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Business Matters

Posted on Tue Feb 11, 2020 @ 12:00pm by Lieutenant Domin Wolfe

Mission: First Unity
Location: Domin's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 54 at 1800

He hadn't really been in his quarters a lot recently, or since his arrival at all. Domin had thrown himself into his work as he always did, and this station required the full attention of him. It was huge, a large responsibility to keep all the working parts moving and he was still getting used the number of staff he had.

When he ran his company, Wolfe Methods, he had staff but nothing on this scale. He liked to keep his roster small, that helped keep the secrets they worked on, the technologies they made and the trust between them solid.

Wolfe Methods was now ran by his brother Ol, second oldest of all the siblings. This was decided as he was previously the COO and when Domin decided to make his Starfleet stay more permanent. Domin was still in charge, held the most of the company but left the day to day running of the place to Ol.

He was relaxing on the couch and had just closed his eyes when the familiar noise of the communications system pinged. He sighed and rose from his seat to collect the interactive computer system and placed is on the table in front of his couch.

Activating it he noticed the face of his brother appear in a projection above.

"Ol, this is a surprise. We didn't have a scheduled meeting for another week." Domin said before his brother began the conversation.

"I know Dom. I just figured I'd see how you were settling in to station life, and talk a little business on the side." Ol replied with a smile. A smile that could have blinded the sharpest of eyes.

"You had your teeth done again?" Domin asked squinting a little bit, half seriously, half joking.

"Oh shut up. There is nothing wrong with looking your best." Ol bit back.

"Yeah, that's not something you ever fail at." Domin replied with a laugh. "I am settling in fine, I cannot complain. This place is keeping me busy and I think you interrupted my first time sitting on the couch."

"Well you know better than to waste energy. I must have sensed you needed a kick up the ass." Ol laughed as he found himself hilarious.

Domin knew that all Ol did was sit in that office, take corporate trips and schmooze with the elite of the customers they sold products too.

"We have a rather large commission I'd like your input on..." Ol continued once he had calmed himself down.

"Oh? Do tell." Domin replied leaning forward. Not that it would help him hearing but it showed an interest and Ol liked it when he had the full attention of those he spoke too. He loved the power of it, the feel of being the one that held all the cards.

"Kaitos wants us to make them a transwarp conduit, or a folding transporter." Ol stated quite simply.

Domin closed his eyes, almost astonished about the request. He could feel a certain annoyance, rage in him that his people were playing with a similar fire that brought the Borg onto them in the first place. "It is a non-starter, we do not have the vessels to be able to traverse a conduit. The sheer force of the conduit itself would crush anything we have." Domin said calmly, he had took some deep breaths before speaking that had helped.

"I did say that, I pushed them onto the folding transporter idea." Ol replied looking smug and happy with himself.

"Ol…" Domin began sighing at his younger brother. "Our people have not built one of these since before The Exodus, and for good reason."

Ol went to open his mouth but Domin cut him off. "They want to go back to El Auria, don't they?" he asked.

Ol was silent for a moment but looked defeated before even putting up a fight. "They believe there is benefit of returning, to try and retrieve some artefacts and see what the shape of our world looks like."

"Looks like?!" Domin's voice raised. "The Borg have assimilated it, our moons too. There will be nothing left... Is this Feshau's idea?"

Crailo Feshau, a member of the Grand Council and leader of planetary defence and safety. He was always pushing to make them to make moves to make Kaitos more offensive, and that one of the reason El Auria fell so quickly was due to their more passive nature.

"Maybe." Ol admitted.

"Ol, he is always risking too much. I know he wants the security of Kaitos to be paramount and I am with him on that but building a folding transporter will only antagonise an enemy we thought we were better than. "

"Only you can say yes to this Dom. No-one else knows how to build one and I think you could make us some good connections if you do. The Grand Council are always best kept on your side, you know that." Ol pleaded.

"I will do so on one condition." Domin offered, and Ol could see where this was going. "Hopki needs to sign off on this, contact me personally and tell me why he truly thinks it would be a good idea to poke the Geeva nest."

"You and Antho have not spoken since you cracked him across the jaw in 2332." Ol sighed.

"Then I guess you better prove how much of a schmoozer of the higher powers you are Ol. That is the only way I will consider it. For as much as Hopki and I don't see eye to eye, he always has our best interests at heart and if he says this is for the benefit of our people then I will be more inclined to approve it." Domin replied, with a serious tone but also one of resignation and regret over his relationship with the Chairman of the Grand Council.

"I guess I have some work to do then." Ol stated with a certain amount of annoyance himself.

"I guess you do." Domin added. "You can let me know when you finally get through to him. Gods be with you brother." With that Domin closed the channel and then pinched the bridge of his nose.

What were the council up too?

Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Chief of Station Operations
Langley Station


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