a fighter pilot?"

"Mostly pretty quiet," Warren shrugged. "There are a few bars to crawl your way through, and if you want to catch some holographic eye candy, the waitress at Gino's is nice to look at."

"Gino's, you say. I will have to check that out." he was sort of disappointed as he had thought a station assignment would be a bit more social than a ship board one. Ranulf looked around and saw none of the pilots that had come here with him. "I guess there is a lot of preparations to do with the fighter Group on the way here. I guess being the lucky first to arrive we will get stuck with a lot of organizing? Still is nice to be the first of the group to arrive here."


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