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Securing relation with the Chief

Posted on Fri Mar 6, 2020 @ 8:26am by Lieutenant Clint McCord & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova

Mission: First Unity
Location: Security Chief Office
Timeline: Mission Day 51 at 1100


McCord had a list of 'To Do's' that he should complete before he really started working his Section, the relationship between Tactical and Security is one who blossomed when the foundations are established early.

He had a PADD to take notes from the conversation he hoped to have with Lt. Commander Chernova as he entered Security section and found her office door to ring the chime.

"Enter." Anahera called, looking up from her stack of PADDs and awaited the entrance of her guest.

McCord stepped into the room and to the opposite side of desk as it acceptable.

"Hello Commander Chernova, I am Lieutenant McCord the new Chief of Strategic Operations." He introduce himself. "I wanted to come down and make myself known and maybe chat about how we can best work together to protect the station and colony?"

"Welcome aboard, Lieutenant, I'd be delighted chat." Anahera said with a smile as she sized the man up. "Take a seat, can I get you some refreshment?" She asked.

"Coffee, black if it is not too much trouble?" He replied with a grin. "Seems like I am living off the stuff of late. Coming to a New command and all." He chuckled. "I know what my duties are but what do you see in the Strategic Operations, I mean how you can work with it?"

Anahera ordered McCord's coffee and a chicory coffee for herself, in the years since the removal of her bio-implant, she'd cut down on her caffeine intake.

Returning to her desk with the drinks, she said. "I see Strategic Operations as a hub that takes in data from Intel and tactical, sometimes Security and Ops and uses it to create encompassing strategies that can be used by the Captain and XO." Anahera said.
"I'm happy to work with you, I'm not tactical genius, but I get by."

"Thanks." He held up the cup. "I had hoped that is why they brought me as they were in need of a genius." He smiled. "I am also the guy who tracks assets; needing to know who is closest if we do have to call for some support.'He chuckled. "In addition to the grand schemes I submit to the Command Chain to be utilized as best they deem." He took a sip. "Your department is the main one to Secure the station and safety of personnel right?"

"Yes, the Marines are here to provide back up to my people, should the need arise, and in most of those cases they take their orders from my people." Anahera replied. Changing the subject, she said. "Your doctors did an excellent job."

McCord tried to not react as normal; the damned face marred, he should wear a contact to even the color. He took a second to reply; he needed to have a ready answer in the future.

"I know the eye is a bit off." McCord covered. "My sister did the eye and her Husband is very good at his job. I will be sure to pass along your complement when I speak with them, my sister loves to hear about complements and that her patients are doing well." He raised his coffee in salute. "Thanks for the complement."

"You're welcome. I take it you're reclaimed Borg." Anahera said. "I haven't read your personnel file, your movements tipped me off."

"You have not only pretty eyes but astute ones as well."McCord complement. "I am among the few that wholly embrace individuality as my way of life. I had hoped I am not 'that' easy to note." He forced a smile. "So are we to talk of how life is as an individual or could we please go more neutral and talk shop?"

"Of course, shop talk it is." Anahera said. "So what are your ideas for your department? She asked.

"More flights with the fighters; maybe a Cap to get them more flight hours?" He started. "Working with you to ensure that safe and happy feeling of the crew remains in tact." He suggested. "Letting you get with the Intel data more; just to have good relations where we can count on one another when it counts?"

"Sounds good, I especially like the Intel idea, I hear your Intel officer is a bit of a looker." Anahera said with a smile.

"I'll bow to your opinion on that." McCord reply and took a sip. "Good to know Intel has a fan so far." He chuckled. "I am coming into this cold and organizing it. Might take a little time before it shine with new luster." He look her in the eyes. "I will make it a good department; I have to or innocents pay for me not doing it right."

Anahera nodded her agreement. "Have you met Lieutenant Gar'Rel yet? She asked. "He gives bear of a man, a whole new meaning."

"Not as yet; I am meeting with the Senior Staff that I will be working with and going through all the clearances and such at the moment. I take it you know him?"

"Not well, but we did work together, as he was acting Stat Ops Chief, before your arrival. He's former Security and has served in Starfleet for nearly three decades."

"I will be glad to have he experience to work with." McCord said and took a drink. "Anything I should know being the new guy on the block, advice you can give?"

"The Captain, like yourself, is a reclaimed Borg, and I'm sure you understand, doesn't like to talk about it. The CMO, is a little eccentric, and is into the Goth scene. The Ops Chief looks quite imposing, but he's a down to Earth and jovial man. I'm not sure how you feel about Cardassians, but we have a Cardassian Embassy in the Diplomatic section." Anahera replied. "That should be enough to start with."

"I like to think I am a sociable kind of person." McCord grinned."Grandpa always said to be nice if you all want someone to be nice." He took some more coffee. "Thanks for the insights, really helps the new guy with things. You have been very kind Commander, I think I will like working with you."

"You're most welcome, Lieutenant." Anahera said. "I believe I will enjoy working with you as well."

"Thank you for the coffee." McCord rose to his feet. "I look forward to what we do together." He offered a handshake.

"Okay, next time we'll meet in your office and you can supply the coffee." Anahera said with a smile, standing and returning McCord's handshake.

"Hope you like french ground or espresso; I make my coffee and such; nothing like a fine brew so be ready to be 'Perked up?" He gave a wink as he turned to leave.


Lt Clint McCord
Chief Strategic Operations

Lt. Commander Anahera Chernova
Chief Security Officer


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