Langley Station

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The Civilian Affairs Department

Posted on Tue Jan 7, 2020 @ 9:43pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Tracey Collins

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Tier E - Civilian Affair Offices
Timeline: Mission Day 49 at 0915


“Collins?” Kate whispered to the woman behind the reception who was in a communication with some civilian with an issue. When pointed in the direction she could find the person she was looking for, she thanked the woman with a simple nod of her head and went in the mentioned direction. The Civilian Affairs department was comprised of a large reception area with room for several receptionists, of which only one was occupied right now. There was also some seating to wait.

Kate headed for the right corridor and read the name tags on the offices to find the one she was looking for Ms. Tracey Collins. The station’s Public Relations person. When she’d found the office, she knocked and after being welcomed walked in the room. "Miss Collins," she asked.

On the other side of the desk Tracey looked up and immediately got up when she saw who it was that entered her office. "Captain," she stuttered. She might not be serving under the Station's Commanding Officer; she had made it her business to know how to address the head of the station she would be working on.

"Good morning," Kate started. "I was hoping to talk to the Director of Civilian Affairs, but to my surprise there still isn't anyone in that position. I've been told that you have unofficially been arranging thing around here."

"Can I get you something to drink?" Tracey asked nervously.

“No, thank you. I’m good.”

Tracey sat down at her desk again and started talking. “A few weeks ago, we had a chief for a little while, but for a reason unknown to me he left shortly after arriving. At first the team waited for a replacement, but when it became clear there wouldn’t be anyone coming, they came to me with questions. I helped them as I could and together, we’ve been trying to find our way around.”

“And you’ve done an amazing job. Even though that was never the intention, as there just have been a chief. I mean a director for this department.” Kate started. “I’m going to make a note in your file about your excellent service to the station. And I want to ask whether you’d be interest in become acting director of the department. Just as long as the position is vacant. With our location that could be a while. Would you be interested? At least this way you would receive the recognition and the pay for it.”

Tracey didn’t know what to say at first. “Uhm, sure. In combination with my present position I assume.”

“That is correct. I really need a PR person on the station. To get the station famous, sort of speak. We need to get word out we are here so we can gather businesses here. To make a revenue, give the station some extra income.” Kate explained. Having worked in the corporate world and being trained in it before she joined Starfleet Kate had some ideas how to address that side of the station, but so far hadn’t gotten around to talking to someone.

“Now that is arranged, I have another matter I’d like to address. A personal matter.” Kate said. “Together with a friend I’ve been thinking of opening up a bar on the station.” She didn’t want to give out all the details right away as she was just gathering intel to see if their idea had even a slight possibility for a future. “Somewhere preferably not really remote, with a bar and plenty of room to create different areas. Do you know if there is something available like that?”

Having listened to the request Tracey’s mind started spinning. This wasn’t the first request she’d gotten about possible locations for opening up a business. “Give me a minute.” She said and started looking through the database. “I thought I remembered seeing a vacancy that fits with what you are looking for.” She continued looking for a little while longer. “Ah, here it is.” Turning the screen so Kate could see what she was talking about.

Images of a room appeared with a bar in the middle of the room with several seating areas around the room. The place looked a bit darker than she liked, but that could be fixed with paint and new light fixtures. “That looks good indeed.” Kate looked at her watch. “Would you have time later to show it to me? I don’t have the time now unfortunately.”

“Off course I can. Shall we meet there later today?” Tracey asked.

“Yes, I have another meeting about to start but after that I can meet you there.”

Tracey turned the terminal back to its original position and typed a message saying that location would be on hold until further notice. “Then I’ll see you there later. As for the Acting Director, I assume I can contact the Executive Officer about some personnel issues? Other then the Director, I mean.”

“Yes, you can indeed.” Kate replied as she headed to the door. “Good morning, Miss Collins.”


Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


Tracey Collins
Acting Director of Civilian Affairs.
Langley Station
[PNPC Kate]


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