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[Valentine 2020] We were matched for a date? part 1.

Posted on Sat Mar 7, 2020 @ 1:06am by 2nd Lieutenant Duffy MacBain & Zemi N'Orgun
Edited on on Sun Jun 14, 2020 @ 2:39pm

Mission: First Unity
Location: Zemi's door
Timeline: Mission Day 58 at 1800


Duffy had on a suit jacket and tie, he wanted to make the best impression possible. This was his first posting and he wanted to make the most of this. The dating pop up had not been expected but he had replied and filled out the form. He had expected to get a list or something like no one matches with you. He had been surprised to learn he had a date for tonight. Not any real information either, just a name, contact information, and an address. So he had sent her a message confirming he would be at her door tonight at 0600 to take her out for dinner and if dinner went all right he had tickets for a theater on the strip.

So promptly at 1800 he stopped at her door and touched the comm. "Excuse me, this is Lt Duffy MacBain to escort one Ms Zemi N'Orgun to the SilverWolf Cafe for dinner."

Zemi had received several messages about the Human date night, but had thought her name wouldn't be added. Many Humans had problems with her because of her looks, being a tripod in a place full of bipeds made her stand out. The chime then the voice brought Zemi back to reality, looking in the mirror she checked her attire. She had opted for a long rose coloured skirt, at least it hide the fact she had three legs. Her blouse although open quite far down, showed little as Zemi didn't have a large bust. The colour being cream added to the illusion of a small bust, taking a deep breath she opened the door. "Envoy Zemi N'Orgun, welcome and blessing to your house". She slowly stepped out expecting some derogatory comment, not being womanly in the eye's of her own people she suspected a Human would think her more so.

Duffy was surprised at first as he noted the lilac eyes and white hair framing her face. She had sort of an exotic oriental appearance in the face that was quite appealing. His smile was genuine as he had expected her to ugly. That would have been the perfect prank for the new hotshot flyboy just arrived on the base. He offered her flowers bought on his way there from the arboretum gift shop. "Nice to meet you," his face became thoughtful as he stumbled. "Do you go by Zemi? I apologize for not knowing more of your customs, it is not something I am really good at."

He made eye contact once more, "although the upside is we have something to talk about tonight! You can tell me about yourself and the culture you came from." It was than he noticed she had three legs and his eyes betrayed the curious confusion. He did not hide it well but when he looked back into her eyes his smile returned. "Now that is not something I have seen before. He offered her his arm "I hope you don't mind a lot of questions because I am rather curious."

Duffy winked "promise though, not too many will be very personal!" His expression changed to concerned after he tried to joke with her. "I mean if you are still willing to go out with a rather uncultured flyboy? I saw you were a Diplomat and just being seen with a fighter pilot might damage your reputation?" He grimaced as he tried to joke yet again. He was nervous and he liked her face, she had calm beautiful eyes and that alone made him feel clumsy.

Looking at her companion, Zemi smiled back. She simply nodded, "My name is Zemi, I go by no other name. As for you being a pilot, I fought in the war as a fighter pilot so we have that in common". She excepted the flowers not knowing what to do with them, but placed them in a vase as she had noticed Humans do this. Zemi caught the look as he saw her three legs, but his smile once he looked at her face dispelled any hasty retort.

She now placed her hand on his heart, "Questions that seek knowledge require no explanation, as for personal knowledge. That maybe a different matter, but if you wish simply to abandon this meeting I will understand". Zemi stood in the corridor and waited for this Human to decide if he wanted to be with her, "My people are not well known by Federation citizens, I hope to change this by explaining my culture and Ojnas history". Zemi had to be honest with herself, being a female and acting as a female were totally different. She was female, and happy to be so. But acting as a female should, she had little or no knowledge of that.

"I will explain one fact to you now, I am unsure as to how one behaves on a date. I have had little contact with males of any species, so please excuse my ignorance if I offend you". Zemi felt it better to explain her awkwardness to this Human, that way he wouldn't think it normal Ojnas behaviour.

Duffy nodded, "well my experience in dating is not very expansive either so what say we just take it easy on each other. Care to talk on the way to the way to the SilverWolf? Maybe explaining some ground rules of etiquette where you come from? Like if we were to dance after dinner where would be appropriate to put my hands" He raised an eye brow "as well as what would insult you. I would much rather not get slapped in the face tonight if I can avoid it!"

Zemi glanced at the ground, "Where I come from, this would not be allowed. Ojnas do not normally entertain other species romantically, and there is a set distance a male and female must keep to be respectful". She looked at his eye's and smiled, "I promise I will do you no harm, and that will include this dancing you mentioned. I can not dance, I was never taught Ojnas dancing and I no nothing of Human dances".

