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The Christmas Ball - Part Three

Posted on Wed Feb 14, 2018 @ 10:45pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Daniel Boyd M.D. & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Tue Sep 17, 2019 @ 7:46pm

Mission: First Dawn
Location: Langley Station - Deck 18 - Crew Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 61 at 2030


"Well...not everyone", she mutters the last part as she feels more then just happiness. But that would happen in a room with different people, sadness, anxiety, nervousness. Annoyance...She easily takes a glass of wine being offered to her.

Kate approached 'Santa' trying very hard not to show her annoyance. "What are you doing here?" she asked when she stood beside him. Others had started mingling again instead of looking at them.

"What is a Christmas party without Santa?" he asked. When Kate didn't look the slightest happy with that answer he said. "What's the problem? Don't like surprised, kleintje?"

Sitok walked closer to Kate and the man in red, one eyebrow cocked in puzzlement. "Certain cultural references could be omitted for a more enjoyable evening." He raised his glass in a salute before taking a sip, his face not betraying emotion.

"Commander, may I introduce you to my brother, David." Turning to David, she said. "David, my first officer Sitok. Apparently my brother decided to pay me a visit."

Sitok bowed respectfully. "Welcome aboard Langley Station. I was not aware that you had come aboard. When did you arrive?"

"About an hour ago. Catched a ride here on a few ships. When I tried to reach my little sister here I was told she was unavailable because of this event, so I decided to join the party." David explained. Loving the way his sister was acting. All embarrassed and annoyed. After 30 years he still didn't get tired of stepping on her toes.

"For the millionth time, 10 minutes doesn't count. But could you please wait in my quarters until this party is over?"

Sitok furrowed his brow at clearly a human family situation. The captain's brother seemed rather chaotic. Hopefully time will tell whether that becomes a problem. "Please excuse me." He turned to walk away and meet some of the other officers that had entered the room.

After taking a few sips of the wine, Nehini glanced around again and found her eyes settling on Captain Kate, Commander Sitok and someone else she didn't recognize. Who was dressed in a red suit with what looked to be a fake beard and white hair, complete with a hat. She found the look amusing, and couldn't help but stare longer then normal. Until she felt the negative emotions from the Captain and this person, and felt the desire to look away, not wanting to be nosy. And then she felt her shy nature take over as she realized just how crowded the place was. Or it felt that way to her and she suddenly wanted to go find somewhere to sit down, and not paying attention fully, she ended up bumping into someone.

"Oh, do forgive me", she said quickly, and directed her gaze to the person.

Ishreese was wearing a deep plum coloured silk dress, one which made her blue skin seem pale. She entered the mess and was impressed by the decor. While it looked impressive and as though winter had arrived upon the station, Ishresse was slightly disappointed that the temperature had not been changed to match it, she preferred the cold. She collected a glass of wine as she entered the hall and took a small sip. She smiled as she moved further into the room, her antennae moving quickly this way and that, soaking in the festive atmosphere. As she stood and admired the party Ishresse felt somebody bump into her and quickly apologize.

She shook her head "It's quite alright" she said her antennae focusing on the woman who had collided with her "I don't believe we've met, Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross, Chief Diplomatic Officer" She stuck her hand out in the human custom, it was a gesture that she had found to be quite effective at breaking the ice over the years "and you are?"

After David had left, with even more flair as when he entered, Kate took a new glass of wine from a nearby table and continued to go around the room. Telling her self to calm down.

Hannah who wore a black cocktail dress, walked up to Kate having observed the interaction between her and David. "Family, huh, you can't live with them, can't throw them out an airlock." A smile was n her face.

"Amen to that," Kate said with a smile.

Nehini sighed with relief that she wasn't making someone mad already on her first stay here, even before she started counseling, which wouldn't of been good. She squeezed the woman's hand back, and smiled at her. "I am glad, and I am the new Chief Counselor on board, my name is Nehini Naix. I have just arrived recently in fact",she spoke as she placed her hand back to her side, and lightly brushed her fingers across the silk of her purple dress as she felt a little shy. Despite being a counselor, she could be shy at times. "Its so crowded here, its been awhile since I have been in such an atmosphere as this one, and with the Earth holiday Christmas, it is so festive, wouldn't you say?", she asked in an attempt to start a conversation.

Ishresse smiled, her antennae quivering "It is festive, the humans do enjoy their celebrations, and they have very many of them. Have you attended any of them, aside form today?"

Shook her head as she took another sip from her wine. "No, despite being in Starfleet and around humans I have never celebrated any of their holidays with them. So, this will be my first time...", looked around her as she found she loved all the lights and music, before she looked back at Ishresse. "It seems we are both new here? I have read everyone's records but yours, and I figured that's because you also just arrived?"

Ishresse nodded "Yes, I only arrived a couple of days ago, although I haven't read any personnel files yet." She took a sip of her drink "As a diplomatic officer I have attended many celebrations from many different cultures, and I must say, human celebrations are some of the most entertaining."

Placed her drink down on a passing tray, but not before nodding her thanks to the waiter. "I do agree, its very festive here. And a warm feeling is in the air, though it still doesn't change everyone's feelings, that will always be present. But celebrations as these does lower the negative feelings. Have you been to any Betazoid celebrations? Now they do know how to celebrate! So positive and alive", smiled at the memories. "You are lucky to have experienced so many different cultures and their celebrations. I may be asking you questions in the future!", winked at Ishresse in a friendly way as she continued walking around the room with her. The evening seemed to be going rather well.


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Lt. Cmdr. Sitok
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Lt. Cmdr. Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.
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Langley Station

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Chief Counselor
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Lieutenant JG Daniel Boyd M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Langley Station

SCPO Erik Thorson
Chief Engineer
Langley Station


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