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Fly boys

Posted on Thu Mar 19, 2020 @ 7:12am by Lieutenant Raleigh MacKenzie & Commander Robert Hunt

Mission: First Unity
Location: USS Canterbury- Deck 1 - Bridge/Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 58 at 1800

With the briefing over, any normal officer who had been given a chance at commanding their own ship would have taken the opportunity to take a seat in that cherished centre chair, but not Hunt. No, he had one particular officer he wanted to talk with. He hung back until the officer in question just touched their seat, out of a dark humour, before speaking up; “Lieutenant MacKenzie, could you join me in my ready room please?”

Raleigh had just settled into the helm when Hunt spoke. He sighed, and then nodded to the ensign on secondary helm duty. “Take the conn, Janees,” he told the attractive, dark-skinned Betazed as he got up and followed Hunt into the ready room.

“Sir?” the handsome flight officer inquired, coming to an at ease position.

“Did I tell you to stand at ease, Lieutenant?” barked Hunt, at what he saw as a very overconfident flight officer.

Raleigh looked surprised at the outburst, but he straightened up into a more attentive position. “No, sir!” he barked right back. So Hunt was one of those officers. Great.

Robert burst into a fit of laughter, stumbling to his seat. “Relax, I just wanted to watch you sweat,” he said, still tittering slightly. “Help yourself to something from the replicator, and take a seat.” Hunt took a sip of his own now cold coffee that had been sitting on his desk since before the briefing, showing no sign of disdain for it.

Raleigh eyed Hunt for a moment, then walked over to the replicator. He was still technically on duty, so he couldn’t have anything actually fun. “Dark cherry mocha latte with whipped cream,” he ordered. It was candy, not coffee, as most of those career Fleeters teased him about it.

“What I have asked you here for is to make sure you understand how things are going to work,” the Captain began, his lips curling into an evil looking grimace. “When in a briefing, I expect my officers to state their mind, clear enough for us all to hear. I want my people to be people. Not some puppets that Starfleet as placed on my hand like a glove.”

Raleigh took a seat opposite the desk and sipped his coffee. “Sorry, sir,” he told Hunt. “It didn’t seem...relevant to the discussion. It won’t happen again.”

“This isn’t a dressing down. I just don’t expect briefings to be rigid or stale. If I am honest, I don’t like the idea of this mission any more than you do,” Hunt replied, dropping the grimace and attempting to look empathetic, but failing, giving the impression of stupidity across his face. “Who wants to be mapping planets that will likely never be visited, anyway?”

“The Science Department, sir,” Raleigh quipped, giving a mischievous grin.

Robert sniggered. "Got to throw them a bone sometimes, right? But anyway, I was wondering, could you run some emergency evac drills out of the shuttle bay? It will keep you busy, and you never know when the warp core might overload."

Raleigh considered. “That shouldn’t be too difficult,” he acknowledged. “And it would allow me to get some of my new ensigns some bridge time sitting at the conn picking their noses,” he acknowledged. “And I’ll be just a comm away if anything actually happens that requires a senior officer at the helm.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Hunt replied, “but maybe we should have some sort of regulation about nose picking.” Hunt paused for a moment and looked Raleigh over, considering what his first officer had told him only an hour or two previous. “Do I recognise you from somewhere?” he asked. He didn’t, but he knew it would feed into the young man's ego.

Raleigh smiled. “I get that a lot,” he said, sitting up straighter. “You’ve probably seen me in movies, or on my album covers,” the old Robert. “Before Starfleet, I was a singer and actor. Quite famous, actually. Did you want an autograph?” he offered.

"I do like a good film," the captain replied with feigned enthusiasm. "What would I have seen you in?"

“Well, you probably wouldn’t have seen my first movies,” Raleigh admitted. “Those were mostly aimed at teenage girls.” He flashed his handsome smile. “My breakout role was in Only the Bold about the siege of AR-558. I played the young ensign that lost his leg. Was even nominated for an HTV Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor.”

"I always wondered how they actually made it look like you had lost your leg in that film," Robert continued to lie, feeding into the lieutenant’s ego. "I really must sit down with you at some point and talk films."

“Love to, sir,” Raleigh said with a smile. “I can sign a headshot for you, if you like, sir,” he offered. “Anything for my fans.”

“Oh, erm, go on then,” the captain replied continuing his ploy, and now going so deep he didn’t know how to pull back out. “Tell you what, bring it to the holodeck tomorrow at, let's say...1400. You can test your flying skills against an old timer like me and then talk film afterwards.”

Raleigh smiled. “Sounds good to me, sir,” he told the commander. “I’ll be there.”

“Great! Now if you will excuse me I need to read a ten ton of reports. New command and all that,” the captain muttered, raising his hand toward the door.


Commander Robert Hunt
Commanding Officer
USS Canterbury
PNPC Ronald Hawk

Lieutenant Raleigh MacKenzie
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Canterbury
NPC Megan DuBois


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