She walked slowly beside Duffy and thought about being insulted, "I can not think of anything directly which would offend or insult me, as for touching in the appropriate places. In my culture males do not touch females unless they are physically joined". Zemi looked up and then back to Duffy, "I mean married, I apologise for my lack of knowledge". She reached out her hand towards Duffy, "I have read that Human couples hold hands, in a open display to show others they are a couple. Do you wish to openly show that we are a couple?"

Duffy listened carefully as he needed information. He was surprised when she offered him her hand. He slipped his into her's though and linked fingers with a gentle squeeze. "Zemi? I am not going to reject you as my date." His voice was concerned as he fought for the right words. "You just said your people don't touch unless 'joined'? Please you do not have to make yourself uncomfortable to make me less ill at ease. I am fine being seen with you, honest."

Since they were holding hands it was a bit awkward getting into the turbolift but they managed. Duffy would hold her hand firmly enough to make the contact noticeable but light enough she could recover her own hand without real effort. "Now you said you don't dance? Is that unwilling to or just not knowing how? If it is unwilling than I won't push it. However if it is just because you don't know how, well that is another matter altogether!" His taunting smile would be a clue he would be taking her dancing if it was just lack of experience.

"I said males and females do not touch unless joined, parents touch younglings. Brother and sister will touch and hold hands, it is the stranger who is forbidden to touch. I offered my hand to you, so I could experience a Human date fully. And I can not dance because I do not know how, being willing or unwilling has little to do with it". Zemi walked beside Duffy and lightly touched his mind, but just enough so he would notice. "It is this kind of touching to which the rules of touching fully apply, Humans need not worry, we Ojnas obey the laws on this".

He did not quite understand what she was saying. For a moment he thought she was calling him brother which made touching okay. Then she said that holding his hand was the type the rules applied too? Duffy was too confused to even ask what she meant. he felt a tickle at the edge of his mind and realized she was a telepath. Walking out of the turbolift was easier now that he had an idea how she moved. it was not much different but he had never met anyone with three legs before. "Well we shall see how brave you are than Zemi. I just happen to know there is a ballroom dance club on this deck and you my new found friend are going to learn how to dance."

He tilted his head making eye contact "if you are against it than we won't go. Just the same you should think about it, even if it is just to complete your research on human dating."

"I sense confusion in you, perhaps I am overloading your understanding about my species. I will attempt to go slower, so there is no mis-understanding". She followed Duffy slowly, unsure if he fully understood her. She was Ojnas, and she had centuries of tradition and training to overcome. Holding hands for her was a large step, but her research had shown this was expected of couples in this environment. As for dancing, this also could be difficult. Humans have 2 legs, she has 3 and so what to do with that third leg? "Does telepathy offend you Lieutenant? For we Ojnas, it is how we mostly communicate. And indeed how we know others of our kind are nearby, as we are all linked in what you would call a network". She walked quicker to catch Duffy up, and thought about what food would be available.

Duffy tilted his head. "I honestly can not say I am comfortable with having someone see inside my head. On the other hand I don't really have any secrets. I think you are trustworthy so feel free but on one condition. I am not a telepath so my thoughts are not so well guarded? I think that is what I want to say. Anyway when your in my head, I am a guy, I am also young. You have a pretty face, a bit exotic and sexy. You have beautiful eyes that are very expressive. "So you go in my head you have to be willing to forgive any random thoughts of me kissing you, or trying to figure out how to be closer to you."

His face started to color as he spoke. " You see human guys think a lot about being in contact with women. We often fool around with several partners before we settle down with someone we feel a special connection toward. Your race sounds much different and my thoughts might be offensive to you. Thing is I sort of live inside my head and have many fantasies. Things inside my head like that is what we humans call an imagination. Looking at extreme outcomes is something we often do in order to deal with the reality we see."

Duffy shrugged, "so you have been warned. You can go inside my head but be prepared for a rather chaotic experience. I just hope you won't hold what you see in my mind against me. I am better than the thoughts in my head."

Zemi couldn't help but giggle at Duffy's response, "Pardon my humour, but I can not just enter your mind. It is forbidden to do so, I wished you to know that we can. I did not read or pry into your thoughts, they are private to you and so must be respected". She looked at him and smiled, "Young male Ojnas also have those thoughts, so please do not be embarrassed by them. I to have thoughts on males, which I do not want others to know about". She hoped her explanation and frank honesty would place Duffy at ease, she didn't want him to feel unhappy at being with a telepath.

