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Transmission Received

Posted on Thu Jan 30, 2020 @ 3:11pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Commander Ronald Hawk & Ensign Syam Ziath & Ensign Diana Villiers & 1st Lieutenant Hannah Reeves

Mission: Hawk's past
Location: Runabout
Timeline: Mission Day 48 at 0030

Ron found himself drifting off at the helm. It was deadly quiet, and nothing like the night shift in Ops, where there was always a hum of activity. Most of the away team were asleep in one of the bunks toward the back of the vessel, leaving just Hannah in the cockpit.

The silence was broken suddenly by a loud chirp of the computer. Incoming Transmission flashed across the instrument panels. Hawk quickly tracked its source, and knew straight away that this was the distress call he had been waiting to hear. “All hands to the cockpit,” he announced over the intercom.

“It’s from Yolak 3,” he announced to Hannah. “Looks like our distress call.”

"Sir, I'll try to clean up the signal and get us a more precise location," Hannah reported.

“Do it,” Hawk ordered, just as the door to the aft of the compartment swished open.

Being regularly nocturnal, Syam strode into the cockpit, his tail swishing behind him. “We have something?” the Caitian asked. He was actually in uniform.

Diana yawned as she walked into the cockpit. She was decidedly not in uniform, just in a pair of boxers and a standard issue Starfleet tank top she had been sleeping in. She rubbed her eyes, brushing the tangle of her dark hair out of her face. “Coffee?” she asked.

Syam looked around. There wasn’t going to be much space for all of them in the cockpit. “I can get something ready back in the mess, sir,” he offered.

Ron summed up the question in his mind. “Any luck with the signal?” he asked Hannah in his deliberations.

"Yes, I've located the signal's point of transmission, and I've programmed the coordinates into navigation array," Hannah reported. "I can also play the cleaned up message, if you wish to hear it, sir."

The smell of hot coffee came from the mess as Syam started replicating mugs. Diana had leaned tiredly against the wall behind the other two and breathed it in. “Ah, coffee,” she sighed. “How far away?” she asked

"We're approximately seven minutes out," Hannah said. "I could use a coffee, if there's one going."

“Do we have a fix on the signal yet?” Ron asked, aggravated by all the talk of coffee when there was work to be done.

"Yes, Commander," Hannah said, and brought up the coordinates to show him.

Syam eased his way back onto the small bridge and handed around coffee to everyone.

Caoimhe shrugged her jacket across her shoulders as she moved from her bunk to the floor, still shook up from the dream that she’d had. It was easy to maintain composure and a grip on reality when she could just forget, but moments like these were a reminder of a vulnerability that nothing could ever take away.

“Things seem to have gotten busy around here, Commander Hawk.” As she entered the cockpit, the commander looked around as she tried to isolate the necessity of so many bodies in one place.

“We have come into range of the distress signal, Commander. I need you to scan the area for life signs as soon as possible,” Hawk said in a professional manner that came across as over exaggerated. “Let’s hear the message,” he ordered.

Syam gestured to Diana, and they made room, evacuating from the cockpit back to the crew bunks. “Learn to grab a few while you can,” he told the Human woman. “Soon enough they’ll need us. For now, just stay out of the way.”

Diana yawned and nodded, crawling back up into her bunk. She took off her uniform jacket to get more comfortable, kicked off her shoes, and lay back to try and get to sleep again.

Caoimhe slid into the remaining console as she brought up the scanning system. She understood that this specific moment meant a lot to her comrade, confirmation if people still remained or not. She just hoped that he would be capable of keeping it together.

"Yes, Commander," Hannah said, and played the message.

A worried sounding male voice cut in over the communication system, static cutting in occasionally. “Finally, I have this thi...working. If anybody is out there my name, Gret. Dominion forces are everywhere, my team was overrun. That was .... ago. If anyone friendly is out there, lock onto this transm...., but be careful, I wont ... the only one waiting.”

The voice had been immediately recognisable to Ron, who after all these years still held the face of the ensign he had just listened to in his memory, deeply ingrained in amongst the guilt. He said nothing, but let out a tear.

Caoimhe's fingers moved across the console as she attempted to refine the frequencies and scrub the message in order to get further information through. "The signal is badly deteriorated, which may suggest that it's been sometime transmitting." It was only after she spoke that the woman looked up and saw the tear on Hawk's cheek, causing her to internally curse. "What's his name?"

Ron didn’t reply, but stared at the stars ahead of him out of the fore windows. After a moment he shook himself back into his own head. “Can we tell what type of transmitter the signal is being sent from? Is it Federation?”

"It appears to be Federation. The signal markers match," Hannah replied.

“Has it been transmitting since the war?” Syam asked with surprise. “No one picked it up?” After twenty years, was someone still alive down there? “Do we have a source of the transmission?” he asked. “And any life signs in that location, so we know what we’re beaming down into?”

Caoimhe suppressed the instinct to glare at Syam. Had they not paid any attention at all during the brief. "As expected, scanning for life is difficult due to the rock structure on the planet surface. The signal keeps getting bounced back, almost like a mirror effect. When I implement the changes we discussed on the station, I can get through, but not to the depths that reveal the cavern structure beneath."

"Concentrate your scans at the southern hemisphere," Ron ordered. "Once we arrive, I want us to split into two teams. Commander O'Connor will take Lieutenant Reeves. Ensign Villiers and Ziath, you will be with me. We should be able to trace the signal location as we get closer, and we will split up from there.”

While the decision made sense, Caoimhe turn her gaze to Hawk. "Would you not think it best for you to remain here at the ship? We can take care of the preliminary scans and information tasking and use that to further decide our next steps."

"No." Hawk suppressed rage from his voice. "I would prefer Ensign Villiers to be in a team of at least three. This will be her first mission, after all." Of course, that wasn't the real reason, but it worked for him in this moment.

"I..." In a rare occurrence, Caoimhe bit her tongue to stop herself from talking. The man was too emotionally invested in this situation that pushing him any further could send him off the handle. He was also the commanding officer of this mission. At least he was taking the man power. "Okay, but I suggest an open comm between both teams once a split occurs. Any possibility of trouble, everybody beams back."

"Agreed," said Ron, eyes rolling. "Any other concerns? Or can we go get our phasers out of the locker now?"

Caoimhe paused again, remembering the words of the night before when Hawk had told her some of who he'd been before the planet below them had changed him. She could see the strain in his face as the man who'd opened up seemed hidden right now.

Turning back to her console to upload what little info they had, the woman couldn't stop the small smile. "So much for not being in command of me, Commander."

"If you have an issue, then it might be best to talk this through privately," Ron suggested, glancing at the other faces surrounding the two. "I was merely coordinating."

"Ziath, Villers, let's go get our gear," Hannah said, getting and moving to the rear of the craft, herding the two Fleet officers ahead of her.


Commander Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D.
Director of Research
Langley Station

First Lieutenant Hannah Reeves
Damage Control Officer
Langley Station
NPC Anahera

Ensign Syam Ziath
Customs Officer
Langley Station
NPC Megan DuBois

Ensign Diana Villiers
JAG Officer
Langley Station
NPC Megan DuBois


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