Langley Station

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[Valentine 2020] What am I doing here?!?

Posted on Fri Jun 5, 2020 @ 8:33am by Chief Petty Officer Tharia sh'Kari & 2nd Lieutenant Chang WangXi

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 48 - Crew Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 21 at 2000


With the message in hand Tharia headed for the location she was suppose to show up. She had no idea why for, all the message gave was a time and location and the name of a person she was suppose to meet. And the title Blind Date, but she had no idea what that was. How could a day on a calendar be blind?

Arriving at the lounge she noticed a lot of people were in the lounge, maybe they had received the same message about a broken calender. She looked around for the person she was suppose to meet, when she saw him she headed for him and immediately asked "Are you Lieutenant WangXi?"

Chang's face brighten as he replied "That is who I am, on that we most certainly can agree. You my Dear must be the lovely Chief Tharia sh'Kari whom I am to meet here at this very hour. So nice of you to arrive on time." Chang bowed at the waist a little, his eyes on the Andorian. "So would you like to begin our date with a drink at the bar or would you prefer just going to be seated for dinner?"

Date?!? Tharia thought in panic. How? What? "Is that what a blind date is?" she managed to asked.

Chang laughed and stepped closer his arm snaking around her waist as he spoke. "AhhHa so I sense your confusion my Lovely blue beauty. "The service stated I would be matched with a like minded, socially acceptable lady to share an evening with as a sort of icebreaker for those like me newly arrived to the base. I am neither blind which would be a horrible misjustice. I mean not being able to see such a succulent specimen of the female body would be a horror beyond description. Since I can see though, I know you have had a chance to partake of the vision that is me, myself, one Chang WangXi. I am most happy yo make your acquaintance."

He was not the strongest so when he tried to guide her toward the table reserved for them it was rather awkward. Realizing she was not going to cooperate with his flirty attempt to sway her he winked "there is our table? You certainly are a well built, solid and strong body type. You must work out a lot."

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow as she sad down. "I'm a former member of the Andorian Defense Force and have been stationed on Federation vessels in the Security or Strategic Operations department. It would be a bit weird if I weren't working out, would it not?" She said still acclimating to the change of her evening. Once they were both seated she said. "I think I owe you an apology. I did not properly read the sign up sheet, apparently, but that is not fair to you. Shall we start over and have a nice meal?" She used all the recollection of any lessons in diplomacy she had over the years.

"No need to begin anew as we barely got started as it is. We at this point only know each others names. That and you are quite beautiful. How is it you have a free evening to court me? I would only guess you saw my picture and felt your heart strings tighten to get to know me better. Life can be like that I have heard. One minute lonely with no real soul mate to cling too. The next your heart filled with desire for no apparent reason. I am honored a beauty such as yourself has found me desirable. I am only just arrived here though, so we will take it slow. Ahh, the menus. Please avail yourself. I would wait to see what you ordered to select a wine for the meal. If that is suitable to you my Dear."

Tharia smiled. He really had a way with words. normally she would give a short reply back to any kind of flirting as she wasn't interested in flirting or anything that came from that. Been there, done that! But whether is was that she hugely misunderstood or his flirting, she couldn't say to him she didn't pick him at all and was only here because she was expecting a work related meeting. As she looked at the menu she tired ordering something more fancy then the simply meal she would probably have replicated if she weren't here with him. "I'll go for the salmon." she simply said.

"An excellent choice. I usually go with white wine for fish but this seems a special occasion and the way it is prepared I believe a red Pinot Noir would be a better choice. "i shall have the same with asparagus spears and white rice." Once the server had the order and left Chang moved his hand so his fingers tapped the top of her's, Now than Tharia just what is on your mind right now. Have no fear my beauty, you can be as graphic as you like, I can handle it."

"So, tell me a bit more about yourself?" Tharia asked quickly, before he would turn the question around.

Chang shook his head "now really? Answering a question with a question on an entirely different subject. You can do better than that. I am sure you were not thinking who is this guy and where did he come from. I am positive your imagination is much better than that. I mean looking at all this package." He waved his hands from head to under the table as if displaying goods offered. "Now try again my lovely Goddess, what are you desiring right now?"

Before she could reply that question Tharia's combadge beeped. She was needed by her collegues. "I'm so sorry, I need to go. Can we continue this some other time?" She said as she stood up. After he nodded she headed for the door. Before leaving the room she looked back once more and shook her head. She might not have planned this meeting, but she would definitely contact him some later time. And left the room with a smile on her face.


2ndLT Chang WangXi
Fighter pilot
Langley Station

CPO Tharia sh'Kari
Langley Station


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