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We were matched for a date? part 2.

Posted on Sun Mar 29, 2020 @ 2:41pm by 2nd Lieutenant Duffy MacBain & Zemi N'Orgun
Edited on on Sun Jun 14, 2020 @ 2:39pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: SilverWolf Cafe
Timeline: Mission Day 58 at 1830


Duffy hoped his reply had not been too in depth. he did not wish to offend Zemi or scare her for that matter. "You do realize there is not need to make out. You don't even need to kiss is you just want friendship. Friends can date with no romantic attachments involved." he tried to make lessen the impact of his description. "Making out is for people who feel a romantic attachment it is not necessary as part of a date. "I guess I am saying you are under no obligation to even kiss me if you do not wish too."

Zemi now looked at the floor, "Have I embarrassed you by acting inappropriately?" She looked about as if seeking an answer, "I would wish to be friends, but I would also be willing to go beyond that stage if those feelings developed". She knew in her heart of hearts that no Human would want a relationship with an Ojnas, plus could a Human and an Ojnas even have a relationship? "I enjoyed kissing you, and will not resist if you wish to kiss again. As for further intimate touching, I must decline tonight but as I said I am willing if feelings develop". Zemi found herself in a bit of a dead end with her behaviour, she had read several holo-novels and history books about dating. None had mentioned intimate touching, she would have to investigate it first so as not to disappoint.

"No, I am not embarrassed but I often give more information than is appropriate. For me you are a sort of puzzle Zemi. You told me earlier males and females of your race do not have physical contact till joined? I might have misunderstood and for that i apologize. Yet you seem to have done your homework on human dating and human customs. Tell me are we compatible physically? I would hate to become close to you in a romantic way only to learn we are not compatible physically."

The answer was delayed as the food arrived. Duffy put a straw in his chocolate shake and held it out to Zemi "take a sip and than after you savor the taste try your vanilla shake. Tell me which you prefer."

"Both drinks have their own appeal, but your Chocolate excites me more", was her reply.

Once she had tasted both shakes and answered to the question which she preferred Duffy watched as the server left. Once the server was out of earshot he raised an eyebrow "You still owe me an answer though as to if our bodies would be compatible if those feelings grew between us."

Zemi now looked Duffy straight in the eye's, "You did not misunderstand, Male and Female Ojnas do not have any contact. But you are Human, and Human males and females do have contact. It is why I have initiated the kissing and hand holding, I wish to learn about Human ways and actions". She swallowed and then continued, "As for being compatible in the intimate sense, I do not have an answer".

She glanced up and then back to Duffy, "But if it is not to forward, I am willing to learn if those feeling did indeed develop between us. Our physical make up is somewhat similar, but I do know one thing. Human males are smaller in the genitals than Ojnas, will that cause any problems?" Her frank reply and open honesty was her only way to prove she meant what she said, Zemi had placed herself fully in Duffy's hands in regards to this date.

Duffy laughed as she liked chocolate and he switched shakes with her. "I like vanilla and you deserve the chocolate. You know many races have found Earth chocolate to be irresistible." He considered her statement and knew as far as being endowed he was larger than most men which might mean nothing. If Males of her own race where a good bit larger than humans he might still be.. inadequate? he had never faced that problem before.

"I can not answer that Zemi? I mean to say the problem would not be for me so much. If I am too small it could be a problem for you to enjoy such activity." He laughed "but first we have to see if that becomes an issue we need to be concerned about. This is but a first date. I will do my best to behave. Your inquisitive nature might make behaving much tougher than I expected. For someone who has little experience you move rather fast. I like that, but I would not want to go so fast you feel ill at ease. Remember all you have to do is say 'no' or say 'stop'. I will honor your wishes."

Duffy salted his frys and began eating. "I have theater tickets for a show tonight. It is a balcony seat, so if the play is boring we could kiss if you wish. I warn you now though, if your hands begin to roam over me, mine will likely return the favor." He ate slowly, chewing each bite. He wondered if he was getting in to deep here, but he like her. She was open and honest. He was worried about this though? He had to wonder if she was actually into him or just curious as a project type thing. He just hoped she did go farther than she intended being caught up in the moment?

As he placed the chocolate milkshake in front of her, she caught his thoughts. His mind was a turmoil of erotic ideas and situations, she didn't need to pry into his mind without thinking he was in fact transmitting his thoughts to her. She now knew what he wanted, but her upbringing and traditions would work against him. Zemi herself didn't know just how to proceed, "You are not a project Lieutenant, but I would advise you to learn to control and shield your thoughts. Your thoughts are, how do I say this, escaping your mind and allowing me to know your desires".

