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You Say That You Only Meant Well. Well, of Course You Did

Posted on Thu Dec 19, 2019 @ 4:06pm by Lieutenant Megan DuBois

Mission: First Unity
Location: Research Department/Megan's office
Timeline: Mission Day 53 at 1000


Alan gives a two-fingered knock on Megan's door and steps inside once she turns around from her desk, offering her a grim "smile," quotation-marks-intended, and a wave with his free hand. In the other, under his arm, is tucked a PADD with his contract orders, and he switches to a resting position with his fingers laced behind his back, PADD clutched between. "Morning, Lieutenant. I'm the new economist in your department, Dr. Alan Ganna. Nice to meet you." It's a bit stiff, as is his posture, but nowhere near approaching unprofessional. In fact, professionalism seems pretty much the only trait quality he exudes. No personality for this guy!

The woman who turned to greet Alan had no business being in that Starfleet uniform with lieutenant pips. She was human, and only sixteen! She brushed back her long, light brown hair as her light blue eyes took in Alan.

“Oh, I think I remember seeing your arrival on the schedule,” Megan said, holding out her hand for the man’s transfer orders. “I hope your trip out here to the frontier wasn’t too eventful.”

Oh, good. Wouldn't want Alan to have an even higher opinion of Starfleet than he already does. Nothing like hiring literal children to fight the wars of old men to bolster his resolve. "It wasn't," he muttered, concealing the grimace that threatened his expression.

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an economist before,” Megan said as she looked over his orders. “What are you expecting to study out here?” she asked curiously, flipping her hair back, just like a teenager.

"Economics," he answered, the word as flat as the thin line his lips have pulled into.

“Right, of course,” the teenager said awkwardly. “Well, the economy is pretty basic. Mostly a barter system on the colony. Credits are used outside, not that there’s a lot of trade off planet.”

Alan just regarded her with an even, blank stare. "That's good to know," he murmurs, but doesn't comment elsewise. As an economist, most economies, even trade-and-barter systems, are far from simple, but he certainly didn’t feel the need to argue the point with an eleventh grader. "Do you have anything pertinent to share with me regarding this posting?"

Megan blinked. Well, rude much? “Not about economics, no,” she admitted. “My specialty is planetary geology, and my job is coordinating the science staff here on trying to heal the planet. But I look forward to reading your preliminary report,” she told Alan with a friendly smile. “I’m sure it will be fascinating.” And good reading for when I have insomnia, she thought.

Alan blinked for a moment at her answer, though, eyebrows coming together in the center of his forehead, where a small epidermal fold makes his hybrid heritage evident. "You misinterpreted me," he came to the conclusion based on her responses after a few seconds. "You're my superior, here. I mean: do you have anything to share regarding your administration style, anything you want me to have done for you, that type of thing." Lord, come and suck him up into a black hole, puh-leez. His superior is, like, two. So uncool.

“Oh,” Megan said. “Well, I assume the people under me know their fields of inquiry, and so I try not to interfere too much and let you work on your projects, though I do expect priority given to the planetary restoration project. I won’t necessarily bother you if you have things in on time. If you ever need any assistance, my door is always open. If I can’t help you, I will find someone who can. So don’t hesitate to ask. Some of the scientists on alpha shift like to grab a drink after, so feel free to invite yourself along,” the teenager said with a friendly smile.

"I'll consider it," Alan says in a manner that very much let's Megan know he has considered it and will pass, thank-you-very-much.

Megan’s smile faltered a bit at the tone, but she nodded. “Very well, then. If there isn’t anything else, I will let you get back to settling in. Welcome to the team.”

Welcome indeed.


Lieutenant Megan DuBois
Assistant Director of Research
Langley Station

Alan Ganna, Ph.D.
Langley Station


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