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[Valentine 2020] The Blind Date

Posted on Tue Mar 10, 2020 @ 10:39pm by Lieutenant Megan DuBois & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud

Mission: First Unity
Location: Level 9-11 Q
Timeline: Mission Day 58 at 1800

Ranulf was wearing his best jeans, a denim shirt, and a black leather flight jacket. It was the best he had other than his dress uniform. He still could not believe he had gotten himself into this mess. It had been the evening they came aboard the station, and the Tower officer had invited the whole flight to a bar for drinks. He himself did not drink, but it was a place to get information on the base and maybe learn some gossip. They had split up almost as soon as they got there, each following their own interest. Just as they were splitting up, a woman with nice eyes had bumped him on purpose. She had a padd and a nice body.

She had asked him if he was new on the base, which he had said he was. She had asked him if he was single, and he admitted to that as well. She had asked him to sign up on the padd, and he had. Then she had vanished into the crowd? He was confused by the oddness, but let it go. He figured his winning personality had left him to crash and burn once more.

The next day he had received a message that he had a blind date with one Lieutenant Megan DuBois. He checked the log, and it was no prank. He had signed up for some dating service? Just great! He was in a pickle here. He did not want to be rude, but a blind date?

He had debated what he should do, but her picture was stunning. She had truly beautiful eyes. Her face appeared very young, but she was a full lieutenant, so she had to be old enough to date, right? He finally decided to take the chance. After all, what could go wrong? He would have dinner at a place named Gino's with a beautiful lady. She would think him a dork, and he would never hear from her again.

So he was there at her door. He touched the comm, and announced himself. "Excuse me. I am your blind date for tonight. Ranulf MacCloud." He had bought a dozen yellow roses and a box of chocolates from Earth. He hoped she was not Betazoid! She didn't look like she was, anyway.

After a few moments, the doors slid open. “Entre, a sweet voice instructed in French from the bedroom. Un moment. I will be right out.”

A moment later a teenage girl of about sixteen came from the bedroom. She had the same stunning eyes and face of the picture from the personnel file. But she was definitely a teenager! She wore a little black dress that did things to her teenage body that made thoughts come to mind that shouldn’t about a minor half your age. Her head was bent to the side as she attached sapphire drop earrings that matched her blue eyes.

“Ranulf?” Megan paused to look him up and down. He was tall, a foot taller than she was. Thank God for the stiletto heels she wore, giving her a few extra inches of height and altering her body posture to maximum effect in drawing attention to her feminine attributes. “I’m Megan.” The teenager flashed a gorgeous smile as she offered her hand to the handsome pilot.

Shifting the candy to his other hand, Ranulf took Megan’s hand gently, unsure what was going on here. He raised an eyebrow and tilted his head. "You are Lieutenant Megan Dubois? You are much younger than I thought. I made plans for dinner and dancing after, if that is okay with you." He remembered the flowers and candy and offered them to her. "These are for you, Megan." He was sure now he was being played for a fool. No matter. She was a nice girl, and he would not take it out on her. He was going to rip a few new butt-holes at that dating club though.

"Tell me, have you been assigned to Langley base very long? You must be quite a prodigy, having gained such rank in so short a timespan." He felt a little flattery might make her feel more at ease. He would take her to dinner and dance with her. Get her home early and go smash some heads together after.

Megan smiled. “Thank you,” she said, smelling the flowers. “Let me replicate a vase for them. Just a moment.”

There was an enticing sway to her teenage hips as she walked over to the replicator for a vase and water. “I understand your confusion,” she said. “I don't know about a prodigy, but it took me the normal amount of time. I’m actually older,” she explained. “There was a transporter accident that locked my body at sixteen.” She came back to Ranulf, brushing her hair from her sparkling blue eyes as she looked up at him.

She was locked in a body of a teenager? He was watching her eyes and he saw nothing to make him think she was being deceptive. "That is one of the strangest things I ever heard. I can see how some might think that a blessing, I mean, aging does mean things to a body." He offered his arm to her. "But I would still not have to deal with that. In fact, I won't even ask how difficult that has to be for you."

Ranulf laughed with the humor touching his eyes. "You understand, if you can stand me you might be stuck with dating me when you have time." He looked at her and nodded. "Yepper. I have no doubt that no decent woman is going to look at me twice after they see me with jailbait like you! Because you know this is going to get around fast. Big Jock fighter pilot seen dating a beautiful teenager half his age." He showed no reluctance to continue. If she took his arm, they would be on their way to dinner. "Anyway, my name is Ranulf, and I can take the heat if it comes my way. Ready to go?"

Megan smiled. “Happy to find someone not turned off by it. Or, well, too pervy,” she said, taking Ranulf’s arm. “In some cultures, I’m an adult,” she teased, giving him a wink as he led her off to the night he had planned.