Zemi reached out and placed her hand on his, "I know you really do not want to go to the theatre, more than once you have imagined me without clothing. I must disappoint you in that regard, I do not match the image you appear to have formed". She began eating and enjoyed her meal, the milkshake went well with the food. Duffy's thoughts still made their way to her, and she couldn't help but smile at some of images of her in his imagination. "If your curiosity is so intense Lieutenant, I can allow you to view my naked body. But I would then be compelled to remove your eye's and genitalia as compensation". She then began to laugh, she hoped her rather crude joke would break the ice, and allow Duffy to relax more and enjoy the date.

Duffy shook his head "I have to admit I am curious but not so curious as to lose my eyes and other parts. I would not be keen on a praying mantis relationship in any case." He laughed "I am afraid you will likely know whatever I am thinking but you have no one to blame but yourself that my mind took a side trip down fantasy lane. I mean after you basically said I was inadequate in the manly parts department? Any guy would see that as a challenge I would think." Duffy ate and spoke between bites.

"Although you might take into consideration I am not such a bad guy . I mean before you start looking for a place on your wall to hang my balls." Duffy was smiling, his eyes full of mirth as he replied. "Just remember Zemi, I am only going as far as you do. So if you behave so will I. Regardless of what you see in my mind!"

Zemi nodded in agreement, "If I thought or considered you a risk, I would not be here with you. Your inability to control your thoughts proves you pose no threat to me, you are quite safe from having anything removed or hung on any walls". She continued to eat and then stopped and began to speak again, "If I gave you false hope I apologise, I had no intention to do so. Holding hands and kissing are the only activities we will be engaging in tonight, and even that will happen only if you are willing to teach me how to do it correctly". She smiled and thought about how she would tell her Father why she allowed this to occur, but she had to know how Humans behaved in these very situations. If Duffy was the normal way of behaving, she would be enjoying this dating even more.

"I must be honest and tell you something, I did not intend to participate in this date night activity. But since meeting you, I am glad I changed my mind. Thank you Lieutenant, thank you very much". Zemi resumed eating and waited to see just what the theatre held for them both.

Duffy shook his head, Zemi was certainly full of surprises. "You know I didn't even expect a kiss on this date. I figured on talking, getting to know each other a little and than the theater. I actually got the balcony seat because I like the higher vantage point to watch the show. That always feels like I get to see more. I am afraid your more.. Not even hinting anything you did was in anyway wrong mind you. It was how openly spoke about being intimate that got my mind going off on a tangent. I shall endeavor to reign in my imagination for the remainder of the date." He nodded his head emphatically as if to put a period on the statement.

Once finished eating he paid the bill, held her chair as she got up and offered his hand to her as they left the SilverWolf. He did some sight seeing as he walked with her to the theater. This was his first time here so there was much he needed to orientate himself too. He had tickets so they went inside the plush upscale establishment. ushers pointed them the way and soon they were in a box slightly to the left of the stage. The seats were well cushioned and you sank into them a good bit. They were close so their shoulders almost touched. Duffy put his arm under her's as he took her hand.

He glanced at her "just let me know when you want that kissing lesson? That can wait till we get back to your place though if you prefer not kissing in public." He had a wide smile as he leaned back in the seat. he had to admit this was fun. She was interesting for sure. He would just have to figure out just how make out with her? He was not one to give up easily once he decided on something.

Going her rosy red, Zemi glanced at Duffy. The meal had been delightful, and the stroll to the theatre quiet as her date seemed to have much on his mind. As they climbed to the balcony she thought about just how far she would be prepared to go to learn Human ways, as they finally sat down and Duffy took her hand Zemi took a deep breath and decided to let nature take its course.

"I am not adverse to kissing in public, slightly embarrassed possibly. But I will survive, so please start your lesson when you choose". Settling down in the overly soft chairs, Zemi caught a very random thought from Duffy. She now glanced at her consort and instead of saying something stayed silent, he wanted to make out with her. But this was not the place where she could allow that to happen, but then why would she allow him to touch her intimately at all. And in response, did she wish to touch him just as intimately? For the first time in the evening Zemi found herself at a dead end, could she and did she want to allow this Human to know her that intimately.

Duffy nodded but he made no move to kiss her. The lights lowered and than a few moments later the place became dark except for the stage. The play began and he leaned his shoulder into her's as he watched the first act. The first act was pretty good as the characters were developed and the story unfolded. It was a dramatic comedy and light hearted. The first act came to a close and the curtain drawn for the changing of the set for the second act.

Duffy turned his face to Zemi "we have about six minutes till the second act. So let me know what you think after this lesson. I am curious to know if you feel any response as we kiss. if not than you likely are not interested in a physical relationship, at least with me."

His hand slipped behind her head, at the nape of her neck. He shifted slightly so he sat a little above her so he was leaning down toward her face. His lips touched her's gently, a light touch. The pressure slowly built till his lips pressed her lips apart. For Duffy's part he tasted her lips and savored the wetness of her lips. The kiss deepened as it lingered. His finger massaged her neck as he supported her head. One kiss lead into the next, one after the other. Each mildly more passionate than the one before.

