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Crash Course

Posted on Tue Nov 10, 2020 @ 10:35pm by Commander Ronald Hawk & Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Ensign Syam Ziath & Ensign Diana Villiers & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Edited on on Tue Nov 10, 2020 @ 10:37pm

Mission: Hawk's past
Location: Crashed Runabout - Yolak 3
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 0200

Nothing but green could be seen for miles around. The dense forest was so thick that it almost blocked out the sunlight, which sparkled in little dots upon the mossy ground. But one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. A crashed runabout, whose white could be seen between the darkness of decades old plasma burns, and the encroachment of the local nature. It had caused a clearing in the area immediately around it, and it was within this clearing that blue sparkling lights suddenly shone, as five Starfleet officers materialised.

Ronald Hawk gave out a loud, audible sigh as the transporter field lost its grip. He had finally returned to the place he wished never to return again. “We should check the runabout for any clues of the senders whereabouts,” he stated.

Syam flipped open his Security tricorder, scanning the immediate area for threats. “Villiers, with me,” he said. “Perimeter check.”

Diana nodded, opening her own tricorder and following the Caitian, glad someone could tell her what to do. She nervously touched the handle of her phaser before drawing it, like Syam had.

Hannah carried an engineering kit. She made a mental note of her surroundings, concentrating on possible avenues of attack. This was something that had become nearly second nature to her. Then, using her tricorder, she scanned the immediate area for any artificial energy signals.

“Everything looks clear,” Syam reported to Hawk as he and Diana returned from the perimeter check.

"I'll check the runabout. From these readings, the warp drive appears intact," Hannah said. "No antimatter leakage."

“Wouldn’t be anything left if there was,” Syam said with a chuckle. “Mind if I crack her open, Commander?” the Caitian asked, moving to the entry hatch of the shuttle.

Ron was just about to say yes, but knew he was under Commander O'Connor’s reins now, so instead gave her a glance, to ensure her approval.

Caoimhe had been watching Hawk while the team did their initial survey. Her primary concern now was managing things as quickly as possible so as to move them all back out of danger. Opening her own tricorder, the woman did a quick scan for life signs beyond the bulkhead, but nothing showed. "Go ahead. Careful as she goes, Ensign. We don't want any unexpected surprises."

Syam nodded and pressed the control for the hatch. Before it was fully open, he ducked under, stepping outside and scanning the perimeter, first with his eyes, then his tricorder, before motioning to the others. “All clear!”

Diana crept out after, moving to back Syam as she surveyed the crash site.

"Ensign, what state is the comm system in?" Hannah asked after the Caitian had entered the shuttle.

Syam holstered his phaser and tricorder. “Seems to be relatively intact,” the Caitian answered. “It needs power, though.”

"I'll see what I can do," Hannah said, entering the shuttle and getting to work.

As her colleagues worked, Caoimhe glanced around at the outside surroundings; weighing up their options.

Ron stood still, tricorder in hand, attempting to find the source of the distress signal, but as of yet drawing a blank. “How can someone hide a distress signal?” he asked.

“Random, intermittent projection? Variable frequency?” Syam offered. “Or perhaps it simply ran out of power?” Syam ducked into the shuttle. As Hannah worked on getting power, he started to search the shuttle for any signs of the previous inhabitants, or for weapons or other clues.

Diana stood by, unsure what to do. This wasn’t her bailiwick, but she didn’t want to be useless. “What if we offered our own signal?” she asked. “Something they might recognize? Let them know we aren’t hostile, we’re here to help.”

“Couldn’t hurt,” shrugged Hawk. “Could just be using a transmitter though, with no way of receiving our signal. But anything’s worth a try, right?” He directed his question toward Commander O’Conner, who had now become the team lead.

With a swift kick, the power came back on. "Power's back on," Hannah said.

Diana slid into a comms seat in the shuttle. “Is there anything we could transmit that might be recognizable to whomever you think is out there?” she asked Hawk as she opened up a comms array.

Syam rejoined them, having found nothing in his search.

Caoimhe glanced back at the team, impatience showing on her face as she analysed their situation. This was taking too long, and the sooner this was finished, the sooner they could return to Langley. "I'd suggest we split in two. One team can stay with the shuttle, continue to isolate what information you can, and if you do get a response, communicate it on. The second team can continue a track and trace, see what we can find on foot."

“Villiers, stay with the shuttle,” Syam instructed Diana and she nodded. Yes. That was the right choice. “I will go with the tracking team,” the Caitian said.

Caoimhe took a deep breath. Looking across to Ron, she formulated within her own head who needed to be where. "Lieutenant Reeves, you will follow Commander Hawk and Ensign Ziath. I'll stay here and continue to work on the scanners and processing the information coming through. Three of you can cover more ground than two."

"Aye, ma'am," Hannah said, grabbing her engineering kit and joining the two 'Fleeters.

Diana settled into the sensor seat to keep an eye on things around the crashed shuttle. She could do that, she told herself, even if she was out of her depth here.

"My team, follow me!" Hawk ordered, leading away from the rest of the party. "We'll keep an open channel," he called back, tapping his comm badge as he went.


1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Damage Control Specialist

Ensign Syam Ziath
Security Officer

Ensign Diana Villiers
JAG Officer

Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.
Research Director
Langley Station


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