Langley Station

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Respectful introduction.

Posted on Tue May 12, 2020 @ 9:13am by Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant Clint McCord

Mission: First Unity
Location: Captain Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 50 at 0900


The landing had been fun; here he is on another Station; a Regula station class, science and not in the line of Borg invasions or Romulan incursions. Just science and the protection of personnel and planet. He could live with that; he had enough of the front line, he wanted to be where things might matter more than just protecting from combat.

He had a few ideas that would encompass any fighters with renewed asset to the Researchers and even the early warning system if he can juke the idea right? Yet the first order of business comes in being able to actually have clearances to do his job. That meant a trip to the Commanding Officer, an introduction and Official transfer of orders.

He had the orders; he checked his uniform then rang the chime.

"Come in," Kate said without looking up from the padd she was reading. Expecting it was her assistant she said. "just put them over there. I'll read them when I can find the time." and waved towards a corner on her desk that was empty.

"Yes ma'am." McCord said as he placed his transfer orders on the edge of the desk; where she pointed but balanced to catch her eye. "Would you like me to replicate you some coffee for the reading you need to do Captain, with your permission of course?"

Kate looked up with a raised eyebrow. Who was that? That wasn't her assistant. "Yes, thank you, coffee black and take something for yourself as well." she said and quickly grabbed the padd he had added to her desk. Transfer order for her new Chief of Strategic Operations. And Second Officer. Well, that at least explain the audacity to offer to get her a coffee.

"Two black coffees coming up Ma'am." He went to the replicator. "You looked quite occupied with your catching up on the Paperwork and I did not wish to intrude your train of thought." He took the two mugs from the replicator. "Though why do we still call it paperwork without paper?" He offered the one to the Captain. "I am Clint McCord ma'am, and very glad to be here."

As she accepted the coffee she said. "Well, welcome aboard Langley Station, Lieutenant. I wasn't expecting you so soon, did you catch quicker transport?"

"The USS Edo was passing nearby so it took the supplies and me along for the ride and I have a fast transit from the Edo." He simply added. "It did help get me here a bit faster; you know Akira Class ships on route to station do tend to see the higher warp speeds and they were within a parsec of here so Command routed it to do a quick drop off and continue ma'am."

"That's good to hear. You'll be heading up a rather large department, which has been without a chief ever since we got started here. You have been told that you don't just lead strategic operations, but also the intel and tactical departments, I hope." Kate took a sip of her coffee.

"I have been told." He took a sip of his Coffee. "I like the Intel department as it is where I can get some steady information that is not included with the scheduled data download from Fleet HQ." McCord answered. "I will also be nagging Astrometrics for a tie off of their data feed as it is great for tracking assets in the quadrant."

"Go ahead. I'm sure there is a way to cooperate between both departments." Kate said.

"I am good at cooperation." He took a sip of coffee. "Anything outside the Norm that I should Know about Captain; any issue with Colony that need addressing from Tactical sense?"

"Officially no, everything is good down there. But off the record. We don't know anything about them. The station has done scans of course, and since research is down there we've gotten some more intel on the colony and its people. But from a tactical standpoint I have no idea what the colony has. Or doesn't have. There are a number of rumours about Marquis activity during the war. Feel free to find a way to gain more information, on the down low of course." Kate said. That concern had been in her mind for a few months but she never really had a opportunity to gather more information without the colony knowing what she really wanted to know.

"I'll take a stretching of my Land Legs as an excuse to go down and have a bit of a Walk About and maybe a shuttle ride to take in the sights, all tourist style." He winked. "That should give me an idea and maybe I might spend some time to get to know some of the locals?" He nod. "And aside from that and staying out of your hair is there anything you need of me Captain?"

She smiled when she heard his plan for getting the information she wanted. "No, that it for the moment."

"Thank you Captain." McCord nod to her. "I should get back to the job I was sent to do ma'am." He turned and departed.


Lt. Clint McCord
Chief Strategic Operations / Second Officer
Langley Station

Capt. Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


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