Duffy squeezed her hand nodded his head as they entered the restaurant. "Thank you for understanding. I am not very adept at dating myself. All my time since I reached an adult age has been spent making me the best fighter pilot I could be. I am not really a good example to study as a date." His smile grew as he held a chair for her, "so we learn together. Sort of like life should be. We can learn together one from the other." He sat across from her and watched the server approach. "Have you been here before? Seems really cozy like."

Zemi shook her head, "No never, I do not socialise with the other crew members. I think they find it difficult to talk to me, this is why I found it surprising when you arrived at my cabin. I thought you may find a way to excuse yourself, once you saw me". She stood nervously awaiting someone to mention her differences, and her similarities to 8472.

"Well Zemi I hate to tell ya but you are indeed socializing right now. So please sit back down and order your dinner." He winked "no worries you got me here to make sure no one gives you a hard time." He pointed at the menu "you might want to look at that before we order? There is a decent variety of food types. I do hope at least some appeal to you."

Slowly sitting down, Zemi took a careful look at the menu. The choice was indeed vast, but she chose a dish she had tried by accident and found she liked. "I will have roast Chicken and French fries please", she then turned the menu over and looked at the beverages. It looked good, it even looked right. But that's where her knowledge stopped, just what each beverage was escaped her. Placing the menu down she smiled embarrassed, "What does one drink when eating roast Chicken and French fries?"

"I normally drink a soda, like coke, or ginger ale. Most men I know would drink a beer. People with more refined taste might pick a white wine. On the other hand water is always a good choice." Duffy shrugged "If you want to drink wine I will order us a bottle and drink it with you. If you decide on a beer I will just get a coke. Hope that answers your question?"

She sat and thought about it, then an answer suddenly came to her. "Could I have a Vanilla Milkshake? I have heard that it is a tasty drink, one that has connections to the Ojnas first contact with the Federation". Zemi smiled at her solution, perhaps this dating might be a way to end her being constantly alone.

"Absolutely and a milk shake goes well with any meal. In fact it is like having dessert with the meal." Duffy waved over the server "The Lady here will have roast chicken and french frys. As well as a vanilla milkshake. For me I will have the southern fried chicken and french frys, I will have a chocolate milkshake. Thank you."

Once the server went to place the order Duffy made eye contact. "if you like you can taste my shake and see the difference between chocolate and vanila. I don't mind letting you take a sip of mine, I am not fussy like that. You can drink first though, I am curious as to which you will prefer."

Duffy's offer to allow her to taste his milkshake surprised her greatly, "I am grateful you allow me such a privilege, to offer a stranger the first taste of your own food". She now started to turn a rosy red colour, all over. Zemi noticed several concerned glances from the other diners, "It is a natural response, we openly show our emotions through colour change. But unlike Humans, our whole body will change colour". She now asked Duffy an question, and in a way she was scared of the reply. "Lieutenant, would it be impolite of me to ask. But could we repeat this event at a later date, I mean have another date please?"

Duffy smiled and nodded "of course, I mean if you can put up with me. I tend to rub people the wrong way as often as not." Duffy realized he should give her a more serious reply. Zemi, I would be honored to have another date with you. "Although I warn you a second date would mean a kiss good night when before I leave." Reaching across the table he took her hand "Zemi, you need not be nervous, you can ask me anything, although be warned I will answer. Might be more information than you desire?"

Taking a deep breath, Zemi stood up and leaned across the table. She looked into Duffy's eye's and then kissed him full on the lips, she then sat back down rapidly. "I apologise, I have read what kissing is. But I have never kissed before, so when you mentioned it I................" She now went a bright Lobster red, all over. But Zemi was determined to make this date work, "What else do Humans do on dates? I saw in a holo-novel a mention of making out, what is making out?"

Duffy was startled but not so much as to not kiss her back. "You know there is no need to apologize but a little warning would be nice." He listened to her question, inhaled deeply as he thought about how to answer. "Zemi, making out involves more physical contact. Touching parts of the body that heat each others blood. Much of it is kissing, but a lot is body to body contact. Making out in the beginning would be with your cloths on, but the deeper the relationship gets than making out becomes a bit more contact skin to skin."

Humans would consider kissing and holding each other making out as showing affection one for the other. As the pair get closer the contact gets more personal." Duffy laughed "humans would say first base was kissing, second base was fondling a woman's breast, third base would be touching even more intimate. So you see making out is a rather vague term encompassing many stages of closeness of a couple."

Duffy's eyes never left Zemi's as he added "now tonight normally I would not have kissed a lady on the first date. Since you kissed me already however tonight when we part i shall kiss you. It will be less sudden and last longer. I do think you will enjoy it more."



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