Langley Station

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Page 2 Pirate Intercept: Hurry up and Wait

Posted on Thu Jun 18, 2020 @ 9:23pm by 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud & 2nd Lieutenant Scott Darby & Lieutenant Clint McCord & Lieutenant Megan DuBois & Lieutenant Kror Gar'Rel & Lieutenant JG John Warren & Captain Jason Steward

Mission: First Unity
Location: Flight Control/Command
Timeline: Mission Day 71 at 0805


Voiceman switched back to the channel to the base. "Langley, be advised, we have been engaged by an unidentified Klingon freighter. Ship is a heavily modified D-5 class Klingon cruiser. We have been attacked by Scorpion interceptors and fired on by the ship itself, one of our fighters lost. We have the ejection pod, but need SAR for rescue. Sending our present location now. Request orders as to the freighter."

John Warren heard the call over his headset and immediately sprung from a reclined position to bolt upright, but his response didn’t follow the same stead. “Stand by.”

"This is flight leader Frosty, and standing by. We have the hostile freighter boxed in and we can hold station here as needed. The hostile ship has not fired on us since we took out their disruptor banks. Be advised the ship is armed.”

John turned to face the officer in charge, and without even the faintest bit of time blurted out, “Our fighter squadron has been ambushed. Modified D-5, and Scorpion interceptors. Your orders?”

“Order them to engage,” Hawk commanded from the center of the room. “Ready the Marines. We might need them. And tell the shuttle bay to stand by.” He tapped the communicator badge on his chest. “Medical bay, please ready a small group of away team medics.”

John relayed the command. “You are ordered to engage the enemy, I repeat engage. Support craft will be on route shortly.”

Ranulf smiled at that. "Yes, sir. We have engaged, and we need a boarding team. These people are hostile, so I would advise an assault boarding team. We will remain on station till reinforcements arrive. Also I need a SAR team ASAP. My pilot is inside a pod and seems fine, but it is not a good place to be. Frosty out."

"The appropriate teams will be with you ASAP," John replied, in full knowledge that Hawk had begun assembling them already.

==Flight deck for response team loading==

As the Marine assault transports were being prepped for launch, the order for bodies had gone out. The news came over the intercom, and those Marines in the barracks prepared for boarding actions. Several were told to stand down, as they had base duties to perform. Others were not certified for boarding actions. The duty officer just shrugged as he sent the first twenty marines to pass inspection for space boarding were cleared. It was chaotic and sort of insane, but the training showed. Those first twenty were on the flight deck in under six minutes.

Assault shuttle 1 was under command of Major Wells himself. His team would consist of ten Marines for the assault, five Security to aid in the assault, but their main duty would be to secure prisoners as taken. There were two medics to handle injuries, and three crew from Engineering and Operations to help with restoring the ship or setting it to self destruct if necessary.

Five of the Marines that showed up for his team were from both platoons aboard the stations. A team leader named Corporal Jack Wynter had been part of a special boarding team on a border patrol ship. In his team were two scout/snipers loaded out with phaser carbines, but they had ballistic pistols just in case phasers would not work. They also carried combat knives and a tomahawk for close quarters. Their names were Kabar Brannigan and Brayker Sledge. Both were PFCs with some experience in boarding actions before they arrived here. Filling out the team was a squad weapons expert Private Mike Gannon, and a sapper Private First Class Jack Stryker.


The second assault shuttle team would be commanded by Lieutenant Gar'Rel. He would have the same load out as Major Wells. Among his Marines were a team leader Corporal Carol Bishop, two riflemen privates Nathan Snow and Darrick Nolan, plus a scout/sniper team consisting of Private First Class Alexa Loken and a Ferengi named simply Testor.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we don't know what we'll find, so keep your heads on a swivel." Kror said in his deep baritone.

Two Starfleet officers boarded the second shuttle, both with ensign pips, and both female. The one in red was Human, attractive, with dark blonde hair and enticing grey eyes. She smiled, friendly, at the Marines.

“Hey, boys,” she greeted. “I’m Sophia St. Claire, and I will be your pilot for this flight. Please keep your seatbacks upright and your trays up and in the locked position. Please remain seated and your seatbelts secured until the seatbelt light goes off,” she joked, brushing a lock of hair back behind her ear. “Oh, and this is my friend Lysia. Please be nice to her, or we’ll have words after,” she said with a smile.

