Langley Station

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Arrival - New Start

Posted on Thu Jan 23, 2020 @ 10:36am by Natsuko Akayama

Mission: First Unity
Location: Tier F Shuttle Bay then Deck 10
Timeline: Mission Day 56 at 1030

The sleek federation branded shuttle glided into the Main Shuttlebay on Tier F. Once it settled onto the deck platting, the hatch opened and the passengers disembarked.

Among them, a slim Asian lady moved through the crowd with a dufflebag over her shoulder. Natsuko Akayama looked around the shuttlebay and fished out a PADD from her bag. She turned it on, and brought up the station map. She took a moment to orient herself and then moved off to the officer filtering the arrivals.

When it was her turn she gave her name. "Natsuko Akayama."

The Ensign took her name and gave her, her cabin assignment. Moving past him, Natsuko let her gaze sweep the people as they moved into the Station central. Moving to the nearby Turbolift, she entered it and gave her destination.

A short trip later she exited onto deck 10. She found her cabin, entered it. A brief look around made her smile. She was pretty impressed with the quarters assigned. She would have a lot to do here, and it pleased her.

Natsuko dropped her duffle on the low couch and turned to the window. She looked out at Lyshan Prime. A pretty enough planet. She had seen a few in her many years. But she would not be going down there unless absolutely needed. She had a job to do here. Speaking of, she better get moving.



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