As the kisses became more involved his other arm wrapped around her pulling her upper body against his. He let his tongue slip into her mouth and dance with her tongue the last few kisses. he was responding to those kisses in a very physical way and he decided he should stop before he got to excited. He pulled away slowly, his kisses becoming lighter again as their faces drifted apart.

Duffy leaned back into his seat, "so Zemi, did you feel any heat inside?" he glanced at her "I will say one thing you are a fast learner."

Zemi sat and looked at Duffy, his kissing had certainly excited her but as for feeling heat? "Education speed depends upon the lesson being taught, and the teacher". She fixed the front of her blouse, which exposed her small breasts rather more than she intended. But a thought she picked up from Duffy stopped her from covering them back up, "Why do you find the sight of female breasts so exciting? And why do you wish to touch them?" Her innocent questions were simply because in Ojnas culture, this sort of intimate touching just didn't happen.

She glanced down at her own body, and taking a rather deep breath spoke quietly in Duffy's ear. "I will allow you to touch me in that region, but I will not allow any touching below my waist. I simply can not comply with something which is against my religious and moral guidelines, I hope you understand this and are not disappointed". She opened her blouse slightly more than it needed to be, so Duffy fully understood her consent and her limitations.

Duffy nodded but he whispered in her ear. "This would be considered a bit more than first date contact. I would know if my kissing has made this response desirable? That would mean my kissing has excited you? It is hard to tell, your breathing and the color in your cheeks would make me believe your enjoying kissing me. However your comment about lesson and teacher leads me to believe maybe you are not finding the kissing all that enjoyable?"

Duffy reached inside her shirt to manipulate her breast with firm massaging fingers. Lifting them and paying close attention to her more sensitive nipples. Teasing them to become firmer and stand out more. "His eyes never left Zemi's as he tried to determine if she was feeling any sort of arousal.

Zemi's shock as Duffy first touched her quickly faded as a new sensation took over, she began to respond to his touch and moved slightly on the seat. As her nipples reacted by becoming aroused she moved even more in her seat, she pressed her legs hard together and bit back a small sound of pleasure as she found herself reacting more than she thought she would. Suddenly she moved away from Duffy, as she simply couldn't continue without possibly making some sort of sound giving others around them the knowledge of what they were doing.

"I find your actions are having a most surprising reaction on me, and I will be unable to remain silent if I allowed you to continue". Her skin now pulsed colour from her head down, red, blue and purple almost like a cuttlefish. She looked down at the floor, "I am sorry if you feel I am spurning you, I am not. It is just fact that I will become vocal and allow others to know what we are doing". She looked shyly at Duffy, "If you wish to end the date I will understand, I have taken this further than one should". Zemi waited to see how Duffy would react to her, she prepared to be told the date was finished.

Duffy reached down and deftly covered her breast back up and fixed the top of her dress. "Hardly, We can return to just holding hands and watching the play if you like. It was nice to see you were getting aroused. If you continue your dating experiments with other men I would advise you to be a little more cautious. Your sensitivity is high and someone with less respect for you as a person could take advantage of that." Duffy turned in his seat, taking her hand so it rested atop his. "I think maybe you need to cool down my friend. I think maybe one last kiss at your door after I escort you home should be enough for tonight."

Duffy squeezed her hand playfully. "I will be asking you out again, just so you know. I hope you will not be uncomfortable seeing me again."

Nodding as Duffy spoke, Zemi listened to everything he said. She looked up surprised when he didn't just dismiss her, "You are prepared to continue with this date?" Deep down she was happy, "As for dating other men, I think that will not be happening. But should you ask me, my answer will be yes. Until I have learned more about dating and what is expected of those that indulge in them, I will restrict myself to someone that I trust".

She shook her head, "I feel no discomfort with you, to be honest I feel as if I can trust you fully. Should emotional bonds emerge, progressing further would not be out of the question". Zemi gave Duffy a shy smile, in her head she wondered just what it would be like to know this Human intimately.

Duffy squeezed her hand again. "I will not betray your trust Zemi. I think we should discuss this experiment more though. I don't want you to get hurt. Emotions might be different among your race but humans form emotional attachments that can be very difficult to get past when they end." He made eye contact "I guess I am saying if your race would hold this against you? Maybe you should be more careful. I would not wish to be a cause of pain to you."

Duffy sighed "I understand you are just trying to learn more. I like you already, in fact I like you too much to not care about how this effects you. Emotions among humans are unpredictable, and you are sort of playing with fire here."

Zemi stood and bowed to Duffy, "It is time to return to quarters, I will speak of this again with you. Emotions among the Ojnas are controlled tightly, what transpired here would never happen on my worlds". She now made to move off and head for the doors, she stopped and looked back at Duffy, "Will you accompany me to my quarters?"



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