Ranulf shrugged. "If you were really a teenager I would still take you out to eat and dance with you, but it would be so I did not embarrass a young girl or hurt her feelings. You, on the other hand, I am guessing are actually much older than you look, so you know about life. Just so I have an idea what I am dealing with here, I am thirty, never married. Are you older or younger than me?" Ranulf knew better than to be rude and ask her age. Still, this was somewhat of an odd circumstance. He felt it was not an unfair question. He tapped the panel for the turbolift as he waited for an answer.

“Older,” Megan answered, stepping into the lift when it arrived, though she didn’t divulge much more, or just how old, leaving it to Ranulf just how old she might be. “And divorced,” she allowed that tidbit of information to be divulged. “So yes, I know my way around dating.” She flashed him a flirtatious smile.

Ranulf selected the deck and spoke their destination. He had been an enlisted marine for a long time. Being at the Academy had not polished him very much, and he blushed slightly after saying what he said. It still came out rather bold, yet innocent. "So you have the best of all worlds, I guess. Experience in life, and a nice tight butt of a teenager. I guess a lot of women might envy you that,"

Megan laughed. “So you noticed,” she teased Ranulf. “Also all the weird chemicals in the brain that make me moody, depressed, and hor--” She cut herself off. “Well, let’s just say puberty the second time around isn’t much better than the first time,” she told Ranulf as she leaned against the wall of the lift while they rode it to their destination.

"I shall endeavor to not take advantage of your misfortunes, Megan." Ranulf laughed. "I imagine you are quite a handful if caught on a bad day though." The lift opened onto the strip and Ranulf offered his arm to her. "Well, my dear, this place called Gino's was top of the list on places to eat aboard the station. So I do hope it stacks up to the billing so I do not make a poor first impression." He made eye contact. "Shall we make an entrance?"

Megan laughed. “Oh, please, don’t be afraid to take advantage,” she said with a teasing teenage smirk at the older man.

Walking off the lift with Ranulf, Megan said, “Oh, Gino’s is wonderful. You made a great choice, mon chere,” she told him. “And Gino knows me, so there won’t be any trouble with the wine menu.” She chuckled. “You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is for a minor to get a drink on this station.”

Ranulf pulled her arm close to him and peered down into her eyes, the naughty notions plain to see in his eyes. "Megan? Did you really just suggest to a pilot that he should take advantage of a beautiful lady? Really? I mean, well, if that is the case, I shall endeavor to behave in a downright scandalous manner." His free hand cupped her chin and he leaned down kissing her lips. It was in no fashion a kiss you would give your sister. It was a true end of the movie passionate kiss. After he left his lips linger on her's, he lifted his face enough to see her eyes. "Feel free to slap me, Megan. It was well worth the slap."

Megan closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss, lightly, enticingly, pressing her lithe teenage body against his as she returned the passion. Despite her age, it was clear she was experienced as her tongue danced with his until they both came up for air. She gave him a smile and then a light slap on the cheek. “The nerve!” she said flirtatiously before turning and flouncing into Gino’s.

The scent of delicious food and spices greeted them as they stepped into Gino’s. Megan inhaled deeply.

“Welcome to Casa de las Gino,” a buxom blonde in a colorful flamenco dress greeted them. “Where you can enjoy the best cuisine of España.” She filled the dress out superbly, and Megan couldn’t help but be a little jealous of the well-endowed hologram. Stupid teenage body issues, she muttered to herself.

“Hola, Charlene,” Megan greeted. “Apparently Mr. McCloud has a reservation for two?” She glanced at Ranulf.

“Of course,” Charlene said, leading them into the dining room of a palatial Spanish villa and out onto a private balcony overlooking the sunset on the Mediterranean. A large, broad-shouldered man was settling a bottle of champagne was already chilling in an ice bucket beside the table.

Mon Dieu, it’s beautiful,” Megan said, staring out over the ocean. “Gracias, Gino,” she said to the big man.

Ranulf smiled at her flirtatious walk. This was going to be interesting, to be sure. He nodded to the hostess/host team and tried not to laugh. That was cute the way they made this seem like a romance novel with dangers and sex at every turn. He followed Megan as she obviously knew her way around this place. The scenery was lavish, and even the smells of the Earth seas permeated the air.

He held the chair for Megan to be seated and accepted a menu once seated himself. He sat next to Megan so he could enjoy the view of the sea as well. Plus he sat close enough for his leg to touch her's. She had challenged him after all!

Once she ordered, he ordered the Jambon de Bayonne with asparagus, and because he was from America, he ordered crinkle cut french fries with sea salt as well.

Megan ordered the paella, her favorite, and the wine. “Save some for dessert,” she said. It wasn’t clear she actually meant food.

Ranulf laughed. "Not to worry, Megan. I will pace myself so I can keep up with you. I think calories will not be a problem after we dance the night away. I imagine you prefer fast dances? Of one thing I am certain, we shall make a perfectly scandalous couple."


2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud
Fighter Pilot

Lt. Megan DuBois
Assistant Research Director


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