Langley Station

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The Galatic United Parcel Service delivers.

Posted on Sun Mar 8, 2020 @ 10:21am by Wrate Nyren

Mission: First Unity
Location: Colony landing area.
Timeline: Mission Day 52 at 0930


"Ready for final approach vectors Jeanee." Nyren sat at the Helm.

The fact he had her; Blonde hair in a pony tail poking out of the Fez on the top rear of her head and Arabian Knights Genie outfit, down to the curved toe shoes sitting in the OPS chair with her legs folded up and arms around her knee pouting did not bode well for navigational changes.

"Willie being mean to me again." Jeanee said with a defined child like tone. "Just because I down-load from Willie for information does not mean I am dumb." She explained in her own way.

"I am dropping out of warp; just get the information; Willie has it and her database is supposed to be accessible, so please program the course corrections."

"Fine." Jeanee's eyes blink as she access the coordinates; legs went to a seated position and her arms remained crossed in front of her. "Your wish is my Command..." She then blinked and drop her crossed arms over her chest and huffed. "Done."

"Thank you Jeanee. " he continued to adjust the Helm. "Willie, you should be a little more nice, Jeanee does need the information, no use hogging it all for your endless calculating."

[She is a stealing little Busy Botty.] The feminine voice of the Computer replied.

"Am not." Jeanee replied and looked at the globe on the top of Control panel where the interface to Central Computer hung. "You have all the downloads."

Ladies, we are entering customer space; a little decorum." Nyren warned.

"Yes my Master." Jeanee leaned over to put her head on his shoulder. "Your wish..." She cooed with cute tone.

He had to admit that maybe a male would have been better but when dealing as a male with the Cengeti; who think all men are silly creatures, it was enough getting the top of the line robot/ computer pair for the ship and keep prices down. They were a well tuned working team; with eccentric programmed natures.

[I have the outer buoy on sensors and Identity request relayed... Dear.] Willie said with her usual sultry added to her tone. [Shall I relay our reply?]

"I can do it." Jeanee replied as she sat up and pressed the controls. "Lyshan Colony from Lightning Raven..." She had her fingers dancing over the controls. "Sending our latest inventory and manifests to you." She informed.

"Hello Jeanee, Master going to let you out this time?" The flight Control replied.

Jeanee looked to Nyren , hands clasped together and the pleading smile expression subroutine going, nodding in hopes of his approval. Nyren put his head down and pondered a couple of seconds; hearing the unsaid 'P-l-e-a-s-e' from the robot.

He just nod.

"Yes, I will accompany Master on this trip." She said with qa near squeal. "See you when we land."

"Roger that, see you soon Lightning Raven." And the channel closed.

[You spoil her.] Willie added.

"You get your rewards; what about that Game night just last week, Jeanee was 'recharging;' she had a small fusion power source but 'recharged' when she downloaded updates to her programming and check for syntax errors and such.

[I did enjoy the input Dear.]

"So did I." Nyren did not roll his eyes as he estimated the flight time. "Jeanee; go back and run a final check that the Hover Carts are ready and properly loaded before we make orbit."

Right away Master." Jeanee slipped out of her seat and skipped back out of the Flight deck.

[Landing coordinates are ready; the manifests have cleared and our speed is 70% impulse.] Willie gave the report. [All systems are running per parameters and the engines are purring like Sabre Kittens.]

"Keep us to a low purr when we land please." Nyren was checking the other systems and Pre-landing checklist. "Gear and thruster systems... check. Thermal screens ... check..." He continued down the list.

"Loads Secure; Colony nearest the ramp." Jeanee said as she took her seat and started checking the Navigation system. "On course and ready for Orbital insertion Master." She plot the angle of decent.

"Bringing her in now." Nyren had the Heat Shields up.

The Raven Class vessel entered the outer atmosphere; the angle of re-entry was shallow enough to minimize the heat exchange but bring them down smooth. The nose and forward third of the underbelly started to get hot and glow upon the shields that seemed to hover and contour the hull several meters away from the hull.

[Outer hull temperature rising slightly; remaining in green parameters.] Willie reported.

"Entry path on track to have full negative acceleration complete 5 clicks prior to landing at height of two clicks at time of manual landing sequence." Jeanee informed as she monitored with visual sensors the panel she was working.

"Just keeping her on the Glide Path." Nyren said as he watched the Pitch and yaw of the Raven. "Just a minute or two and we will be there."

The sonic booms were subsiding as Nyren carefully eased back on the Throttles. The small ship streak across the sky but by the time it neared the Colony Nyren had the Landing Pad; a unique term for a cleared bit of dirt, on the holographic emitter before him growing in size. The reverse thrust push did wonders to ease the hull into an almost feather like decent. He lowered the gear as he flare for effect and showing off his skill a bit before touching down with the gear slowing taking the load.

"Okay ladies begin shut down sequences." Nyren ordered.

[Engines down, thruster units whining down, Ant-gravity system cooling and Main Core on Idle Dear.] Willie confirmed.

"Navigation off line; guidance Off line and sensors on passive." Jeanee confirmed then turned. "Are we ready to go Master?" She had her hands clasped and toes bouncing a bit.

"Let's go meet the Customer before lowering the ramp." Nyren got up out of his seat and started out of the Flight deck with Jeanee on his heels excited.

"Yes Master." She agreed and moved closer but not too close til they leave the ship hatch and are on solid ground; before that her subroutine warns it might agitate him or cause her to make him stumble and get mad.

Going down the decks to the hatch Nyren equalized the airlock to outside pressure; opened the outer door before the inner door hiss of equal atmosphere just before the whoosh of opening hatch.

"Come along Jeanee, we have a customers to meet." He started down the steps that had extended.

Jeanee took his Left arm gladly. "Yes Master."

He was glad to reach solid ground for a bit, nothing like real siol under your feet.


Waite Nyren
Owner Operator
SS Lightning Raven

Robot aide

Williamette (Willie)
Main Computer


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