The other officer wore yellow. She was Bolian, and looked to be around thirteen years old, very petite. She had her hands disappeared into the sleeves of her uniform jacket, except for the hand that carried an engineer’s work kit. She stared down at her shoes.

“Lysia’s a little shy. She’s here to help if you run into any engineering problems that you can’t blow up or pound angrily into submission. Keep her safe, and I won’t have to space you on the way home.” She winked playfully at the Marines.


The third shuttle was to be used as the SAR team to pick up the loose pilot and as a hospital boat for those wounded during the assault. Other than the medical team, there was a security team to deal with any problems. The pilot was Second Lieutenant Catherine Craft, and she was known as the Ice Queen.. She had been a fashion model till she got sick of the hype and went to the Academy to escape her previous life. She had a knack for being a pilot, and she found her niche flying SAR missions. She rounded up her crew and rescue team. "Let us be on our way, people. There is a poor, lonely, frightened fighter pilot out in the black just waiting for our arrival to welcome him home."

Devon Trillion was the first of the Medical team to be on the SAR shuttle. From a Marine medic to the search and rescue gave him some skills. He was just zipping up the space suit, his gear nestled in the shuttle as always. His job was the same as old scuba divers. He went to the hostile environments or vacuum of space to the person to be rescued. His Trill heritage helped him in both his medical pursuits as well as the searching part of the rescue.

The rest of the team arrived shortly and moved to their seats with professional awareness. They buckled in and gave the crew chief a thumbs up once secure.

"Come on people," Jason said. "Let's get out there. We've got a job to do." This mission was either going to be a perfect opportunity to test how the different departments were able to work together, or it was going to be a true disaster of figuring out who held seniority and would be the person to order what would happen. He zipped up the last of his flight suit and climbed the steps to the cockpit of his fighter.

Spitfire, a 2nd Lieutenant named Mandy Travis, was Jason’s wing for this flight, and she had buckled into her fighter and was just finishing her preflight checks when the senior pilot spoke. "Spitfire armed and ready to fly, Captain. Say, I just got off the boat and cleared for duty. What do I call you, sir, like now on missions?"

Even as she asked, the mission got the green light to launch. Spitfire would follow Jason out of the ship with a loud "Yeehaw" yell. She would form properly and remain in formation as they flew to the jump off point just the same.


The two assault shuttles would form on the leader's port wing, Spitfire and the SAR shuttle on the starboard wing, in a spearhead formation. With the flight plan, course and speed loaded it would just be a matter of reaching the jump off point and getting the order to go to warp from Jason.

Ice Queen, piloting the SAR shuttle, spoke using the intercom as they went to warp, "Time to party, people. Too late to back out now."

Trillion had his suit on minus the helmet as he checked the restraints. He was like the old diver who went into the water and brought back the rescued person to be treated. If no more than one he would use his med-tech rating to help the person brought aboard.

"Take her away. I am dressed and nowhere to go." Trillion gave a half joke, half report of status.

Sophia eased the second shuttle off the landing pad and out into the blackness of space. She took up the support position, behind and a little above Shuttle One to the port side of the formation. “Nap while you can,” she announced.

Lysia sat scrunched up in her seat between two big Marines, hugging her tool kit. She kept her head down and didn’t speak.

Kror sat in the co-pilot seat. He felt cramped. The shuttle obviously wasn't made with 1.93m humanoid bear in mind. He let out a small growl as his knee hit the shuttle's dashboard.


Ensign Sophia St. Claire
NPC Megan DuBois

Ensign Lysia Arlin
NPC Megan DuBois

Lieutenant Kror Gar'Rel
Strategic Operations Officer
NPC Anahera Chernova

Chief Petty Officer Devon Trillion
Rescue Medical Technician.
NPC Clint McCord

2ndLieutenant Ranulf MacCloud
fighter pilot

2ndLieutenant Scott Darby
fighter pilot

2ndLieutenant Catherine Crafte
Shuttle pilot

CPL Jack Wynter
PFC Kabar Brannig
PFC Brayker Sledge
PVT Mike Gannon
PFC Jack Stryker.
Marine Fire Team

CPL Carol Bishop
PVT Nathan Snow
PVT Darrick Nolan
PFC Alexa Loken
PVT Testor.
Marine Fire Team


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