Langley Station

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Can I go?

Posted on Wed Feb 12, 2020 @ 10:28pm by Lieutenant Domin Wolfe & Petty Officer 2nd Class Aeleni Loni

Mission: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 31 - Wolfe's Office
Timeline: Mission Day 51 at 1100


Aeloni grabbed the padd she'd been reading and stood up. She had something to ask to the Chief. A new mission had just came in and she really wanted to go with the away mission. Believing she had skills that could benefit the situation.

So, she headed for the Chief's officer and when arriving pressed the chime.

Domin had been working on the latest maintenance assignment roster when thankfully his door went. He always welcomed distraction when he was doing the less glamourous jobs... he was never much of a proverbial pencil pusher.

"Come." he said as he placed the PADD down to reveal a woman enter. Noticing her rank, and colour of her uniform he assumed she was one of his. "Petty Officer, what can I do for you?" he asked.

Going straight to the point. "Well, there is a away mission about to leave that I would really much like to be apart of." Aeleni said. "They could really use my skill set. The station has just received a distress signal of unknown origin of a vessel that is unresponsive."

He looked at her trying to place her face, but sadly even he couldn't remember everyone and their particular talents. "You'll have to forgive me miss. I am still getting used to my large personnel roster. Can you tell me your name and what skill set you believe to be of use?" he asked pleasantly before gesturing for her to sit if she so chose.

"Sorry sir," Aeleni said. "Petty Officer Second Class Aeleni Loni, Computer Systems Specialist."

"Nice to meet you Aeleni." he said as he pulled up her file. "Enlisted, obviously. 7 years experience in a systems role and this is your second posting." He said out loud but not needing a reply really.

"I cant fault your record Petty Officer, but I'd like to know why you think you'll be an asset to the team before I place you on it. Besides your skill set, a little about you as I have just met you." he said with a smile.

She smiled a bit. "Of Course, What they have been able to tell, the vessel doesn't seem to be operational, but yet it did send out a message. That shows that the ship's computer at least has some kind of power. Which makes me the perfect person to join the away team."

"Very well put." Domin replied with a smile. "I will add you to the list of away team members. With someone of your expertise it would be a fine asset to the mission. Thank you for putting yourself forward. With a 'team' as large as the one we have on Langley I will miss things from time to time. So, I appreciate your confidence and candour in throwing yourself in front of me."

"Thank you, and you're welcome." she said. "If you'll excuse me I need to grab some things and get ready. They are leaving as soon as possible."

"Sure. You are dismissed Loni. Good luck!" Domin replied as he looked back to what he was doing. He hear the customary swish of the doors and looked back up as they closed.

It was good to have a team that spoke up, that put themselves forward for missions. It showed confidence and he appreciated people coming to him rather than him having to find them. He would remember this woman and this encounter for some time. It had given him a lift in mood.


PO2 Aeleni Loni
Station Operations
Langley Station

Lieutenant Domin Wolfe
Chief of Station Operations
Langley Station


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