Langley Station

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From one XO to the other

Posted on Thu Jun 11, 2020 @ 1:54pm by Commander Timothy Rouse & Commander Ronald Hawk

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 8 - XO's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 45 at 1115


Ron stared down the barrel of the pistol he wielded in his hand. Ahead of its firing line, down a oak cladded corridor was a stunning, young lady in her 20’s, who struggled for her life to be set free by a man with a horrific scar over his left eye. The scarred man held his own weapon pointing in Hawks direction.

“You can’t win, mr Sinclair,” said the man.

“Release the girl, she doesn’t need to be involved in this,” replied Ron taking the role of Sinclair.

“Oh, but she does, she’s.....” he was interrupted by the sound of the loudly whining holodeck doors...

When he has asked the computer for the Station Executive Officer's location and it had replied with the holodeck the scene in front of his eyes was not what Tim had expected. Neither did he recognise the story playing out.

"Commander Hawk?" he asked, purposely avoiding asking if he was interrupting something as it was rather clear he was.

“May I help, ermm,” Ron’s eyes gazed at the pips over Tim’s shoulder, “Commander?”

"Rouse, Timothy. I'm the XO of the Sedna and I have a request about a former crewmember. She serves on the station now." Tim explained.

“Who?” Asked Hawk showing his displeasure in being interrupted.

"Ellen Washington. She's a nurse with the medical department. Or actually a doctor now."

"I know of her," grunted Ron, who was itching to get back to his program. "What do you want me to do? Send her back to you? Because that is not going to happen."

"Don't worry, that is not my request." Tim said. They'd decided it would be better for Andy if Ellen would get a position on the station, instead of on the Sedna. "She just graduated as a Medical Doctor, and I was hoping I would be able to give her the accompanying promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade."

"Are you telling me how to do my job?" Ron asked with more than a hint of frustration in his voice. "I do regular performance reviews. If she is due a promotion, and I see no reason not to give it, she will get it."

"Whether she receives the promotion isn't up for discussion. She has been given the promotion from higher up as part of her finishing her studies." Tim tried to explain while attempting not to let his frustration fly. If he would lose his patient he wouldn't get a chance to give Ellen her new rank. "I'm only asking your permission that I can give her the new rank, instead of you."

Ron couldn't help but feel there was more to this story. He had only one simple question. "Why?"

Tim gave up and laughed. "You're a good one." he said before adding "she's my wife."

Hawk took a deep sigh of disbelief, “so you think that just because you share a bed with this woman you should be allowed to do my job for me. Did you have a romantic meal planned out and everything? This is Starfleet, it’s not a marriage support group.”

Don't lose your patience... he thought to himself. "Well actually, we had planned a small ceremony with some of the former Portland crew." he said, knowing full well that was not what he wanted to hear. "Oh, and we don't need marriage support, but thank you for the suggestion."

“Computer, resume program,” called out Hawk who listed his ancient weapon at the very same time, shooting dead the kidnappers in an instant, with a loud deafening BANG. The holographic bullet just narrowly avoiding the unwelcome Commander. “Have your little party,” Ron huffed. “But I will be giving the award, she is Langley’s crew member just as much as she was the Portlands. I’m sure the celebration can be shared?”

Did they have a choice, Tim thought. "Thank you."


Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Commander Timothy Rouse
Executive Officer
USS Sedna


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