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The required baseline exam

Posted on Mon Jun 8, 2020 @ 6:38am by Lieutenant Tuula Voutilainen M.D. & 2nd Lieutenant Ranulf MacCloud

Mission: First Unity
Location: Sickbay 1
Timeline: Mission Day 56 at 1400


Ranulf made his way to medical after dropping off his gear in his new quarters. He used the ship computer stations to guide him through the base to where he needed to be. He was just independent like that, preferring to find his own way. he was not to proud to ask directions but he would try to find his way first. Considering this was a Fleet base the base it was not all that hard to find medical. he walked in and asked the person at the reception desk "Lt Ranulf MacCloud here to schedule a baseline exam for myself and three fellow pilots who came aboard with me. As soon as possible would be best. I would like to begin flight duties as soon as possible."

"Welcome aboard," replied the reception nurse, before averting his eyes back down to the terminal. "Ranulf MacCloud..." he said out loud as he searched the personnel manifest for recent transfers. "Ah, there it is. I can pull up your medical file. I believe Dr. Voutilainen is finishing up with a patient right now; if you take a seat on one of the biobeds, she will join you in a few minutes."

"Thank you. Also there are three more pilots on their way. The four of us arrived together." Ranulf was pleased as he wanted to get on the duty roster. This was step two. He would go to see the Counselor in the morning. Likely there would be no appointments today left. Not on a base this size. Still he suspected baseline exams had a high priority. he sat down and picked up a PADD. it had local news and he began checking on the social calendar to see what was happening and where.

It was a few minutes later when Tuula rolled in -- a strange woman in a wheelchair, with dark makeup, an undercut, and visible tattoos. Not what one might expect for a chief medical officer, but her uniform and rank insignia made it clear that she was the one in charge. "Hello, Lieutenant... MacCloud," she said, looking up at her patient as she approached.

MacCloud stood as she approached, seeing her rank he came to attention. When she spoke to hi he went to an at rest position, his feet shoulder width apart and his hands behind his back. "Good Morning Ma'am. Thank you for seeing me so soon upon arrival." He let on known of the thoughts going through his mind. His face was neutral and his eyes on the Lieutenant. Of course being a marine before he was a pilot made him wonder if her injuries were taken in uniform or were something she had endured all her life. Modern medicine being what it was a crippling injury did not prevent service in the fleet.

"At ease," said Tuula. The marine-like snap to attention was hardly required in sickbay, and not the atmosphere she preferred anyways. Offering a quick smile before continuing in a soft, heavily accented voice, "why don't you take a seat and we can get to know each other. I'm Dr. Voutilainen, Chief Medical Officer here on Langley Station.

Ranulf relaxed as swiftly as he had stiffened in military protocol.
With a deft light hop he was seated on the bio-bed. "Lt Ranulf MacCloud Ma'am. Newly arrived on your base here, assigned to 109th fighter Squadron. I have a few minor scars from my marine days but other than those I am in perfect health Ma'am." He shrugged his shoulders, "sort of eager to get started if you understand my meaning. First post as a fighter pilot and an officer, all that."

"Sounds good -- though I'll be the judge of whether you are in perfect health or not," replied Tuula with a hint of a chuckle as she reached for her favourite tricorder. With a press of the button, she lowered the biobed down so that the patient was a little closer to eye level. "So, no aches, pains, or any other medical concerns?"

"No Ma'am, not even a hint of a runny nose. I fear examining me will be rather boring." Ranulf had always been healthy and had been born lucky with a strong immune system. Between exercise and his natural defenses he seldom was sick. Even when he was sick he recovered rapidly. In fact exams like this were almost the only time he even saw a medical person.

"How about sexual activity?" countered Tuula, skipping ahead a few questions on her standard checklist, "is there any chance of an infection, or a reason to perform a test?" she added as she continued her scans.

"Not yet, but than I just arrived." Ranulf's smile faded "is that a problem here? I need to know as a couple of the guys I am with are more promiscuous than they should be." His concern was for Darby and WangXi who both seemed to think quantity was more important than Quality in relationships. He had never been all that lucky with the ladies himself and he had a feeling MacBain was too serious to get into anything too deep unless it mattered to him.

"It's a standard question so don't be flattered," replied Tuula in a deadpan tone. "Though, as with any spaceport open to the general public, we do have to be vigilant of infections of all types." She paused for a moment to let that sink in. "Of course, if you or your crew do show any symptoms, please don't hesitate to come to sickbay. Preventing communicable diseases is all our responsibility, and it's not like there is anything we as doctors haven't seen," she added, accidentally slipping into a bit of a lecture.

Ranulf nodded, almost laughing. "I shall endeavor to be careful. I will also report anything that appears suspicious. After all staying healthy is important for me as well."

"Good to hear," said Tuula as she moved the tricorder up to Ranulf's chest. "So, how long have you been a squadron commander?" she asked, opening up an opportunity for small talk as she focused on her scans.

Oh, sorry? I did not intend to imply that. I was assigned as the flight leader for getting to the base here. I expected the Group Commander here would just place us in the replacement pool. I was sort of surprised to find out we arrived before the group. With no one more senior I just have been staying in charge. The other three are fine with that so it is working. I really have no senior position over them though. We all graduated together. I was a marine for a few years before I went to the Academy so I had some combat experience. That and I am the oldest of out team." Ranulf truly had not meant to mislead anyone. He had not really considered how it might look to others.

"Ah, fair enough," replied Tuula. "I don't usually talk to the fighter wing that often. They tend to keep to themselves, unless they have to come here for their appointments." She paused for a moment as she raised the tricorder to Ranulf's chest. "Take a few deep breaths for me, please."

Ranulf complied with a bit of bored going through the motions thing. He did not blame the Doctor for being thorough, it was her job. He sort of thought it would be the same for her if he had to explain his pre-flight checks over and over to her. Something she would never need to know had to get boring after a while. That was like these physical's felt to him. Something he needed to do even if it seemed redundant. After she checked his lungs he smiled "anything else Doc?"

Thinking for a moment, Tuula glanced back down at her tricorder for a moment. "Yep, clean bill of health, at least so far. Speak to the nurse on your way out to get a blood sample taken; if you don't hear from me within the next two or three days, consider that good news," she added, concluding with a little smile.


2ndLT Ranulf MacCloud
Fighter pilot

Lt. Tuula Voutilainen
Chief Medical Officer


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